Rescue Strange Man

    Emmi is sound asleep inside her art studio on the comfortable daybed tightly wrapped in her warm quilt. Snuggled under the covers enjoying a sweet dream of being awarded the prestigious Golden Needle Award for best New Fashion Designer. In the dream she is wearing one of her own designs and flash bulbs are going off as she heads to the podium. Smiling brightly she waves at her fans and accepts the award from her idol Henri Armand.

Before the incredibly handsome fashion designer congratulates her for winning Emmi’s stomach rumbles waking her up. She wipes the drool from her mouth as she opens her eyes, dammit my dream was right at the good part! She rubs her stomach and glances at the darkness out the window..Oh no! It’s late! How long was I napping! I hate riding my bike back to the mansion in the dark!

    She climbs out the warm bed and looks at her watch. wonder I am so hungry it is ten o’clock. I need to get back to the house and eat some leftovers then go to bed. I leave  early in the morning to return to the University. Emmi runs into the bathroom and splashes water on her face then hurriedly grabs her bag rushing out the door. She heads to where her bike is leaning against the rear of the cabin. Still half asleep as she hurries around the corner of the building she trips, falling down onto Zhen Sihao.

       Not understanding what she landed on she screams, ‘Oww..” Disoriented from hitting her head on his hard chest she attempts to push herself up then realizes she is on top of a man’s soaking wet body. “Oh my God..Oh my God.. A corpse?”

  Terrified her heart is racing as she stumbles off him onto the ground staring at his motionless body. Is he dead?  Where the hell did he come from? With trembling fingers she reaches into her bag pulling out her phone to use the flashlight . Wuhuu Wuhuu.. I didn’t know I would be out so late my phone is dead..Dead..Is he dead?.. She leans over putting her finger nervously by his nose. No..he is still breathing..good..good.. I will ride back to the house and get help. Yeah..old butler Han..he will know what to way am I alerting Uncle Yihong..he doesn’t seem to like me very much, he would scold me for being out so late. That unreasonable man might even accuse me of knowing this dead guy..Problems..all I see are problems.. Emmi shakes her head, I should take him into the studio then go get Butler Han, I can’t just leave him outside.

    He is so damn tall, oh nooooo.. his legs are crushing my Purple Berin seedlings. She scrunches up her beautiful face, What are you thinking about Emmi? Your concern should be for the man he isn’t dead yet. But.. what if he dies in my studio? I will never be able to work happily in there again! Why meeeee! 

   Using all her strength Emmi drags him by his arms around the corner then carefully lays him down to get out her key from the pocket of her denim shorts. Once inside she turns on the light..  Looking at his long legs and the daybed she decides to pull the mattress onto the floor. there is no way I can lift his body up he is too damn heavy!  Emmi wipes the sweat from her forehead with a tissue. 

  Breathing heavily from the exertion, she turns towards Zhen Sihao’s body and jumps back. From dragging him around the corner of the cabin through the edge of the medicinal herb garden his bloody head is covered in dirt with a few plant leaves hanging off his ink black hair. If he isn’t dead yet he will be from the looks of him.

     Now that they are in the well lit studio she can clearly see his dirty face, he has small pieces of metal embedded in his forehead and cheek.  His blood stained suit coat is ripped and his pants are torn with some blood noticeably oozing out through a long tear in the fabric. Holy Mother of God! If I leave to get help now we will just find a corpse when we return… I need to see what I can do to save him.

    Emmi walks into her tiny bathroom and puts warm water into a large bowl then gets some antiseptic soap she uses after she cleans her fishing gear. Grabbing a couple large white towels she goes to where he is laying on the mattress. After some deliberation she thinks she should use the Silver Rosebud root and some of the Gylceria she hasn’t taken to sell yet. She scrunches up her nose frowning at Zhen Sihao, more money down the drain because of you Mister. Okay, after I clean his wounds and bandage them he will probably need me to make him some medicine to drink for a fever, his head felt hot when I touched it. She takes a couple glass jars down from a long wooden shelf. The handsome guy’s timing is pretty good haha..if it had been tomorrow I would have sold these medicinal herbs on my way back to school and this studio would be vacant until I return next weekend.

