Startled, Emmi loses her balance and falls backwards into Zhen Sihao’s strong chest. He reaches his arm around her thin waist so she doesn’t fall, a sharp pain runs through his body from the collision. He ignores the stinging sensation as he teases Emmi with his face next to her cheek, “Little girl, are you trying to seduce me?”

  Emmi blushes as she pulls his muscular arm off her waist, “Stop your nonsense Old Man. Did you need to use the bathroom? I want to change.”

  Zhen Sihao winces, Old Man? “ I need the phone and you can call me CE.. Wang Hao.”

  “Cewang Hao?”

  “Wang Hao.”

   “ Phone is in my backpack. The receipt is with it.”

   He leaves the bathroom noticing her embroidered backpack open on the white chair. holding it in his hand he admires the intricate handiwork, interesting design . Unzipping the front he reaches in the opening unable to feel the phone, he pulls out her underwear and a bra and a pair of shorts. He stuffs them back into the backpack and picks up a pair of underwear that fell onto the chair.

   Emmi realizes she should have said front pocket and peeks her head out the bathroom door and witnesses him holding her pink lace underwear in his hand. She puffs out her cheeks and yells, “FRONT POCKET! FRONT POCKET!” Shameless man playing with my underwear! Slamming the door she leans up against it muttering over and over, “8000 yuan..8000yuan…”

  Zhen Sihao’s lips curl up at her angry expression as he tosses the tiny lace underwear back into the backpack. When he takes the green box out of the front pocket he removes the plain black phone.. What a piece of shit!  Well,at least the little miser bought a phone card. He raises his eyebrow, fuck! Could she spare the 200 yuan?  He glances at the door of the bathroom, how poor is this girl? 

  Trying to calm down Emmi washes her hair, I need to get through this week and collect my money. That arrogant man is so smug and inconsiderate, I said I would take care of his medical needs not be his maid. I will talk to him when we have dinner. Set some rules.  She finishes her shower and slips on a pink sweater with a picture of a bunny on the front and a pair of skinny blue jeans.

  She comes out of the bathroom drying her long black hair while talking to herself about her upcoming livestream, “ Tonight I will demonstrate how to properly create a pattern from a design sketch.”  In a better mood after her shower she feels refreshed and is looking forward to selling her clothes... Although Chloe took the dress from my presentation I have the white ruffled top and black pencil skirt. I only need to finish the hem on the skirt. I think I should be able to sell the outfit for 2000 yuan. Ignoring Zhen Sihao who is texting on his phone she clears the table and puts the dirty dishes in the sink. I guess it would have been hard for him to use a walking stick and carry the dishes.

   Emmi’s stomach growls as starts to fix dinner. First, she heats up the crab soup she bought at the soupermarket then opens the container of noodles. She frowns, they look soggy I wish I had eaten them as soon as I arrived at the studio. After the soup is heated she puts the noodles in the microwave with a bag of sliced vegetables to steam.

   While the food is cooking she places the plates and chopsticks on the table. “Come and sit, dinner is almost ready.”

   Zhen Sihao looks up from the phone, there isn’t a stove, how did she make dinner? He hears a beeping and frowns, a microwave dinner?  “ Order takeout.”

    Glancing his direction she dismisses the idea. “I already made the food, I got noodles from Gong’s on my way home, don’t be fussy.”

   After she has the dishes on the table when he doesn’t come to the table  she turns around, “Well, eat or don’t eat it is up to you. I’m starving so I’m not waiting while you decide. No restaurant would deliver to this cabin anyway.”

  Emmi sits down then scoops up some noodles and vegetables onto her plate. Hungry,  Zhen Sihao reluctantly limps over to the small wooden table setting the walking stick on the side. Unhappy with the simple looking dishes he reluctantly picks up the spoon to try the soup. Pleasantly surprised at the flavor he nods in satisfaction,hmm.. not bad.. After he finishes the bowl of crab soup motions to Emmi,”I will have more.”

  Emmi looks up as she slurps up her noodles, “I only bought two portions.” She uses her chopsticks to put food onto his plate. “Have the noodles and vegetables.”

     He shakes his head as he watches her, I am a man! Do you think this little meal will satisfy me!  “I don’t like green peppers.”

  “Then pick them out.”

  He has no choice because of his hunger to use his chopsticks to remove the green pepper, “I will give you a list of the foods I don’t eat.”

   Emmi thinks for a moment tapping her chopsticks on her plate.“If you want to pay extra, I could ask Grandma Kang to make your food. She would need to be compensated for her hard work.”

    Zhen Sihao wants to laugh watching her serious expression, she must be calculating how much to charge me.

   “Additional 1000 yuan, you can pay when you go back to work.”

    “Agreed.” The food she brought this morning was decent. He finishes the noodles, and looks at his phone to text Chen Yi.

    Emmi gets up from the table taking the empty dishes to the small sink to wash them. “Wang Hao.”

     He doesn’t answer so she speaks louder, “Wang Hao!”

     Zhen Sihao glances up from his phone. “What?” 

     “ When I finish washing these dishes I am going to change the bandage on your leg and I will heat up your medicine.”

