In The Clinic

    LiMei sits on the bench outside of the operating room. Uncomfortable in her torn and bloodied dress she frowns looking over at the stone faced guards. I saved their Boss, they need to let me change and have something to eat…I am starving. She stands up and approaches one of them avoiding the man who dragged her into the Clinic. “Hey, I won’t go anywhere, can I change and get some food?”

   The man doesn’t speak English and figures whatever the little slut is asking the answer should be “Nyet.”

   LiMei glares at him and has no choice but to ask the angry man who she knows speaks English. He towers over her and she pulls on his sleeve when he doesn’t acknowledge her presence. “I’m hungry and dirty, I need to get something to eat. I won’t leave. If I was going to leave I wouldn’t have called Dimitri.”

   The ruggedly handsome man has a suspicious look on his face, Dimitri told them where Nikolai was located under the stairwell but didn’t mention the girl. They were almost at Barish’s building because Nikolai had already given the orders to meet him there after they disposed of Yvette . Unfortunately, they would have been there sooner but were delayed by a traffic jam. Anton is about to call Dimitri when he sees him banging on the Clinic door, he motions to one of the other two men to go let him inside. 

   Once inside Dimitri is wheezing as he hurries down the hallway over to the tall man in charge, “Anton, how is the Boss!” He bends over trying to catch his breath while holding his side.

   “He had a gunshot wound on his arm. They are operating now.”

   “Why weren’t you with him!”

  “Fatty, I don’t need to explain to you, I only answer to the Boss. But..” He points a long finger at LiMei. “Who is the dirty little bitch?” Anton wanted to kill LiMei on the spot when he saw all the trash on Nikolai’s body but restrained himself. He isn’t allowed to kill without Nikolai’s permission. 

   LiMei wishes she understood Russian the two men keep looking over at her while they are talking. I will ask the fat man Dimitri after they finish… 

  “ She is the Boss’ little pet that is all I know.” He ruffles the five strands of hair on top of his otherwise bald head, “What was the Boss thinking going there alone. I sent the men from 68thst street over to torch the place. There won’t be any evidence the Boss killed that disgusting pervert.

    Now about the girl. I don’t get it because the Boss had her locked in the villa how she was with him…” He stops talking as he is distracted by watching LiMei drooling at trays of food on a cart being wheeled down the hallway past the operating room. “Anyway, the little girl fucking saved the Boss. Maxim sent me the surveillance video to see what happened before they set the place on fire. Ya know to cover our ass.. make sure no witnesses got out of the building. If old man Rushikov found out.. anyway I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself. That ugly gay bastard Ivan had the Boss pinned down and he looked unconscious.” Dimitri shivers recalling Ivan running his hand intimately over the Boss’s handsome face while he was straddling him. “She came out of nowhere.” He observes LiMei who is rubbing her stomach, “Ivan grabbed the girl by her skinny little leg,  while he was kneeling over the little slut laying on the ground and staring at her face like a fucking fool she shot him between the eyes with a gun she had hidden under her dress. She didn’t even blink.. man..right between the fucking eyes. That ugly motherf****r fell down right on top of her I thought she would be crushed.. fuck Ivan must weigh 181kg. She rolled out from under him and didn’t hesitate dragging the Boss behind the stairwell to hide him.”

    Anton knows Dimitri wouldn’t risk his fat ass by lying; he furrows his brow as he narrows his eyes looking LiMei’s direction, she has her head lowered rubbing her bare feet. He sees a nurse walking by and in Russian tells her to take LiMei to change and get some food.

   LiMei looks up from her red and raw feet as the nurse approaches her. The woman only speaks Russian so Dimitri hurries over when he sees the nurse trying to talk to LiMei. He tells LiMei, “She will take you to get cleaned up and eat.”

   LiMei smiles at Dimitri and follows the nurse down the hallway. She absentmindedly wonders why everyone at this clinic speaks Russian. When they arrive at the end of the hallway the nurse leads her into a room then says something in Russian as she leaves the room. LiMei sits on the edge of a bed waiting for her to return. She notices a phone on the bedside table, I wonder if I could make a call on this phone just to tell Rui I am alright and not to worry. No one would know, I won’t leave.

  While she is still deciding the nurse returns with a  pink nurse’s uniform and some white slippers for LiMei to wear. She points to the bathroom. LIMei nods and when she is alone walks over to the phone. Just a quick I’m okay go home I will be back soon. LiMei’s heart starts racing thinking about hearing Rui’s voice. She nervously watches the door as she picks up the phone,  there is no dial tone then she notices there is no cord going into the wall. Dammit! I actually thought I could talk to Rui… Dejected she walks into the bathroom and takes off the dress throwing it into the trash can. 

   She sighs as she unhooks her bra then slides her panties down her bruised legs, damn I was hoping never to kill anyone again. But after that monster killed Nikolai I know he had evil plans for me. I could tell by the sick look on his face even if I don’t understand Russian I can read a pervert’s face. Once she is in the shower she begins to scrub her body, I hate the smell of blood worse than anything! She shivers thinking about the scene at the Rushikov building. I hope the crazy guy knows he owes me for saving his life. I will do as he says to protect Rui. I doubt he will let me go, I seem to be part of his plan but maybe he will let me call Rui. Bolstered by the thought she can talk to Rui, LiMei’s mood improves until her stomach starts growling again.

