Ice Flower Cave

Wang Li Jie passes by a servant and tells him to bring  an ice fox fur coat for Xiaolian. He forgot for a moment the Ice Flower Garden’s temperature would be freezing to her frail body. They wait inside the palace sitting on a couch, looking out at the spectacular garden that seems to reach to the mountain’s edge

      She  curiously gazes at the ice covered scenery wondering why Wang Li Jie comes to this ice covered mountain . It is remote, the endless white beyond the palace evokes a sense of loneliness. His Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom has a very warm climate, the landscape is very lush and green. The flowers that bloom there are colorful, the forests are awe inspiring. “Li Jie when I cultivate this time will I be able to withstand the cold on this mountain?”  

      He pulls her into his arms with a mischievous glint in his purple eyes.“I don’t think this time cultivating you will be able to achieve that, but you always have me to keep you warm.” 

    She has a faint smile as she pushes him away,“ Your Highness, here he comes with my coat.” It feels so comfortable to be with him when he is in a playful mood .It reminds her of when she was younger and he would tease her when he came to the residence to check on her estate. I will miss this feeling when he finds his Empress.

     Wang Li Jie wraps the pure white ice fox coat embroidered with red lotuses around her and pulls the hood over her silky hair. He is staring into her crystal blue eyes thinking she looks like a cute little fox with her little face surrounded by the white fur of the hood. She smiles up at him and he wants to kiss those pink lips desperately but knows she wouldn’t understand.

     His face has a pampering expression as he looks down at her beautiful face. “Wear these leather gloves.” He carefully puts the warm gloves on her hands, then takes her small hand in his while entering the garden. He misses the feeling of her soft hand on his, but her hands would freeze without the gloves.

     The Ice Flower Garden takes Xiaolian’s breath away. The flowers are made of colorful ice crystals forming the petals and leaves. They resemble flowers in their home Kingdom. There are red poppies, blue cornflowers, yellow daffodils, white daisies, all her favorite flowers. The willow tree trunks are made from ice, their branches and leaves a thousand snowflakes. There is even a row of Cherry Blossom trees made from pink tinged ice crystals.

     As they stroll through the garden admiring XiXi has a strange wave of emotion come over her walking next to Wang Li Jie. The heat emanating from his body warms her to the bone. He doesn’t seem to notice but her cheeks are getting flushed while heat rises in her body. She has the urge to remove the fox coat she is getting so hot.

     “Li Jie this is really beautiful who created it?”

     “The story goes an Immortal named Quan Zhen created it. During his heavenly trials he met a disciple of The Heavenly Cloud Sect. Quan Zhen fell in love with her beauty but she only desired to become an Immortal. He created the Ice Flower Garden to entice her to come to see it, telling her if she picked an ice poppy and it didn’t melt she would reach Immortality after cultivating in The Ice Flower Cave.

     He hoped she would marry him and live on this mountain with him. She rejected him after picking the Ice Flower and the poppy didn’t melt, thinking she would be an Immortal after cultivating. He was so outraged she would disregard his love and use him to achieve her goal when she entered The Ice Flower Cave he savagely defiled her body then killed her before she could cultivate to Immortality. He had no idea the gods were watching, because of his action in a sacred cave they banished him here for eternity.

     “Really? That is too sad of a story, how horrible!”

     “ At night the servants say you can hear him cursing her, once thought I heard him, might have been the wind echoing through the ice trees.. I really don’t know, but I felt a dark aura of malevolence in the air. Are you ready to go to The Ice Flower Cave to cultivate.”

     She is feeling extremely hot  and an itchy feeling in her heart since coming into the Ice Garden. “Yes, are you going to stay with me while I cultivate?”

     “I will until you breakthrough in case there are any problems.” He is unsure of the stability of her meridians right now after he destroyed the chains that were constricting them, but he can’t reveal his concerns. Before they enter the cave Wang Li Jie sets up another Thousand Ice Thread Array on the outside of the cave, he doesn’t want anyone intruding.

     Wang Li Jie is worried about Xiaolian, she can’t be disturbed while she cultivates. He is hoping she can access her powers and abilities while cultivating then when she goes back she can be prepared for her journey. Right now looking at her she is incredibly weak.

