Zhen Sihao stares at Emmi’s slender figure as she takes his empty dish away, momentarily wondering how Emmi developed such a miserly attitude towards money. The girl can’t be that desperate for money… She is a Young Miss from the Chen family and they are one of the elite families of Bashu City. Although their wealth can’t compare with mine or the top three families they still have a high status. He is snapped out of his daze when his phone has a notification from Director Yan.[I received a call from Chen Yihong he wants to meet concerning the Lakefront property. I informed him you were out of the country.]

   [Shit! I told him we would go over the purchase agreement this week.]

   [I don’t know if it is a ploy to get a higher price for the land but he told me the Li Group from Catang City has shown interest.]

  [Li Tian? I thought he was busy with my uncle’s company and the Mega Mall Project in Catang City.]

  Director Yan keeps an eye on their competitors for Zhen Sihao. [The Li/Zhou project is at a standstill, according to my source they ran into a stumbling block acquiring the land.]

  [ Fuck! When the Han Family decided not to compete I assumed it would go without any hitches.]

 [ Chen Yihong could be bluffing, he isn’t that sharp but his son Ji has the business acumen to use this method to push up the price. He said he would only deal with you personally.]

 [After I acquire a laptop tomorrow that will prevent anyone from accessing my location I will have a video meeting with him]

   [Let me know if you need my assistance.]

  [Continue monitoring the situation with my father.]

    Emmi notices Zhen Sihao has a serious expression as he is texting on his phone while she is doing the dishes. She feels guilty for losing her patience with him at the. table , the poor guy is injured and probably worried about his job. After she cleans the counter Emmi brews some of her special tea and pours two cups, then carries one to the table. Setting down a cup of steaming tea in front of him she sweetly says, “This is my White Peony tea, it helps with high blood pressure and has a calming effect allowing your blood to replenish and flow smoothly . The tea will also boost your immune system.” She has a worried expression, “You are recovering, you shouldn’t stress out about work.”

  He glances up at Emmi with a cold expression, in a condescending tone he replies, “I only drink Tieguanyin.”

  Emmi’s face turns red all the way to the tips of her ears listening to his arrogant tone and she regrets feeling sorry for him, “Huh! I have no idea what that tea tastes like but.. well..forget it!” She reaches to take the cup, when he notices her blushing in embarrassment, he touches her hand before she can take the cup, “Leave the tea, I will try it.”

  She walks away muttering under her breath,  “Whatever. Drink or don’t…Everyone loves my White Peony tea..” 

   He shakes his head and has a faint smile hearing her mumbling as she runs away. The little girl really has a temper. He lifts the cup to his lips and a refreshing aroma drifts to his nose. Looking at the light color he isn’t expecting much flavor. He chuckles thinking about her angry expression. Well, the little bunnygirl made the effort. I will try it. He takes a sip and nods in satisfaction surprised by the flavor,a clean and slight sweetness. A slight floral taste but not too sweet. Hmm..not bad.

    Emmi takes a quick peek at Zhen Sihao, I don’t know if I can live with him for five more days, where does his arrogance come from anyway? True he is extremely good looking… but… the man is a poor salesman why do I feel such an intense domineering aura surrounding him? Like he is the Emperor and I am a lowly palace maid!  Forget it! I need the 8000 yuan and right now I don’t have any time to waste before my livestream. I need to get my outfit ready that I want to sell tonight. She takes the black pencil skirt to be hemmed out of the closet then sits cross legged on  the white wicker chair ignoring Zhen Sihao. Looking at her watch she thinks the skirt should be finished in time for her livestream. Wrinkling her forehead she plays with the headphones in her hand, if the annoying man doesn’t need anything. Putting on her headphones she listens to her favorite k pop band while she sews.

   When she finishes hemming the skirt she irons it and puts it back on the dress form with the ruffled silk blouse. Preparing her workspace she gets ready to begin her broadcast then she remembers Zhen Sihao, he has been awfully quiet. Looking over at the small table his head is laying on it and he appears fast asleep. What the heck? I can’t leave him slumped over the table, he will be in the background when I am demonstrating tonight’s lesson.

   She taps him on the shoulder, “Wang Hao! When he doesn’t respond she shakes him.”Wake up! WANG HAO!” Did I add too much Hirfra root? Troublesome man! I was going to ask him to sit in the enclosed patio during my livestream. She puffs her cheeks and puts her hands on her slim hips while trying to decide what to do with him. Where should I put him? I can’t drag him that far.

  Emmi goes to the patio and pulls in a lounge chair placing it beside the table, this will work.. Holding onto his waist she rolls him off the chair onto the lounge then lifts his legs onto the cushion. She rolls her eyes at Zhen Sihao who is peacefully sleeping, such a nuisance! Afterwards she moves an embroidered screen she uses to block that part of the room a little more to the left so he is hidden.Satisfied Emmi breathes a sigh of relief, Perfect! As long as he doesn’t wake up and disturb my livestream I won’t hold it against him since I miscalculated the amount of Hirfa root I brewed in the tea.

