Cripple Him!

  A  beautiful girl lazily sits on an old carved wooden bench, swinging her long slender legs while absentmindedly gazing at the crystal blue lake. When the sun starts to sink in the sky, she fondly runs her fingers over the intricate carvings on the old bench...Grandpa..  Her heart tightens as she reminisces about her beloved grandfather. The girl, Chen Emmi, has a melancholic expressionon her face while she looks at the fishing boat docked at the short wooden pier. Watching the reeds surrounding the lake swaying in the wind she is reminded of a quote her grandfather recited once.”The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.”  She wipes the tears slowly dropping from her green eyes then mutters, “ I miss you Grandpa.I don’t know if I can be strong without you.”

    Overcome by nostalgia she reluctantly  puts her sketchbook with her latest creation into an embroidered denim cloth bag and feels a chill wishing she had brought a sweater. Brrr..It was so hot when I left the house this morning I forgot as soon as the sun goes down the temperature drops quickly by the lake.  I should hurry back to the mansion after I water the herb garden at the studio..

   Slinging the colorfully decorated handmade bag over her thin shoulder she begins walking in the direction of a small fishing cabin that she converted into an art studio


The  quaint cabin was her grandfather’s favorite place on his extensive property. She spent many happy hours there while growing up, finding refuge from the cold atmosphere of her Uncle’s home. As a young girl she would forget her loneliness by spending hours listening to her grandfather’s soothing voice recounting his life. He enjoyed telling stories about her grandmother and his life when he was young.They would also go fishing and Emmi was taught traditional Chinese medicine from him.

   When Chen Bingwen died six months ago Emmi decided to renovate his fishing cabin. She excitedly transformed the interior creating a small art studio where she could work on her fashion designs undisturbed.

She smiles as she approaches the small wooden building. Unaided Emmi painted and did all the work on the interior herself but kept the expansive herb and vegetable garden in the rear of the building unchanged. She meticulously maintains her Grandfather’s herb garden and the flowers in the back where she grows a variety of medicinal herbs to sell in town.

Emmi’s long black hair is tied up with a bright blue ribbon, her ponytail swings back and forth as she rushes along the stone covered path to the garden behind her studio. Rubbing her bare arms to stay warm she stops by the garden, bending down to check on some seedlings she pulls a few weeds then chuckles, “Hurry up and flower I need to pay my tuition. haha..” She shakes her head, I never thought I would need to resort to growing you guys to earn money.Thank God, none of the money grubbing women in the family wanted anything to do with this place or I never would have been able to keep it even though Grandpa gave this property to me in his Will.

     When Emmi finishes weeding a couple rows in the front of the garden she opens the door to the studio with an antique brass key. She tosses her bag onto a white rattan chair in the corner of the spacious room, then walks to the small sink in the back to wash the dirt from her hands. After she finishes in the bathroom she picks up her bag, taking out her latest sketch she hangs it on the wall next to her sewing machine and various bolts of fabric. Admiring the the design of the gown she designed she has a happy expression. Tomorrow I will start sewing the dress to wear to Chloe’s birthday party.

   Walking to the small refrigerator where she keeps a few drinks and snacks she takes out a bottle of water then plops on top of a daybed covered in a colorful blue and yellow quilt with a unique pattern she made from cloth scraps. 

    Why am I so tired?  Unable to keep her eyes open Emmi falls asleep with her face buried in her pillow and her petite body wrapped in the soft warm quilt.

   Across the city on the 50th floor of the Zhen Group Building a heated argument is taking place between the CEO of Zhen Group and the representative of  Zhou Conglomerate, Wang Boqin.

    A tall handsome man towers over a feminine looking thin man who is holding a stack of papers in his bony white hands. Zhen Sihao’s deep voice has a natural domineering quality,“No fucking way will I cave in to that old bastard. I don’t care what kind of pressure you try to put on my company, I am not withdrawing my bid.”

    The thin man sneers looking up at the formidable man in front of him,  then in a condescending tone he responds, “CEO Zhen you don’t seem to understand the precarious position you are putting your company in by refusing the Old Master’s offer. You know this isn’t a request, merely a formality.” The man takes another document out of his Gucci alligator briefcase, “The compensation is more than reasonable and he will allow you to bid on the waterfront property next month, of course ensuring you will win the bid.”

   Zhen Sihao furrows his swordlike brows as he rips up the  documents in his hand easily shredding the stack of papers into small pieces.“Who the hell does my senile father think he is dealing with, doesn’t he know I will never bend to his absurd demands.”

   “If you refuse, well… the Old Master told me to instruct you the only alternative is for you to marry the heiress to the Fang Group, Fang Hua.”

    Black lines form on Zhen Sihao’s forehead, “Unless you want me to lose my temper and fuck up that pretty face of yours you spent a small fortune rearranging,Wang Boqin you should get your motherfu****ng ass out of my office. Tell that old bastard whose d**k you suck… he will get that land over my dead body.”

   Wincing hearing Zhen Sihao’s insult Wang Boqin thin lips curl up into a sinister smile as he puts the remaining document back into his briefcase. He looks at the scraps of  white paper littered on the luxurious black  marble floor,“As you wish Young Master, I will promise you a  beautiful and moving funeral.” 

