When Emmi returns to her Uncle’s mansion she slips in through the back. Entering the spacious kitchen she only sees Grandma Kang who is standing at the counter chopping scallions. She comes up behind the chubby old woman and affectionately hugs her thick waist. Resting her head on her shoulder she smiles, “Grandma, are you making scallion pancakes?”

  Grandma Kang turns around with a worried expression on her wrinkled face, “The Young Miss was just in the kitchen looking for you.”

   Emmi takes an apple out of the refrigerator. “I will find my cousin, would you mind making some congee for me?”

   “Of course not. You are too thin you should eat more than a piece of fruit in the morning.”

 “ Well, actually could you pack it for me, I am taking it to school. A friend of mine is sick and you make the best.”

   The old lady smiles and lowers her head whispering, “Go find the Young Miss so she doesn’t make things harder for you. I will prepare some dishes for your friend.” Miss Chen stomped in here breathing fire with an ugly expression on her face.

   Emmi walks out of the kitchen as her cousin Chloe comes down the stairs. “Cousin, you were looking for me.”

   Chen Chloe grabs Emmi’s arm, “Is it true what FeiFei told me?”

   Pulling her arm away Emmi has an annoyed expression, “What kind of gossip is she spreading now.”

  “She told me that you asked her brother Weiming to be your date for my birthday party!”

   Emmi replies without any hesitation, “Ridiculous! Why do you listen to her anyway, she is trying to sow discord between us for some reason. I know he is in your heart. Why would I trample on your feelings? You are my cousin.” Emmi remembers Friday seeing FeiFei when she was going up the stairs to the library. Pfft! that nosy girl must have seen us talking by the stairwell. He approached me..but that would be more disheartening if she were to know he is chasing me. Jiang Weiming is a heartless playboy! I don’t know what Chloe sees in him. So stupid!


  Emmi takes a bite of the apple then responds, “Really. Don’t listen to that girl’s nonsense. I was carrying some bolts of cloth and dropped them, Jiang Weiming happened to be walking by and helped me pick them up. You can ask that friend of yours.. ummm… the tall red haired girl who is in the Music Department. I can’t remember her name, but you know who I mean. She was coming down the stairs and saw us, we didn’t exchange two words. Anything else?”

  Chloe stares at Emmi, she doesn’t look like she is lying. Her lips curl up, Right he wouldn’t bother talking to a waste like my cousin. “Oh, Daddy wanted me to tell you the sale of the lakefront property to the Zhen Group should be completed at the end of the month. He wants the deed to Grandfather’s dumpy little shack. He was looking for you last night but I said you weren’t home,  I would pass the message to you.”

  Emmi’s face turns red and she clenches the half eaten apple in her hand. No! I won’t do it! Ohhh..I  hate you Zhen Sihao!  “Did you tell him where I was?”

 “He didn’t ask.” 

  Emmi smirks, I shouldn’t be surprised that Uncle Yihong didn’t bother to ask, he doesn’t care at all about me. If he did he wouldn’t want to take grandfather’s cabin from me. “ I need to go to class but I will look for the deed later.” I am going to hide it well so he can’t find it!

   Chen Chloe picks up her Limited Edition Hermes bag and waves her car keys taunting Emmi. “Okay. I am driving my new red Lamborghini Daddy bought me for my birthday, so I will be going.” She has a smug smile, “I don’t want to get stuck in morning traffic.” 

  Emmi shakes her head watching her back as she walks away. I don’t care I am not treated well here but there is absolutely no way I am giving up grandfather’s cabin. That old money grubber surnamed Zhen can build around it! Another reason to despise that shameless Capitalist! Emmi goes upstairs and knocks on her cousin Ji’s door. Good he must still be on his business trip. Emmi enters his room to find some clothes for Zhen Sihao.

  Zhen Sihao sneezes as he looks at Emmi’s outdated laptop. She has stickers on the front of her favorite band and one of a cartoon character. He frowns when he opens the computer, what a piece of shit but it will work to send an email to Yan. He laughs, just as I thought the little  bunny is an idiot, no password needed. He uses an email address registered under a fake name from his University days, only a few people know. Yan went to school with Zhen Sihao so he will recognise it immediately.