     “I will feel more confidant if you do stay, thank you Li Jie”, she tries to bow gracefully towards him but trips on the long coat falling. Wang Li Jie reaches out and grabs her into his arms. His warm lips are so close and tempting. Why is she thinking like that, she feels her heart beating wildly being held in his arms, she wants him to kiss her. His breath on her cheek is driving her crazy as she looks into his deep purple eyes. Xiaolian tries to regain her composure, “Sorry Your Highness” Her face is burning up.

    Wang Li Jie laughs, “Li Jie remember” She looks so cute right now embarrassed she fell into me.

     She puts her hands over her face, Hee..hee..hee… WHAT AM I DOING?

     They enter the cave and there is a white jade throne in the center of it, Night Pearls light up the interior. It has stalagmites hanging down that sparkle in the light giving off spiritual energy.

      Xiaolian looks around.“This cave is incredible, I can feel the energy inside already”

      Sitting on the white jade throne in the cave Quan Zhen watches them with a sinister smile on his face. So the Immortal Emperor has a woman he likes. This cave is sacred if he defiles her when he is overcome with passion I can finally leave this place. I just need to wait until he invades her body. I have planted the seed of desire in the girl now I just need him to give into his lust. I wish I could plant the seed in him but I need him to react with his own free will. It needs to be his conscious decision to take her body.

     Xiaolian can’t wait to take off the fox fur coat, her body is becoming extremely hot. She removes the heavy coat and sits on the ground in the lotus position trying not to look at Wang Li Jie.

     “Why are you way over in the corner? The spiritual energy should be strongest in the center of the cave” He walks over to where she is sitting and reaches out his hand.

     When she touches his hand she feels a tingling sensation into her bones and quickly releases his hand.

    Worried when he notices beads of sweat on her forehead, Wang Li Jie asks, “Are you alright? Why are you sweating like that?” He takes his hand and touches her forehead. “You don’t have a fever but your face is red”

      Waving her hands to fan herself she doesn’t know why either, “It’s nothing I just think I was hot from the fur coat”

    He looks deeply into her eyes as he tells her,“Remember when you first close your eyes you need to picture a red dragon and swirl your palm around three times. If while you are cultivating if you feel any discomfort think of my name I will be right here to guide you.” 

    She can’t restrain the impulse, she wraps her slender arms around his waist and buries her head in his strong chest. “Li Jie thank you.”

    He is startled by her emotional response and just stands there in a daze. The feeling of her soft body that feels unusually hot pressed next to his chest, his heart begins beating rapidly.

    “Xiaolian look at me, don’t be afraid, I’m right here” He strokes her hair,while thinking she must be anxious about this stage of cultivation. “It will be difficult but shouldn’t be painful. It will put stress on your body as the red dragon qi flows through your meridians but it will feel more pressure than pain.”

    She hugs him tighter as she inhales his intoxicating scent.

    He lifts her chin and with an extremely gentle tone says, “If you don’t feel ready we can come back”

    “It’s not that Li Jie.. I..I..” She bites her lower lip as she looks up at him with her blue eyes hazy with desire.

    He is thinking she looks very sensual right now, her cheeks are blushing and her pink lips have a pouty expression. Her body because she has been sweating the white sheer layers are clinging to skin revealing her delicate shape.

    I need to hold myself back. She must feel vulnerable this is a difficult stage of Cultivation. He holds her to him patting her on her head to reassure her. Lowering his head he gazes at Xiaolian,”Do you want to begin?”

    She hungrily looks at his lips so close to hers then impulsively presses her soft pink lips onto his giving him a shock. Grabbing his neck she leans her body onto his chest. The feeling of her soft breasts tempts him and he tightens his arms around her waist. She clumsily kisses him again and his breathing becomes ragged. Her lips are so sweet and her body against him is too tempting. He wants to possess all of her.. he is about to lose control if she continues teasing him with her kisses.

   He pushes Xiaolian slightly off him, “Xiaolian what are you doing?” Wang Li Jie’s head feels dizzy with as uncontrollable desire runs through his body causing a reaction.

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