At The Dorm

    After Emmi finishes giving the presentation in her Fashion Design class she carries the dress she designed to her dorm room, when she enters she hears a familiar voice. What is Chloe doing in my room? Closing the door she sees her roommate, Yaoyao rolls her eyes, “You are finally back. Your cousin has been waiting for you. And driving me crazy with her incessant chattering!

  Exhausted from taking care of Zhen Sihao and the stress of the presentation Emmi has no patience. She purses her lips and in an irritated tone asks, “Cousin, what do you need?”

   Chloe runs her finger across Emmi’s desk, “Do I have to have a reason to come see you?”

   “Well, usually you do.”

   “I will get to the point. My friends and I are going to the new KTV on Willow St. tonight and I don’t want to go home to change.” She greedily stares at the beautiful dress in Emmi’s hands. “Lend me the dress you used for your presentation.” She happened to walk past the classroom and saw the dress, it would be perfect, just what Weiming likes, simple, feminine and his favorite color blue.

      Emmi grips the delicate blue chiffon dress in her hands,“You have a closet full of clothes in your dorm room.” I planned on selling this dress on my live stream tonight!

   “I don’t. I donated most of them thinking I would receive my Autumn clothes but they haven’t arrived from Paris yet.”

   Yaoyao is trying to study and listening to Chloe’s whining is irritating. She slams her testbook shut and walks to the door, “I’m going to the library.”

   Emmi has a very good relationship with this roommate, “No wait Yaoyao, you don’t need to leave.” Emmi shoves the pale blue chiffon dress into Chloe’s hand while pushing her towards the door. “If you spill anything on the dress you need to pay me. I was going to sell this dress.”

  Chloe frowns, as expected of the poor girl,  “I won’t.”

  Once she leaves, Emmi apologizes to Yaoyao, “I’m sorry if my noisy cousin disturbed your study.”

    YaoYao affectionately pats her on the back, “I pity you having such an annoying cousin. The only time she comes to see you is when she wants something or to bully you.”

  Emmi laughs as she flops onto the bed, “Do you have to be so blunt!”

  “I just think you should say no and not always give into her demands.”

  “Well, if I say no she complains to my Uncle saying I bully her at school. It is easier to let her have what she wants. I only need to put up with my cousin’s demeaning behavior until I finish school or my online business makes money. When I can support myself I will cut ties with the Chen family, until then I have no choice.” 

   She takes some snacks out of her backpack and tosses one to Yaoyao. While she rips the top of the bag in her hand she comments “These are really spicy…so delicious .”

   Yaoyao puts one in her mouth, “Where did you get these?” She looks at the yellow and red bag, “I haven’t seen these in the snack machine.”

   “The little convenience store around the corner from the front gate.”

   Yaoyao studies the back of the bag, “I wonder how many calories.”

    “Stop worrying!”

   Yaoyao has a mouthful of the spicy snacks, “I barely fit into my dress and the Music Competition is next week.”

  Emmi rests on her bed talking with Yaoyao about the upcoming Music Competition she is participating in next month. “Do you really want to enter the Entertainment Industry?”

  “Yes. My parents are against it but I have my own dreams.”

   “I think with your talent you can definitely win. Your so pretty and your voice is beautiful.”

   Yaoyao throws one of the crispy fried snacks at Emmi hitting her on the forehead. Emmi starts laughing, “What was that for?”

    “No reason. I just felt like it.”

     In retaliation Emmi tosses her pink stuffed rabbit at her roommate, “I am going back to my studio to spend the night I am working on a project, I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I will be back Wednesday. ” She sits up then takes an envelope out of her backpack, “Here is the money I borrowed from you last week.”

   Yaoyao takes the envelope, looking at the money inside then over at Emmi,“If you need it I’m not in a rush.”

   “No. I am getting paid this week.”

   “I was rehearsing so I only saw part of your livestream, did you sell the black silk off the shoulder dress you were modeling?”

   “I did and also I sold my medicinal herbs at a good price.” 