    “En.” He looks at the text from Chen Yi and responds [ I need a clean laptop with encryption software ] Shit! How am I going to have it delivered to this cabin.I can have the bunnygirl pick it up at Huang Peng’s shop in town. [Send it over to Huang Peng, I will have someone pick it up.]

   [Will do. I noticed someone has been following me so I will have one of my men deliver it tomorrow]

  [ As expected.He will monitor everyone I know for any clue to my actual whereabouts. The video was good but I knew it wouldn’t dispel the old man’s suspicions] 

  [Any other instructions?]

  [Not right now I am working on a plan.]

  Emmi wipes off the counter in her small kitchen area then walks over to the cabinet where she keeps the medical supplies. “Wang Hao, lay on the bed.”


  She sees he is still sitting at the table with a strange look on his face. “Hurry up, I have stuff to do before my live stream. I need to change your bandage.”

   Zhen Hao puts his phone in his pocket, haha..what was I thinking. Using the walking stick for support he slowly limps over to the bed.

   Emmi sounds impatient,“Take off your pants.”

   He has a devilish grin on his face, “I can just roll up my pant leg, or didn’t you see enough last night?”

    “Shut up! Fine but I don’t think that will work as the injury is too far up on your thigh.”

  Zhen Sihao realizes she is right then self consciously begins to slide the pants down his legs. Thinking he is taking too long Emmi grabs the pant legs and quickly yanks them down, “Tortoise! I told you I have things to do.”

   Used to having people ingratiate themselves to him he responds, “What do you have to do that is more important than taking care of me?”  I have never in my life been spoken to in such a disrespectful manner. If I didn’t need this little thing to take care of me I would teach her a lesson!

   Emmi wonders how a poor salesman has such a demanding tone, maybe because he is so handsome..“I said I would take care of you but I’m not devoting my life to serving you! Right when we are done add me as a friend on WeChat and pay me the 8000 yuan.”

    “I think I should pay you at the end of the week to make sure you do a good job and don’t slack off.”

   As she carefully removes the bandage on his thigh she scoffs,  “Pfft! I told you when you wanted to stay, I have a livestream in the evening and you agreed you wouldn’t bother me.” Trying not to look at his muscular body she keeps her eyes on the wound. When Emmi hurriedly dabs a cloth soaked with disinfectant on the closed gash, his leg twitches from the pain and he grits his teeth.  She notices his movement and the hissing sound as she wipes the area. Gazing up at his handsome face with sweat beads on his forehead she suddenly feels guilty. I was a little rough, Emmi softens her tone as she apologizes, “Ss.. sorry, once I put the medicinal ointment on the wound it will numb your leg and it won’t hurt.”

  “Not painful.”

  “…” Then why are you sweating and your eyes are watering? Emmi applies the medical ointment and places a new bandage on the wound.” I think it is healing well, I don’t see any signs of infection. In a few more days you should be able to walk normally.” She starts to put his pants on his legs, he grabs her hand, “I can do it.”

      “Good. I am going to boil your medicine.”

   Irritated, his body had a reaction to her touching his skin he pulls up the black athletic pants, he hmmphs.. the girl is shameless! Touching a man’s bare thigh without even a little bit of shyness! He lifts his eyebrow watching Emmi putting the medicine in the microwave, how many men has she seen naked? He recalls that she undressed him when he was unconscious then mentioned a male model having a better body than his. The girl has an innocent and pure looking face but how many men has she been with to have such a casual attitude! For some reason thinking about the little bunnygirl touching another man bothers me.

   Emmi feels Zhen Sihao’s eyes burning a hole into her back, is he mad I was too rough changing his bandage? What a big baby! When the medicine is ready she hands him the bowl, “This should numb the pain in your leg” She focuses her attention on his face noticing some of the plaster is flaking off his injuries. Emmi touches his face startling him and his hand trembles splashing some of the medicine. Unnerved by the sudden contact he blurts out,“What are you doing!” Emmi’s soft fingers gently touching his face sent a strange sensation down his body.

  “Why are you so jumpy! I was checking the medicine on your face. It is beginning to come off, I wanted to see how your facial injury is healing.”

  “Well next time give me some warning!”

   Exasperrated from first having to deal with her cousin now him she impatiently snaps,“Just finish the medicine I need to get to work.”

  He hands her the bowl, “Tomorrow my company is sending a laptop to a shop in town so I can complete a sales report. Go pick it up for me.”

  Emmi was walking towards her sewing machine she whips around, “I don’t have time.”

  “500 yuan.”

  “How are you going to pay me?”

  “The company is giving me an advance on my salary.”

  “Oh..alright but I can’t do it until on my way home from class in the afternoon.”

  “ I need it by eleven o’clock, 1000.”

  “Let me think about it.”

  “ The company needs the report, 2000.”

  Emmi puts her finger on her chin considering doing it in the morning. I can skip my first class but the new instructor throws a fit if a student misses class without permission. “Where are they sending the laptop?”

  “Huang Electronics”

  “I will do this favor for you but I am not your errand girl.”

   “…” Favor? Errand Girl? I am paying 2000 yuan for you to walk into a store and pick up a fucking laptop! Shameless!


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