   [ Notify PK. Inform him of the plan. I am safe, and will follow up with you soon.]

  Director Yan hears a notification he has an incoming email. When he sees the name of the sender he breathes a sigh of relief … Wang Hao, haha.. He quickly answers,  [Will do. Plan in motion.] He leans back in his seat relieved that his good friend avoided being killed. I knew he wouldn’t die so easily.

  Picking up a secure line he calls Peng Kai, “The boss is alive. Don’t continue the search or call attention to the matter. I have reported the Maserati Z5 stolen. The guardrail has been replaced and all evidence of an accident has been removed.”

  “Should I notify Chen Yi? He was preparing to dredge the lake.’

  “ Chen Yi has been informed not to interfere.

  “Where is the Boss?”

   “On the way to his private island. Don’t ask any unnecessary questions.”

  Zhen Sihao looks at Weibo, his thin lips curl up in a smile while watching a video of him smiling down at a beautiful woman while walking up the stairs of the Zhen Group plane at his private airstrip. He is very satisfied with the video and surrounding information that Yan inserted, really looks like it is real time and authentic.  I knew I would need to use the video one day to divert attention away from myself. Of course I didn’t realize it would be because my own father attempted to assassinate me.Luckily the actress wanted to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, when she received payment she immediately relocated to the United States.Yan you are good…I knew you were a talent when I first met you.The internet is buzzing with netizens wondering if the diamond bachelor CEO of Zhen Group is eloping and who the lucky woman could be.

   He takes the walking stick to pull himself up and limps over to the small refrigerator looking for a bottle of water. When he bends over he grimaces when the gash on his stomach is disturbed. Damn that old fox!  

   Meanwhile, in Zhou Gao’s office Wang Boquin is on his knees kowtowing. He was in bed with CiCi when he was dragged out and brought here by Zhou Gao’s guards. He had no idea about the video until he was thrown into the office. Zhao Gao slapped him then grabbed him by the neck forcing him to look at the computer screen.

   Zhou Gao’s anger contorts his face, his eyes are red and the veins in his neck are bulging out. He lifts his muscular leg kicking Wang Boquin in the side knocking him down. Unable to restrain his rage the bottom of his shoe presses on Wang Boquin’s cheek grinding his face on the hard marble floor. “Incompetent little pr**k! Explain to me how a man goes off a cliff into a lake then in the morning looks perfectly healthy getting on a plane. The cocky bastard might as well have looked at the camera and given me the middle finger!”

  Sweat and blood from hitting the marble floor pours off Wang Boqin’s forehead. How did that fucking son of a bitch escape! Dizzy he looks up, his vision blurry, “Master Zhou..It is fake! Fake news! My men wouldn’t dare lie to me! They saw Zhen Sihao go off the cliff into the lake!”

  “You moron! My son isn’t stupid! He must have exited the car before it went off the cliff then his men picked him up. Did these so called ‘professional killers’ you hired search the area? The lake? Or just collect my money and take the fuck off.”

  Zhou Gao has dark circles under his eyes and rubs his throbbing head, his wife walked in on him yesterday while he was enjoying the two big breasted beauties Lily sent over to entertain him. The crazy bitch caused a scene yanking the one woman off from on top of him by her hair. Her sudden action caused him a great deal of pain since he was buried deep inside of the whore at the time. Wang Boquin as his assistant should have alerted him she was coming. “Nothing? No answer? What do I keep you around for, you didn’t even alert me my wife had an appointment yesterday about the fucking Chen’s party.”

   He motions to his bodyguard, “Take him for his punishment.”

 Wang Boquin noticed him limping when he came into the room and holding his crotch. “Wait!”

  “Don’t try to worm your way out of this, since you botched the job it created more problems for me!” He glares at his bodyguards,”Get this useless piece of shit out of my sight.”

  Zhou Gao doesn’t give Wang Boquin a chance to explain and his guards drag him out of the office. After they leave Zhou Gao can’t control his rage, he brushes everything off his desk, Idiots!

