Lifting the covers his face turns red from anger, then he glares at Emmi with a murderous gleam in his eyes. He sounds like the King of Hell when he roars, “Bunnygirl.. Did I say you could take my pants off!”

   Emmi blushes then stammers,, “Doc..doctors…well, hmmm.. don’t pay attention to such matters, I needed to check your injuries. I will bring clothes from Uncle’s then we can take you to the hospital.”

  He raises his swordlike eyebrow then teases, “You are a doctor?”

  Emmi pulls on her fuzzy pink pajamas, “No more talking! You need to drink another bowl of medicine then I will go.” She hurries over to the small counter by the microwave. He is not easy to get along with!

  From behind her she hears his low voice, “BunnygirI, I need to go to the bathroom just bring me my pants.”

   This man is one problem after another! She puts the medicine in the microwave then turns around,“Ah, they were disgusting, covered in blood I threw them out. Give me a minute I will find you something to wear”

      Emmi looks in the closet she searched last night and no clothes would fit his tall muscular body. She is tiny and her grandfather was a short thin man. Reluctantly she brings a fluffy white towel out of the bathroom, “Just put this on for now then when you are finished get back under the covers.” 

    “…”  He grabs the towel from her small hand.

   After he has wrapped the towel around his taut naked body Emmi sees him struggling to stand up. She remembers her grandfather’s treasured walking stick. The walking stick is carved intricately with scenes of Immortals and the jade dragon on top is the highest quality black jade. Rushing over she steadies him by holding onto his waist, “Use this.”

  He looks down at her lowered head, her eyes appear to be focused on his towel wrapped waist as her warm hand touches his bare abs. What an audacious little girl! “ Seen enough?”

  “Huh?” She looks up glaring at him, her green eyes ablaze, “Mister, don’t flatter yourself! The male model I had last week looked much better than you! I just don’t want you falling down, it will be difficult for Butler Han and me to get you into the car if you can’t walk!” When Emmi sees he isn’t moving she urges him, “I need to get to the University so hurry up and use the bathroom so you can drink your medicine.” His arrogant attitude is making me regret I saved him last night. He is incredibly handsome but he loses a couple points for being such a narcissistic pain in the butt.

    What a bossy little thing! Zhen Sihao’s face blackens, he is the most sought after bachelor in the city. And what does she mean..had a male model?  Yeah right.. He laughs at the ludicrous idea then slowly limps to the bathroom while holding onto the walking stick.

   Emmy puts the warm medicine on the counter then walks over to the bathroom door. She hears water running, “Don’t wash your face! Also, don’t come out, I am going to change.”

    She decides she will shower at the mansion then get dressed for school. She takes clean underwear, a pair of ripped jeans and a short cropped black sweater with white polka dots from a drawer. Once Emmi is fully dressed she sits on the bed putting on a pair of white canvas shoes. She is bent over tying her shoelace when Zhen Sihao comes out of the bathroom. He tried to wash the green hardened paste off his face but he couldn’t remove it. Angry because it was very painful trying to remove the medicine and he didn’t succeed, he comes through the door, “WHAT THE HE..”.. He stops mid sentence when he sees Emmi sitting on the bed swinging her legs absentmindedly. The bunnygirl is really beautiful… He shakes his head then composes himself, “What is on my face.”

   Emmi glances over and jumps up. When she gets close to him she scrunches up her face as she touches his cheek. Turning his head to look at both cheeks she admonishes him, “Didn’t you hear me? I said don’t wash your face!”

  Since she is reaching her arms up the cute short sweater rises exposing her stomach. She is so petite he thinks oneof his hands could wrap around her thin waist. The contrast between the black of the sweater and her snow white skin makes his Adam’s apple roll up and down. Is this what the little thing wears to school? He frowns,“Isn’t that outfit rather sloppy for a University student?”

  “I’m going to the mansion to take a shower and get dressed for school. Don’t change the subject. Get on the bed and cover up. The herbs I put on your face harden so you don’t need to keep reapplying the ointment. After three days plaster naturally falls off. It looks like you rubbed a bit off on the left cheek.” Under her breath she mumbles, Welp..So wasteful.. I will need to waste more of my herbs.”

   Zhen Sihao relies on his ability to judge people to assess their capabilities. His impression of Emmi is she is immature but seems to be knowledgeable in Chinese medicine.   By her serious expression and her confident tone I wonder if she does have skills. I’m not in a great deal of pain, I feel I have a low grade fever now and I was burning up last night before I fell unconscious. The injuries I had weren’t light by any means and after examining myself in the bathroom there are no signs of infection. I can’t go to the hospital. Yang should have followed my instructions at this point showing me on getting on a plane with a beautiful woman. Yang can follow my plan about the acquisition and it will take time for my father to discover my deception. He has a faint smile, the old bastard can’t disrupt my company or tell the media I am dead without proof. I’m glad I had the foresight to have a contingency plan for this type of situation. It helped the old man tipped his hand by sending that asshole Wang Boquin to my office. He can never resist an opportunity to taunt me.