    Out of patience Zhen Sihao points to the massive Dalbergia wood door of the office and growls,“Get the fuck out.”

   After Wang Boqin leaves, Zhen Sihao stands with his hands in his pocket, looking out his office window overlooking the bustling street. His dark eyes are intensely focused on the towering building across from him emblazoned in gold with  Zhou Enterprises. He removes his hands from his pockets then clenches his fists by his side still staring at the magnificent imposing  characters on the top of the glass sided building “Never..never will I let you control me ever again old man.”

   He loosens his striped silk tie and grabs his suit coat from the back of his leather desk chair, he storms out of his office his temper raging. Bai Ning, his secretary tries to ask him a question, “CEO Zhen..” He ignores her continuing  down the hallway to his private elevator, taking his phone out of his pocket he calmly says, “I will need a few more bodyguards until the present situation is resolved.”

   Zhen Sihao’s head of security Peng Kai answers, “Yeah Boss, I will send them right over to your office.”

   “Tell the men to meet me at my mansion, I am leaving the office now.” 

    “…” How can the CEO say that without batting an eye. His own father… old man Zhou ..wants him fucking dead? 

     He gets into the elevator with five muscular guards dressed in black surrounding him. “Keep an eye out, my father most likely will send a team to kill me tonight.”

     When they arrive at the underground garage Zhen Sihao walks to a silver Mazareti, his bodyguard stops him, “Don’t you think you should ride in one of the SUV’s with the bulletproof glass.”

   “I’m in the mood to drive, just follow behind me. I don’t want to let the old fart think he has an edge or that I am intimidated by his threats. Just my normal security which I am sure he is aware of consists of those three SUVs.” He glances in the direction the SUVs parked not far away. “ I do suggest you sweep the cars for bombs before you start the engine.”

    “Boss,what about your Mazareti?”

    “This Maserati Z5 is new. Chen Yi modified then delivered it earlier today.. state of the art when I press this button it will sound an alarm if the car has been tampered with in any way. The tech is new or I would have it installed on the SUVs.. next week I think.” He admires the sleek Silver Mazerati Z5 his friend Chen Yi tweaked for him. He gets into the car and waits while Peng Kai  has the men check the other vehicles.

   His Head of Security motions for his men to use a bomb sweeper on the SUVs when they are finished he leans down to the window to tell Zhen Sihao, “We are good to go.”

   Zhen Sihao takes a cigarette out of his pack then pulls out of the underground garage, he has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes as he mutters, “Game on, Old Man.” 

    Meanwhile, in the glass covered skyscraper across from Zhen Group an imposing muscular gray haired man leans back in a leather chair at his desk puffing on an expensive Cuban cigar. His expression darkens while he listens to Wang Boqin’s word for word account of his meeting with  his son Zhen Sihao. The atmosphere in the room becomes suffocating as the middle aged man slams his palm down on his desk when he hears the part about Wang Boqin sucking his d**k.  He crushes the half smoked cigar out then stands up throwing the ashtray at the wall to vent his anger. “That little fucking bastard! Do it..I don’t want him killed, I want him alive while I dismantle that company he loves so much.  Make him a goddamn cripple! Put him in the hospital unable to stand! ” Zhou Gao has a sinister smile on his face, “Don’t disfigure him, Little Hua likes that handsome face of his.” I will make the only choice left to you is marry Fang Hua and become a laughingstock.

   Wang Boqin has a faint smile picturing Zhen Sihao having to marry that whining little bitch Fang Hua, left with nothing, no business.. no dignity….all done by his own father.  He hates Zhen Sihao since they were young..his handsome appearance..his arrogance. He obediently bows to Zhou Gao-.”Anything else Sir?”

   Zhou Gao has a bitter taste in his mouth from the insulting words suggesting he is a broken sleeve. “Yeah, call Jing Palace and have Lily send two of her best young whores, I need to vent. Make sure to tell her I want them both to have big tits…”

   Wang Boqin doesn’t want to anger Zhou Gao further but his wife Fan is coming to the office  discuss a Banquet they need to attend at the Chen family for their daughter Chloe’s birthday tomorrow.

  Zhou Gao walks over to the floor to ceiling window looking across at the Zhen Group Building with a complicated expression . He turns around,“Remember, big tits.” 

  “Chairman.” Wang Boqin is about to remind him of his appointment with his wife when glances at his Limited Edition Cartier watch on his thin wrist. Zhou Gao’s wife gave him the last time he fucked her half to death. Actually, if Fan witnesses her husband in bed with two big breasted cows she might just divorce the old tyrant. He smirks, “I will let you know when the job is completed.” Wang Boqin nods as he leaves the luxurious office, I am so fucking sick of being that obnoxious asshole’s errand boy! He can’t help but chuckle picturing Zhao Gao’s face when his wife catches him.  He takes out his phone, “Lily, send three women to CEO Zhou’s office immediately. 

   After Wang Boqin leaves Zhou Gao lays on the couch then touches his crotch anticipating having some fun this afternoon with the two beauties he ordered. I will be fucking beautiful women while you insolent bastard… you will be rendered useless. He closes his eyes and his body stiffens as he touches himself,  Mother*****r! Dare to say I like men, I should have them cut yours off! 

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