I will need tweezers to get the metal slivers out of his face,eeek.. I think I have some in my make up bag. That will probably really hurt, I wonder if I used grandpa’s silver needles if I could alleviate the pain while I do this. I watched Grandpa the time his friend Ming fell into that patch of needleberries face first and he had to remove the sharp thorns. No, I might hit some acupoints I shouldn’t..

Emmi continues to talk to herself as she gathers the supplies trying not to be afraid. When she is ready she gently takes the tweezers to remove the metal slivers from his forehead and one cheek. Each time she removes a piece she gently disinfects the spot then carefully applies a paste made of the Glyceria combined with the Silver Rosebud root. She frowns while dabbing it onto his face with her finger wondering what caused his injuries. When she finishes she takes a soapy towel cleaning the rest of his face. Tossing the dirty towel to the side she picks the plant leaves moaning each time she recognizes one of her precious herbs tangled in his hair. Picking up another piece of towel she wipes his head, he has a large bump on the upper part of his forehead but once the blood and dirt  is cleaned away she notices he doesn’t have a head wound. That’s good..he could wake up a fool or with amnesia.. Maybe he already is a fool to end up here like this..he is wearing a new Armani suit and his cracked watch is probably worth a few million.. so where the heck are his bodyguards?  Hey that’s right he must be rich! If I save him he can pay for the medicinal herbs I am using. Good..I can give him a bill for the herbs..I won’t overcharge..just what I would get from Liu’s shop.. Now that she realizes he can compensate her for her losses Emmi perks up.

Smiling thinking about being paid she finishes with his head injuries then remembers the wounds on his body. She mutters, “I will need to take his clothes off.. Well..I won’t lose out..he looks as though he is in shape.. better than the nude model we had in Life Drawing last semester. I hope the injuries aren’t too serious.” Checking the contents of her Grandfather’s medicine bag, there are butterfly bandages and gauze. That will work…

She sighs looking at the muscular man laying with his long legs hanging off the twin size mattress . What if you need stitches?

Lifting up his upper body with some difficulty she takes off his wet suit jacket, I wonder how long he was laying out there all wet..that can’t be good.. Then she takes off his black silk shirt, his right arm is bleeding from where a bullet grazed him. Emmi lightly touches Zhen Sihao’s abdomen then moves her hand up his chest, she isn’t sure but thinks it appears he might have a cracked rib.

She is relieved as she examines him. Good no wounds to his torso, so maybe he doesn’t have any internal injuries. I will do this step by step, I will clean and bandage his arm then take his pants off to look at his thigh.

Emmi cleans his arm and puts four butterfly bandages on his injury, she has a satisfied expression, “If I didn’t want to be a fashion designer I could be a doctor..or at the very least a nurse. I am pretty good at this!” Butler Han will need to drive him to the hospital, I will just do what I can for now.

“I need to close the wound on his leg..I read you can use Super Glue.. I have some in my drawer..should I…Backpackers do it all the time.” I wish I could check..Right!my laptop is here.. She opens it up searching for suturing wounds in the outdoors..Yeah sure enough you can..let’s see..she reads further then goes to the drawer to get the Super Glue. Okay, I put some on the seam then press the wound together and hold it for 20 seconds.  Done! She gently squeezes the area, it really worked! Genius!

   She finishes bandaging his leg and checks for any other wounds then walks back to the bathroom for fresh warm water to wipe off his body. Emmi has a habit of talking to herself while whe works in the studio, “Jeez this is hard work, should I charge him for my doctoring? Well I shouldn’t count my money til we see if he lives.” She looks at the naked man on the mattress and puts a towel over his manhood, yeah, I don’t need to look at that while I clean him. When she finishes she goes into the closet by the bathroom to see if there are any of her grandfather’s clothes. No, I remember packing them all away. Well it looks like all I have is this pink robe of mine I just washed it. I will bring him some of my cousin’s  clothes when Butler Han and I come back for him.

Taking the pink fluffy robe into the room she sits on the floor and lifts his arms to slip it on him, “No this won’t work way too small. I will just wrap him in the blanket. Then cover him with another one. My God am I exhausted and hungry. “

Emmi puts some medicine in a bowl with water then puts it in the microwave, after I feed him this medicine I am going to have some noodles then go get Butler Han. 

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