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  When she finishes her livestream she is very excited. Emmi’s green eyes are sparkling while counting the money she made from all the gifts she received tonight and happy lazy fairy bought the ruffled blouse and pencil skirt. Giggling while considering she can pay her tuition and have extra money to buy more supplies she gazes at her embroidered backpack. I didn’t know my embroidery would be so popular with my viewers. She forgets Zhen Sihao is behind the  embroidered screen and starts dancing as she hugs her backpack, “ Yeah! So many gifts! I’m rich..I’m very rich!” Emmi begins singing as she twirls around her hair flying, “Nothing can stop me now.. I will soar among the clouds..”

  Zhen Sihao steps out from behind the screen startling Emmi and she abruptly stops singing and dancing mid step. Noticing his amused expression dampens her mood and she throws the backpack onto the white wicker chair. She binks a couple times and blushes that he saw her being silly. “Hehehe..Wang Hao you woke up.”

   “Noisy.” He gazes at Emmi’s carefree appearance with a hint of desire in his deep eyes. Emmi’s beautiful face is flushed red, her long black hair is pulled up into a high ponytail giving her an innocent youthful look but a few strands of hair are seductively hanging down her creamy white neck. Her emerald colored eyes are sparkling and she has a shy expression, her thick black eyelashes fluttering from my sudden appearance. His Adam apple rolls looking at her flawless face, those cherry red lips and her dimples when she was smiling as she was dancing. The bunnygirl really is a beauty. Is that how she makes money.. flaunting her beauty on camera? He thinks about the person named i’m here for the beauty and becomes irritated..he gives her gifts? Shameless girl! She will do anything for money!

   Emmi notices the changing expression on his handsome face, first he looked dazed from being awakened but now he appears angry,“Why are you looking at me like that? He must be mad because I suddenly woke him up. “I forgot you were here.

  Am I that easily forgotten! Well yes.. the little miser was busy prancing around in front of a camera making money letting strange men leer at her body. Feeling annoyed he says, “My back hurts from laying on this lounge chair. I am going to have to dock your pay.”

   Emmi stomps her foot,“That is not fair! I told you I have a livestream at eight and you fell asleep at the table. I had no choice but to put you on the lounge chair” 

  “Pfft! It is more important to entertain strangers than take care of your patient!”

  “What?! That is ridiculous!” Emmi waves her hand at him dismissively, “Forget it.. I’m too tired to deal with your idiocracy, I’m taking a shower and going to bed. If you want me to go pick your stupid laptop in the morning you better.. change your attitude.” Seriously! Emmi walks to the bathroom, Well I’m not going to let his rotten personality ruin my good mood!

  Zhen Sihao’s face turns black, who does the little brat think she is! Telling me to change my attitude. He stretches his back, if I didn’t need to stay out of sight for a few more days I would call Wu to pick me up right now. I am tempted to put that little girl over my knee and spank her for her insolent behavior!

    The next day Emmi arranges for Butler Han to meet her at the edge of the woods with breakfast for Zhen Sihao before he drives her to town. This time she doesn’t bother waking Zhen Sihao up and sets the insulation container on the counter. Hmmph! He didn’t bother to acknowledge me when I came out of the bathroom last night. I thought he might apologize but I guess that’s too much to ask of the arrogant jerk.

    Emmi glances back at the bed waving her little fist at Zhen Sihao who appears sound asleep as she opens the door to the cabin. After she leaves he has a faint smile on his face watching her little angry gesture. He can smell the delicious aroma coming from the container and slowly gets up.

   When Emmi is in the car she asks Butler Han, “Was Uncle Yihong home this morning?”

  Butler Han knows Emmi doesn’t want her Uncle to know she has a guest at the cabin. “No. I drove him to the company early this morning for a meeting. Don’t worry he thinks you are at the University. ”

  “Thanks Butler Han. Besides the fact I have a friend staying at the cabin, I..well..I am avoiding Uncle.”

  “May I ask why?”

  “Well, Uncle wants the deed to Grandfather’s cabin so he can sell the lakefront property to Zhen Group, Chloe told me yesterday. Uncle Han..” Tears start to form in her eyes, “I don’t want to give up the isn’t right… Grandfather gave his fishing cabin to me.”

  Butler Han tightens his hand on the steering wheel, that greedy bastard. He thinks for a moment but can’t come up with a solution. The poor Miss has no backing, if Chen Yihong wants it what choice does she have? “Have you spoken to your cousin Young Master Ji? Maybe he could intercede for you with your Uncle.”

  “ Cousin know his cold personality. He won’t get involved. I mean..he has always been nice to me when I see him more so than Uncle or even his sister Chloe. But, when it comes to business…I think he will want the profit of the sale to strengthen the company.”

  “The Young Master..well yes..I think you are right. Do you have any ideas?’

  “I think I am going to contact the Zhen Group. Maybe they could begin the development further away from my little bit of property.” Although I hate that old man Zhen Sihao for what happened to me in high school I have to give it a try.

   “That is a good idea Miss, there is so much land by the lake, your few acres of woods and the cabin shouldn’t matter to a big company like Zhen Group.”

   “I think so too. Okay, I see Huang Electronics up ahead, this shouldn’t take long.”