She finishes her shower then dries her long black hair putting it up with a hairband, I wish I had my jade hairpin, the nut better not have thrown it away after we were fighting in the bedroom. He needs to live just so I can get my stuff back from him. She looks out the window of the room thinking about Rui. While she is daydreaming, the nurse who brought her into the room returns with a tray of food. LiMei’s eyes light up at the delicious aroma coming from the plates. The old nurse has worked at the clinic for a few years and shakes her head, what is a young girl like her doing with these dangerous gangsters? The man they brought in with the gunshot wound looked like a Big Boss. LiMei is oblivious to the pitying look the woman is giving her, all she can think about is diving into the food she brought. 

   She doesn’t know how to thank the nurse in Russian so she bows and smiles to show her appreciation. The middle aged woman nods in acknowledgement then shakes her head as she leaves the room, Tsk..tsk.. must be for the money..the way the girl looked at the food she must be poor and sold herself to them. Poor thing.. {LiMei would choke on her pork rib if she knew what the woman was thinking.}

    While she is enjoying her meal the door bursts open and LiMei drops the chicken leg in her hand. Anton grabs her by the arm, “What is your blood type?”


   “Blood type? The Boss needs clean blood.”

  “0 negative.”

  “Do you do drugs?”

   LiMei gives him a dirty look, “No.” Is that why he can’t use yours? You look like you are on Steroids.

   “Good you have common blood it will do.”

    “…” You have common blood! Your whole family has common blood! 

  The same nurse who brought her food hurries in the door with the equipment to draw her blood. LiMei glares at the three of them. I guess you aren’t going to ask my permission. LiMei hates needles so she closes her eyes tightly as the woman expertly inserts the needle into her vein. Surprised it doesn’t hurt she gives the woman a mental thumbs up. The nurse looks like she has done this many times so LiMei relaxes a little while trying to stay calm. When she opens her eyes there are two meat walls hovering over her body, LiMei can’t take it, “Hey! could you guys back up! I can’t breathe!”

  Dimitri backs away but Anton lingers watching the procedure.  LiMei puffs her cheeks ,this stupid Russian really is a stubborn asshole.

   Once the nurse finishes the three of them leave the room without saying another word to LiMei. She feels dizzy from the amount of blood they took so she picks up the chicken leg and crawls into the bed muttering, “No consideration at all for their Boss’ savior..none at all…”

 Weak and tired LiMei falls asleep still clutching the greasy chicken bone in her hand. 

   When the operation is over they wheel Nikolai out of the operating room. The doctor thought he was going to have a heart attack worrying about saving Nikolai, the bullet was lodged in a vein which caused the large amount of blood loss. He runs a small clinic and would have to get blood from the nearest hospital if Anton didn’t tell him they had a donor. That would have taken precious time and he looks at the three muscular gangsters , they come here because they don’t want to go to a hospital. He takes off his mask, speaking Russian he tells Anton, “Mr. Naralov will need to stay here for a few hours to make sure there are no complications.”

   Anton grabs the doctor by the collar and in a low threatening tone he growls, “Complications?”

   The doctor begins to sweat as he is lifted off the ground. “It is a precaution! A precaution! The surgery was a success but the patient needs to be monitored!”

   Anton drops him, “No one leaves the Clinic.”

  The doctor looks at him with a frightened expression, why did they come here?! My brother’s clinic is close by! “I will have my best nurse monitor his vitals. I will be in my office there…” He points down the hallway. “ I will give her instructions to alert me if there is any..”Nyet! I am not going to say problem.. Change no matter how minor in his condition.”

  “You will sit in the room with the Boss…no fucking nurse..YOU!”

  “I need to change out of this gown, it wouldn’t be sanitary to be around the patient.”

  “Dimitri, go with the doctor while he changes.”

   The doctor reluctantly walks down the hallway to his office accompanied by Dimitri. His nerves are shot from the surgery and the oppressive atmosphere. He walks into his bathroom to wash up while Dimitri waits in his office. Sitting on the toilet with a bottle of vodka he grabbed from under the bathroom sink, he holds his head with one hand and lifts the bottle of vodka with his other hand gulping down the fiery liquid. His hands are shaking from the pressure, I am fucking lucky they had the blood that bastard needed or we would all be dead! He gulps more of the vodka and his eyes water, I wanted to establish my clinic here for the Russian community in the area not for these low life scumbags. The biggest mistake I made was letting my brother talk me into accepting their money now I have no choice. If my wife wasn’t such a greedy bitch I would have told them to fuck no one can tell Nikolai Naralov to fuck off if they want to live. He takes one more gulp then puts the bottle back under the sink.

    He washes his face and hands then changes his clothes. When he comes out of the bathroom Dimitri has a worried look on his face, “The Boss is going to make it isn’t he?”

   The doctor has dealt with Dimitri before and likes him better than Anton. Fortified by the vodka he is a little more relaxed. He pats Dimitri on the shoulder, “Of course.The biggest obstacle was obtaining the blood. Good you had a donor…Da?” He whispers leaning down his breath reeking of alcohol, “Or we all would die here today.”

   Dimitri shivers because he knows the wild eyed bastard Anton would kill everyone then turn the gun on himself if Nikolai died. Anton has followed Nikolai since they were boys and worships him for killing his abusive father.


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