  Back at her workstation she takes a deep breath, only ten minutes late. She adjusts her camera at the right angle, places her design and pattern on the table then begins. She smiles brightly and her deep green eyes sparkle, “Sorry I am late! Tonight I am going to demonstrate the first step to take a design and turn it into reality. The first step is” Emmi holds up her design.

   “You look so cute! Did you make the sweater you are wearing? I love bunnies!”- Little Fluff

   Before she can answer two more viewers add comments.

  “Are you selling the pink sweater you are wearing? I want it!”- lazy fairy

  “Hey I want it!”-suzi loves fashion

  Emmi  waves her hands to stop the viewers before they get carried away“ Wait! Wait! haha..I love this sweater too, it is very soft and the bunny makes me smile but I did not make this sweater. If you like it you can find it in Bunnygirl’s latest collection. At the end of the livestream I will be selling.” She points to the dress form behind her “This white ruffled silk blouse and black zippered pencil skirt. You can also order it in my online store. But first, let’s get to the lesson!”

  After she begins her lesson comments start flying in.

   “Teacher you are so awesome!”- suzi loves fashion

   “Finally someone who can explain the process in simple terms!” – lazy fairy

   “Right! I was so confused in class!”-suzi loves fashion

  “Thanks lazy fairy and suzi loves fashion. Now we need to measure the length of the sleeve.” Emmi continues her lesson and notices several people have joined the livestream.

  “ I just noticed the ancient style screen. Can you zoom in on it? Did you embroider it?”- eating melon seeds

   Emmi’s nervous gaze lands on the embroidered screen. I can’t zoom in on it, what if a viewer notices Wang Hao! 

   “Will you show us how to embroider?-little fluff

     “Really! But… that would be a huge embroidery project”-lazy fairy

     Emmi starts laughing, “little fluff let’s finish making a dress first! Maybe next month I can.”

    You are so beautiful when you laugh!”-i’m here for the beauty

    “Stop it i’m here for the beauty, can’t you see Teacher is blushing now!”-suzi loves fashion

    Emmi thinks for a minute then grabs her embroidered backpack off the wicker chair, “We could do a smaller project. First, I could teach you how to make a backpack, then embroider it like this one.”

   I don’t think I would be good at embroidery. Do you sell embroidered backpacks in your online store?”-lazy fairy

  “ lazy fairy, not right now maybe in the future I am busy with school until Winter Break.”

   “Will you sell me that one?”- lazy fairy

  Emmi looks at the backpack, I could use the money but.. “I have used it several times..”

  “I don’t care, I love the embroidered design. It reminds me of my grandfather’s house in the mountains.”- lazy fairy

   Suddenly stars start falling across the screen.

   A notification pops up- lazy fairy sent you a thousand stars.

 “Wow! Thank you so much lazy fairy.”

   “Sell me the backpack pleeeeezzz.”-lazy fairy

  “Well… alright.”

   “Not fair! I want one!”- suzi loves fashion.

Another notification appears- suzi loves fashion sent you a castle. Suddenly a castle on a cloud appears on the screen.

“suzi loves fashion thanks! I will try to find the time to make you a backpack. Do you mind waiting a couple weeks?”

“Yeah! Take your time!”

Then another notification- i’m here for the beauty sent three castles.

“Oh my God! i’m here for the beauty are you a rich second generation?”- little fluff

“My little beauty is working hard tonight.” -i’m here for the beauty.

“Thank you i’m here for the beauty but I love teaching you guys!”

Zhen Sihao wakes up, who is the little bunnygirl talking to? Is she doing that stupid livestream she was talking about? Unfamiliar with livestreaming he leans back with his hands behind his head listening. Who the hell is I’m here for the beauty? What nonsense is that..

   Emmi thinks she shouldn’t have said she would sell her embroidered backpack. Several other viewers start sending gifts “I will offer them in my online store next month and you guys who have gifted me can have the first ones. I will make a list of your names. How is that?”

  “Alright I can wait. Thanks!”- eating melon seeds.

“Okay let’s continue making the pattern. If you have any questions at the beginning of Wednesday night’s livestream I will answer them.” Emmi continues demonstrating the steps involved in converting the design into a pattern to use. At the end of the lesson she is surprised at how many viewers have entered. Her eyes light up when she sees all the gifts she received tonight, but she suddenly thinks about how time consuming it is to make and embroider a backpack. She sighs thinking about it but keeps a smile on her face.

  “Well, that concludes my sewing lesson for tonight. Now, let me describe the outfit I am selling tonight. Here… I will zoom in so you can take a closer look.”

  Yaoyao just got back to her room from practicing the piano and quickly turns on her computer. She tosses her purse on the bed then looks at her laptop Dammit! it looks like Emmi is finished with her livestream.

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