Zhen Sihao Wakes Up

   When the microwave beeps Emmi removes the bowl of herbal medicine then  takes a spoon from the drawer. She kneels down next to Zhen Sihao, propping his head up with one hand, she blows on the medicine then tries to feed it to him. It runs out his mouth down his chin because he remains unconscious. Frustrated she can’t get the medicine into his mouth she tries to think of other methods. Emmi frowns realizing it will be difficult to feed him while he is unresponsive. His fever won’t come down unless he takes the medicine, what can I do?

   She pushes his shoulder, “Mister, open your mouth.” She smiles looking at his perfect features, although you are the most handsome man I have ever seen.. there is no way I am feeding it to you with my mouth! When he doesn’t respond Emmi sighs then her eyes light up. She puts his head back on the pillow and runs over to her clutter drawer where she tosses random items. She pulls out a pack of droppers she bought to use when she painted a design on a silk skirt at the beginning of the Summer. Unwrapping one she walks back over to Zhen Sihao. This time she puts a couple pillows behind his head so she can free up her hands. She fills the tube and squeezes his mouth open, then uses the dropper to slowly feed him the medicine. Emmi laughs, “You are like a giant baby bird..hahaha..” When the bowl is empty she puts his head back down. Picking up the wet cloth she wipes his face, “Well Baby Bird, I have done all I can for you right now. I think you will be stable enough in the morning to go to the hospital. I will have Butler Han take you then drop me off at school.” 

   Emmi stands up and stretches her armsabove her head, so tired.  I hope no one notices I haven’t come home. Not that they would be concerned but I don’t want to deal with them. Usually she stays at the studio she calls her cousinl Chloe.. She looks at Zhen Sihao on the small mattress . I will sneak back in the morning,I don’t think I should leave the man here with a fever by himself.

  Yawning she takes some extra blankets out of the cupboard and puts them on the bed. Once she finishes she takes a shower then puts on her pink bunny pajamas. Before she climbs into bed she puts her small hand on his forehead again, he is still hot but not burning up. She lightly touches the hardened green medicinal paste on his face satisfied the wounds shouldn’t get infected. Emmi climbs into bed turning on her side and gazes at Zhen Sihao wondering who he is; he had no wallet or identification. Too tired to keep her eyes open she drifts off to sleep.

  During the night Peng Kai and his men scour the area where Zhen Sihao’s car went off the cliff. Chen Yi is Emmi’s second cousin but has no idea there is a fishing cabin down at the end of the woods. He grew up in England and rarely visited his Uncle and isn’t familiar with the property. After a few hours Peng Kai  calls off the search, he is resigned to the fact the car went into the lake. Chen Yi calls him over, “Don’t make the news public or call the police. I will have a private team of divers search the lake. There’s a possibility he exited the car before it went off the cliff and will contact you or Directer Yang. I wouldn’t assume he is dead, he is a very resilient man.”

  Peng Kai wipes the sweat from his forehead, “What did you tell your Uncle when you arrived in the helicopter.”

  “I told him it was an experimental helicopter for rescue and I wanted to do a night test.”

 “He believed you?”

 “Why wouldn’t he? I said you were part of my team. He was half asleep and asked me to let him know ahead of time in the future.”

  “Okay. Let me know what you find out. I am going to call Director Yang.”

  Emmi tosses and turns while she sleeps picturing the man covered in bloody wounds. She pops up with a thin layer of sweat worried about Zhen Sihao.She crawls out of bed and sleepily turns on a light then walks over to the mattress where he is laying. He hasn’t changed his position and seems to be breathing normally. Emmi goes to the bathroom to wet another cloth to wipe his forehead. She sits cross legged next to him and gently touches his forehead then wipes his exposed skin avoiding where the medicinal paste is applied.  I think his fever has gone down considerably.  

   After she runs the wet cloth down his neck she looks at the clock, I can sleep for a couple more hours.  After she gets a drink of water she goes back to bed.

    Emmi wakes up when her alarm goes off at five o’clock in the morning. It is still dark outside but she wants to return to the mansion as soon as it is light outside. Rolling over she is still half asleep, she stretches her legs over the side of the bed then stands up. Forgetting about Zhen Sihao, she trips on the edge of the mattress as she gets out of bed. This jars Zhen Sihao awake. Suddenly a large hand grips her ankle pulling her down, then a deep masculine voice growls, “Who are you!”