  Emmi looks at Zhen Sihao’s strange expression, “Hey, could you snap out of it and lay down.” She impatiently looks at her watch,  “I have a presentation at one o’clock. I need to prepare.”

  He looks towards the daybed, “I will lay there, it will strain my wound on my leg to get down on the mattress placed on the floor.”

  “Okay, that is a good idea.” He is in the way so she motions to him,  “Move.”

   Emmi picks up the end of the mattress dragging it up onto the daybed. Tossing the pillows onto the bed she says, “Lay down. Prop yourself up with the pillows.Cover yourself with this quilt, I will be right back with the medicine.” Wow! This is a lot of work. I wonder if I can bring up how expensive those herbs were I used, not to mention the ones he crushed in the garden. 

   Zhen Sihao has an amused expression as he makes himself comfortable, no one would dare order me around and it comes so naturally to this little girl. Well, I will indulge her since I plan on staying here until I recover. Emmi hands him the bowl of medicine, “Drink this you still have a slight fever. I am going to get Butler Han and will bring you some porridge. Don’t move around while I’m gone.”

  He reaches out and grabs her hand, “Wait. I can’t afford a hospital. You can just drop me off in the nearest town.”

  “WHAT?” Emmi’s beautiful green eyes widen in shock. “You have to go to a hospital.” She recalls he said he was a salesman. “You were on your way to that old fart Zhen Sihao’s house for business. It is work related. Your company should pay.. no problem.”

  “…” OLD FART! What the fuck! I will be twenty five next month! How does this girl come up with this shit! He controls his temper, “The company where I work is on the verge of bankruptcy and Zhen Sihao graciously agreed to bail my boss out. I was on my way to personally deliver the paperwork.” He looks worried, “I can’t lay this on my boss since obviously it was my fault. ”

   Emmi starts laughing and her eyes have a mischevous gleam.“ Yeah right! That demon probably plans on swooping in and gobbling up your company like an afternoon snack with his cup of Da Hong Pao”

   Zhen Sihao spits out the medicine in his mouth then starts coughing. Unbelievable! I need to find out why she has these outrageous assumptions! “You don’t seem to have a very good opinion about Zhen Sihao.”

   “Long story, back to you.”

   That is ME!

  “Well.. it sucks but you will need to contact your own insurance company. Your premium will go up but you need to be hospitalized.”

  “No insurance.”

   “WHAT? That is bad! The police can arrest you for no insurance.” She looks at her watch then has an idea,“Hey your watch! Pawn it! It looks like it is very expensive.”

  “I’m embarrassed to say the watch isn’t a Rolex Limited Edition but a cheap  imitation. You know a salesman has to present a certain elite image.”

   Emmi looks crushed and puts her hands on her head, There goes my compensation.

  Zhen Sihao is surprised she looks so upset over his situation. The little Bunnygirl looks like she is going to cry her eyes are misty and she is sighing heavily. No way will she just drop me off somewhere. 

   “I’m sorry for your situation Mister. It is hard to keep up appearances on a budget I know that feeling. Well, we can drop you off at Liu’s Clinic, Dr.Liu.. he is a good Buddhist and will treat you for a reasonable fee. You can find a cheap hotel then take a bus to Bashu City.”

  Fucking Shit!  I thought the little idiot would immediately say I could stay here until I recover. “I tell you what, I feel comfortable with you treating me for a few days until the herb plaster falls off. I have limited funds but since you saved me and I’m sure the herbs you used weren’t cheap… You were crying about the herbs under your breath…

  Emmi sees where he is going with this and immediately responds,“Not possible.”

 Zhen Sihao has to play hardball, this is the perfect spot to hideuntil he can resurface. “I didn’t want to bring this up but do you have a medical license?”

 “No. Why?”

  “You know it is against the law to practice medicine without a license right.”

   Emmi is angry, Is he threatening me? “I just did what anyone would do who finds a half dead old man on their doorstep.”

   “8000 yuan.”  Half dead old man??? What a little insolent brat! I would like to throw her over my knee and spank her little butt!

    “I have one rule” She shakes her finger at him. “DO NOT! DO NOT! TELL ANYONE YOU ARE HERE!”

    Zhen Sihao wants to burst out laughing, “Agreed.”

    “Oh yeah very important rule number two.. when I am live streaming you can’t bother me or make any noise.”


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      1. Haha, we just have a slightly different system. The school is attended until the age of 15-18, and then college or institute.

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