He storms over to pour a drink to calm his nerves. He gulps down the fiery liquid then picks up his phone that is ringing. “You checked.”

  “The video has no flaws and the flight plan shows the Zhen Group’s corporate plane is headed to Zhen Sihao’s private Island.”

  “What about the accident site?”

   “I drove the entire highway to his villa. There is no evidence of an accident.”

   Zhou Gao finishes the glass of brandy. “How did that bastard son of mine escape Wang Boquin’s men! I know Boquin wouldn’t have the fucking balls to lie to me. He was confident the job was completed by the Frenchman he hired.”

“I will continue investigating but…”

   Zhou Gao impatiently interrupts him, “BUT WHAT!”

  “If Sihao was heavily injured or dead how could he have secured the contract with Wang Corporation.”

  Zhou Gao feels as though his head is going to explode hearing this devastating news. He kicks the table over, “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY!”

     His brother Gen begins to sweat. Haven’t you turned on your goddamn television it is all over the financial news. “Turn on the television.”

   He picks up the remote flipping on the Business network. The commentator is discussing the acquisition of two subsidiaries of the Wang Corporation by Zhen Group, making them the largest supplier of Optical Fiber and Cable in China. They already have a huge presence with Internet Services and Online Shopping. Several people on the program are discussing the huge impact this will have on Zhen Group’s growth. One of the women on the panel continues praising his son, “Zhen Sihao’s net worth will skyrocket in the next couple of years. He is already one of the youngest billionaires with Zhen Construction and the prime real estate he owns. As you can see on the comparison chart behind me, the display shows the present stock price of Zhen Group rising steadily while Zhou Enterprises and Exdon Corporation’s stocks are declining in value.” Fucking bitch! Zhou Gao throws an ashtray at the television on the wall, the screen blackens and her voice is silenced    “MOTHERF****R! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU HIDE IT! SO FUCKING..”

His brother Gen has remained on the phone. When he hears the crash and the swearing, he doesn’t know whether he should hang up or say something to try and calm Gao down. Suddenly Zhou Gao hangs up and Gen looks at son sitting on the couch, “Call your cousin Jason.”

    Zhou Gao has an idea and his eyes have a murderous gleam as he formulates a plan. Bastard you think you can win? I will bury you or my surname isn’t Zhou! He picks up the phone, regaining his composure he calls the CEO of Exdon,“Gunnar, we need to talk.”

  “Ha..I have been expecting your call but I am in the midst of a sensitive negotiation right now. I will call you later.”

  “This can’t fucking wait. Did you see the stock prices?”

    Gunnar Hedwig is watching the video of a recovered arms shipment. He glances at a man named Noah holding a device to detonate a bomb in the villa he is standing in at the moment.  “ Gao, I said I’m busy. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    Zhou Gao hangs up. Still fuming he takes a cigar from his drawer then walks over to the floor to ceiling window in his office. He lights the cigar then stares intently at the Zhen Group building across the street with a complicated expression on his face. 

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  1. Excellent connections with all three stories! Zhen Sihao buying Wang Rebecca’s family’s company is just golden and the prefect face-slapping moment against his dad 🤣👏🏽!! And the call to Gunner while he’s dealing with Noah had me laughing so hard! I loved the humour in this chapter! I hope Emmi can keep her grandfather’s shed! Zhen Sihao owes her that much.

    1. Yes, the author is great at connecting all three stories! And I am tormented by vague doubts … Emmy is a designer, and her sister Chloe … Could she be that very Chloe?

      1. 😲 whoa!! But wait wouldn’t that mean she has a relationship with Nikolai? I thought Chloe’s sister had Nikolai’s secret love child!

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  2. Ha-ha, apparently I was misled by the similarity of the girls ‘ names and the field of activity. In any case, I think we are waiting for an interesting story of cousins. ❤

    1. Elena I forgot about Chloe’s sister in The CEO haha such a coincidence lol. But Chloe in this story is not a designer she wants to be an actress.

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