   “Will you have enough money for your tuition payment that is due? If not you can definitely wait to pay me back.”

   “En.” I wonder if I should tell her about the injured man? No she will worry. Come to think of it I don’t even know his name. Emmi blushes thinking about how the situation could be easily misunderstood.

   Yaoyao notices her face turning red, “What are you thinking about? Your face suddenly turned red.”

  Emmi touches her face, “Nothing, I..well..” She tries to think of a reasonable answer, “Remember the doctor I told you about? The incredibly handsome man whose father buys my medicinal herbs?”

  “The guy who went to England?”

   “Yeah, well… guess what? He is going to be a guest lecturer at our University.” 

    Yaoyao excitedly reacts to the news, “I finally get to see the only man who has ever got your attention!”

    “When you see him you will understand. Liu Ling is not only as handsome as an Immortal but brilliant and compassionate.”

      Yaoyao teases Emmi,“Stop drooling..haha..”

    Emmi throws a snack at her and Yaoyao catches it in her hand then pops it into her mouth continuing, “Is he really that good looking? Well, he must be to make our Ice Princess melt.”

“Shut up! Believe me you will not be able to look away when you see him. But remember he is mine!”

     “Don’t worry you know I have an engagement with that idiot Meng Jingchen since we were in diapers.”

       Emmi stretches then gets off the bed straightening her dress, “Only you would call the Student Council President an idiot..haha.. I need to pack a few things, Butler Han should be here to pick me up soon.” After she puts her books into her backpack she takes some clothes from her drawer. I don’t want anyone at the mansion to know I am staying at the studio tonight.

     Emmi walks over to the bed then hugs her roommate, “Yaoyao, I’m leaving, ignore my cousin if she comes to the room.”

    “Okay, what time is your livestream tonight?”


   Butler Han is waiting at the front gate for Emmi, he sees her rushing over to the car. Shaking his head as he remembers picking up her mother at this gate many years ago. Such a beautiful girl..

   Emmi is breathing heavily when she gets into the backseat, Catching her breath she holds her chest. She saw Jiang Weiming approaching her from the basketball court with a serious expression and ran through the grass to avoid him. “I hope you didn’t wait too long.”

  “I arrived only a few moments ago. Next time don’t run, you could fall wearing high heels.”

  “…” Do I look that uncoordinated? “Butler Han, I am going to my studio to check on my friend. Could we stop at the Gong’s Noodle Shop on the way.”

  “If you want.”

   After they stop at the Noodle Shop she goes into the supermarket next door and buys some supplies.  She looks at everything she bought and the phone. I won’t charge him for the toiletries but I can’t believe this phone cost 800 yuan.

  Butler Han pulls up to the edge of the woods when they return to the mansion. Butler Han notices the several bags on the backseat, “Miss do you want me to help you?”

  “No I have it, thanks. Please don’t mention you brought me back. I am going to spend the night in my studio.”

   Waving good bye she struggles carrying the takeout and several bags of groceries through the wooded area by the cabin.

   After she opens the door she drops the bags looking at the small table littered with dirty dishes. What a mess! She glares at Zhen Sihao asleep on the daybed. He could have at least put the dishes in the sink. Emmi puts the takeout and the groceries on the counter, then takes a tissue to wipe off her face covered in a thin layer of sweat. I should have changed into tennis shoes at the dorm. She plugs in her phone to charge then glares at Zhen Sihao as she passes the bed on her way to the bathroom with her backpack.

Walking into the bathroom she slips in a puddle of water on the bathroom floor. What the hell! After she removes her wet high heels, Emmi curses Zhen Sihao as she bends over with a towel to clean up the water. “Lazy jerk! He couldn’t pick up the dirty dishes? He couldn’t throw a towel on the floor? So damn lazy! Opening the medicine cabinet above the sink she puts the razors and shaving cream she bought inside, along with a toothbrush and deodorant.

   While closing the cabinet door she suddenly feels warm breath on her neck and hears a deep masculine voice, “I will need to deduct your pay for cursing me.”



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