   Butler Han pulls the black Maybach into a parking spot in front of the shop. Emmi goes into the shop looking around for a salesperson, she bumps into a muscular man in a navy blue suit, “Oh sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

   He looks down at the petite young girl, obviously you weren’t paying attention. Is she the girl the CEO sent? She doesn’t look very reliable. He continues to look at a shelf containing electronic equipment while watching Emmi out of the corner of his eye.

  She sees Huang Peng bending down tying his shoe by the counter. “Mr. Huang!’

  “Miss Emmi! Long time no see!”

  “How is your daughter? Dr. Liu said the medicinal ointment worked well.”

  “Did your grandfather make it before he..” He stops when he sees Emmi’s complexion pale. “Well, it worked great.” He wants to kick himself for mentioning Chen Bingwen.

  Emmi can see he is embarrassed so she breaks the awkward silence, she sweetly smiles,“Mr. Huang please don’t shy away from mentioning Grandfather. He valued his friendship with you and I like to be reminded of him. In answer to your question I made the medicinal ointment. He taught me alot about medicine and I use some of his formulas and also create my own.”

  “ Jiao’er has no scars after using the ointment. We were so worried after the accident. She is only in high school after all.”

  “ That is great! You should bring Little Fang over to the lake to go fishing. I miss eating all the fish you guys used to catch.I turned Grandfather’s fishing cabin into an art studio but I kept all Grandfather’s fishing gear and the boat is in good shape. I take out into the lake once and a while.”

   “We will!” He looks up as the door chime rings, “ Did you hear Liu’s boy Ling’er is coming back from abroad?”

   Emmi’s face lights up at the mention of Liu Ling, “Dr. Liu told me when I dropped some medicinal herbs at his house. Liu Ling is going to be a guest professor at the University.”

  Huang Peng has a broad smile on his weathered face. “Yeah, you should hear him brag about that boy’s accomplishments! Haha. Why did you stop in the shop? Is there any problem with the microphone you bought?”

  “Oh no. It works great! Last night was the first time I tried it out during my livestream and my viewers said my voice was very clear. I am here to pick up a laptop. It is for Wang Hao, from his company.”

   Huang Peng’s round eyes narrow and has a complicated expression, “How do you know Wang Hao?”

   Emmi doesn’t want to explain the situation. “I don’t really. I am earning some money by picking it up for him, it wasn’t convenient for him to come to your shop.”

  The intimidating man looking at the electronic equipment has been listening to their conversation. The young girl doesn’t look suspicious, as a matter of fact she seems naive and innocent. Where the hell did the CEO find a University student to run this errand. I should have checked with Chen Yi to see who was picking up the laptop. He texts Chen Yi [Boss there is a beautiful young girl at Huang’s to pick up CEO Zhen’s laptop.]

Chen Yi looks at the text [Young girl?] Zhen Sihao didn’t say who he would send [Let me check]

 He sends a text to Zhen Sihao [Who did you send to pick up the laptop. My man says there is a beautiful young girl asking for it.]

  [I hired a University student to pick it up. I thought it would be less suspicious. Just in case.]

  [ I will inform him] That was smart.

 Zhen Sihao picks up the chopsticks and eats a bite of the flavorful egg dish. Beautiful young Chen Yi’s man staring at the little thing right now?

 He sets down his chopsticks and sends another text.[Tell your man to leave.]

   Huang Peng takes the laptop from a cabinet under the counter then glances over at the man dressed in black worried Emmi will have a problem after picking up the laptop. He dropped off the package a half hour ago but has been hanging around the shop.. Obviously he has been waiting to make sure everything goes right. Fucking Zhen Sihao! How does he know Chen Emmi!

   Emmi looks at the silver laptop in Huang Peng’s hand, “Is that it?”


   “Do you need me to sign for it or anything? It looks expensive.”

   “No.Let me put it in a bag for you.”

   “You can save a bag. I am going to deliver it now before I go back to the University. “

  Huang Peng watches the intimidating looking man leave then breathes a sigh of relief but still has a concerned expression. “Emmi you shouldn’t run errands for people you don’t know.”

  “Haha..thanks for your concern Mr. Huang. This is a one time thing, my tuition is coming due so I need some extra money.”

  “Well if you need part time work my cousin could use a server at his restaurant on the weekends.”

  “Really?  But I have no experience.”

  “He could train you, it isn’t hard. Let me give you the phone number, tell him I recommended you.”

  “Only weekends? I have school during the week.”

  “Yes. That is his busiest time and he needs extra help. One of his employees went back to their hometown so he is short a server.”

  Emmi looks at the card with the name of the restaurant and the phone number. “Thanks! I will call if he doesn’t mind training me.”

  Huang Peng has known Emmi since she was a child so he gives her some advice. “Avoid taking random jobs.”

   “Thanks for your concern. Remember to plan a day you can come fishing!” She carries the laptop and waves as she leaves the shop. Emmi shakes her head then laughs wondering why he looks worried.

   Butler Han is leaning against the black Maybach smoking a cigarette when Emmi walks over, “I didn’t think it would take that long but I was talking to Mr. Huang.”

  “Did you want to go to the University now?”

  “No. I need to drop this off for my friend so she can write a sales report that is due. I will go to school afterwards.”

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  1. I thought she hated him because he wanted to buy land. And here everything is much more complicated. Well, it’s even more interesting 😍

    1. Haha no she had an embarrassing sitiation in High School 😌 and blames Zhen Sihao. The land buy came up recently. I hope you enjoy the story!

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