   Emmi lands on the hardwood floor hitting the back of her head. “Owww!” Tears form in her green eyes from the pain, she holds her head not immediately getting up. Zhen Sihao’s body doesn’t respond as he tries to sit up to see who is in the room with him. The room is too dark for him to see the person but from the small ankle and the sound of the voice it is a woman. He doesn’t let go of her ankle and repeats himself in a threatening tone, “I said who are you? If you don’t want me to snap your chicken bone ankle speak!”

   Her head is ringing and she angrily screams, “Shut up!” Holding her head she says, “Jerk! Let go of my ankle I need to go to the bathroom!”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t sense any other movement in the room and the voice sounds like a young girl. “I will let you go if you answer me, is there anyone else here?” The room is too dark and his vision is blurry.

  She hesitates her imagination running wild, what if he is escaping from the police and is a murderer. Should I say I am alone? 

  Emmi panics and kicks him in his injured leg with her other foot. He groans from the pain as he lets go of her ankle and she scrambles as he tries to stand up. Running over to her Grandfather’s closet she pulls out his gun, what was I thinking saving a fugitive?  She turns on the light and with her hand shaking she aims the old gun at Zhen Sihao. 

   He carefully sits up leaning on the pillows and when his eyes adjust to the light he starts laughing at the petite girl dressed in pink  bunny pajamas  holding a gun. The pain from his injuries makes him cough, holding his ribs he says in a pained voice,“Girl, put the gun down. I won’t hurt you. I was startled when I woke up.” 

  Emmi knows he probably can’t even stand up. “First tell me who you are.”

  Zhen Sihao looks around it looks like a small art studio. The girl lives here? It must be on Chen’s property but I don’t recognize her. He recalls floating down the lake.

  When he doesn’t answer Emmi says, “If you won’t answer a simple question I need to call the police now.”

  He studies her innocent expression, if she was going to call the police she would have when she found me. then answers in a mild manner, “Please put the gun down you are making me nervous. Rest assured I am not a criminal, well let’s say I have never been caught for any of my criminal activities. I am a salesman for a small company in Bashu City and am not familiar with the road. I was on my way to a client’s house and I guess I took the curve too fast.”

  Emmi listens then sets the gun back into the cupboard it doesn’t even have any bullets in it. She has a worried expression on her face, “Oh, Blue Crystal Highway should have a sign there is a dangerous curve ahead. I petitioned the city a few times. I can hear the traffic and although you are the first person to crash through the guardrail there have been a few accidents.”

  “…”  Fuck! He holds back from laughing, she is too freakin cute with that serious look on her face while wearing those ridiculously childish pajamas.

  She walks over to him, “You were going to a see a client? Was it Chen Yihong? If so after you go to the hospital do me a favor and don’t mention me.”


  “Well the only other property down the way belongs to that ogre named Zhen so did you take the wrong road?”

 ??? Ogre what the fuck! When did I ever step on your little tail! “Maybe.” Obviously she doesn’t recognize me.

  “Gee Mister you have some shitty luck. Well, I see at least you aren’t a fool or have amnesia after falling into the lake I was a little worried. Anyway, you have some luck that you crawled to my doorstep.” She touches his forehead, “It looks like the medicinal paste is working. Let me look where I super glued your thigh.. Then I will ride my bike to  get Butler Han to take you to the hospital.”

   Zhen Sihao’s veins bulge out on his forehead. This little Bunnygirl Super fucking Glue-d my leg! Holy fuck! Lifting the covers his face turns red from anger, then he glares at Emmi with a murderous gleam in his eyes. He sounds like the King of Hell when he roars, “Bunnygirl.. Did I say you could take my pants off!”

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    1. Haha..funny! I hope you like this story! I laughed about the Super Glue..I like Emmi she is very naive..I picture a short cute girl in bunny pj s holding a gun lolol

      1. Lol LiMei would ask her where she got her pajamas from! Yeah, this story has a great start and the humour is good!

      2. Thanks so much for checking out my new little story! I want it to be a fun comedy..you always are such a great loyal reader… I love your comments! ❤

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