XiXi Meets LingLing

XiXi finishes washing her hair and lays down on the rock to let it dry. I could stay here all day sunbathing but I better get back. Dad wants to start teaching me and I want to meet LingLing.

     She enters the house and her father and Feng Tian are sitting in the courtyard having tea waiting for her return.

    “Where’s Yun LingLing I can’t wait to meet her!” She runs over to Feng Tian.

     XiXi is a little flushed from running back to the bamboo house  and her hair is not pinned up hanging loosely down her delicate shoulder. Feng Tian is staring at her cheeks that have a hint of red and the adorable way her eyes are glistening.

     Mesmerized by her alluring appearance It takes him a minute to respond. “She is in the courtyard by her room practicing her martial arts. Every morning that is the first thing she does when she gets up.”

     “I’m going over there to meet her! Then I will fix us breakfast and we can start studying.” XiXi begins to rush away when Feng Tian stops her afraid she will get hurt if she disturbs LingLing while she is practicing.

    She gives him a perturbed look. “What Feng Tian, I’m in a hurry can’t you see!” 

     “XiXi you can’t interrupt her! You could get hurt!”, He’s very glad the little idiot didn’t rush over there first.

     “What do you mean?”

     “When she practices with her sword she is almost in a trance like state, Her internal energy is very focused and if you disturbed her she could swing it at you without even realizing who you are. She hasn’t met you, she could sense you are an intruder and easily hit you with a palm strike before you even entered the courtyard.”

     Of course LingLing most likely would sense you have no cultivation, are the weakest person she has ever met, realize you are Zhang Yu’s daughter XiXi., and stop her practice.

     “I would just like to be there when they meet to make sure it goes smoothly.”He is pondering the future. Ling Ling is my ‘sister’ , XiXi is my future wife, he deludes himself picturing XiXi calling him in a sweet voice, husband. XiXi and LingLing being close friends.

     “Feng Tian what are you daydreaming about? LingLing?I’m talking to you!”

     “So her training is like in those Wuxia novels?” She only knows some basics about martial arts because her friend loves reading web novels.

,   “What?”Feng Tian

     “Never mind It just means I know what you are saying. So you are saying Yun LingLing is a martial arts expert, she must be amazing!”

     “Does she like to shop?”


     “I need some clothes of my own and I thought we could go  I can buy some. Have some girl talk and become friends.”

     “Girl Talk?”

     “You know talk about clothes, beauty products, and other things” I don’t think I should say hot guys what if he likes LingLing.

     “,,,” Feng Tian is thinking they have nothing in common. I definitely need to stay with XiXi.

     “The only subjects I have heard LingLing talk about are cultivation, weapons,poisons and being the next Sect Leader.”

     He looks over at XiXi’s father,  “Zhang Yu what do you think, the four of us could go to Myriad Cloud City after XiXi’s studies tomorrow. We could pick up supplies and get XiXi some clothes for the journey.”

     “Do they barter there?” He proceeds to tell Feng Tian what he brought.

     “You could use some of those items to trade and I will also help purchase whatever we need. But, I think it would be more useful to have your items on our journey.

     The people that live in Myriad Cloud City are mostly diplomats, scholars and merchants who deal in silver and gold for transactions. The merchants would give you a low price then resell to cultivators at a much higher price, particularly your beast cores and spirit stones.

     The Kingdom that is located right next to Cloud Kingdom is called Soaring Dragon Kingdom and that is where many cultivators live.

     They come to this island to cultivate because of it’s high level of spirit energy and Mythological Beasts. This island’s inhabitants and the men on Beast Hunts are also more likely to want your items because silver and gold is useless here .

     The cultivators sometimes, the Beast Hunters always, bring some spirit animals to aid in their hunting, so the mystical roots you have also they might use for their pets. The weapons in your Space I would like to have, so I will give you a fair price for them.

     When I came to this island I was on my way to cultivate then  I  looked down and saw a beautiful little kitten sunbathing and wanted to see the little beauty up close}. I only had a few items on me, no silver or gold.

     What I will do while you and XiXi are studying I will go retrieve money from my home in the city and buy some of your items for my own use when  I travel with you. This way you and XiXi can purchase what you need without having to haggle and lose out to those shady merchants who prey on strangers.

     How does that sound to you Zhang Yu?”

     Zhang Yu is praising the gods he met this Golden Young Master! His odds of returning with XiXi are improving with every word Feng Tian says.

     Feng Tian knows the island and has resources to help them get the supplies they will need. He seems very protective of XiXi. Well  this definitely has an up and a down side, but let’s concentrate on the up aspect right now.

     Zhang Yu is very grateful to Feng Tian and stands up and cups his hands and bows,

     “This sounds like a very sound plan!”

     He turns and looks at XiXi who is bored listening to their conversation and looking around the courtyard. “XiXi make your meeting with Miss Yun short we need to start studying. I will be in my room .

     He bows towards Feng Tian and turns to leave.

    “We will go to Myriad Cloud City tomorrow then” Feng Tian is thinking Feng Che should be in meetings all day,I don’t want to run into him.

     Right then Ling Ling comes into the courtyard looking like a goddess wearing a white flowing dress with flawless green jade and gold pins holding her long black hair in hair in place.

     What especially catches XiXi’s eye are the streaks of azure blue that are layered throughout her hair. In XiXi’s mind she looked like a celebrity on her way to a movie shoot.

     LingLing notices XiXi sitting next to Feng Tian on a bench clutching his sleeve as she is telling him how excited she is to see the city.

      That girl is like a Three Eyed Tick attached to him , I need to swat her away!

     XiXi sees LingLing, she excitedly jumps up and blurts out “You are so beautiful Yun LingLing” She bows and says “I’m Zhang XiXi, I have been looking forward to meeting you!”

     LingLing smiles at her. Is this annoying pest trying to impress Feng Tian with how generous she is with her praise.

     LingLing bows and says “Thank you for your praise Zhang XiXi, I saw you last night but you were asleep{and snoring like a Sloth Boar}

     XiXi is thinking oh no,she saw me when I was drunk last night , I wanted to make a good impression on her. She is the only girl around here, I can’t hang out with that arrogant man all the time.

     “Please let’s not be formal, call me LingLing”

     “Thank you Yun.. I mean LingLing” Oh my God! XiXi is thinking look at that smile and she wants to be friends!

     “Please call me XiXi then!”

     “XiXi you could just call me Tian then too”


     Ling Ling is looking at Feng Tian who has a pampering look on his face glancing at XiXi. Yes, good, very good, Myriad Cloud City the perfect place for you to disappear little pest.

     “ I would love to show XiXi around the city and help her find some clothes, I know some seamstresses who are very skilled and fast. They can make you some dresses and I can pick them up for you the next day.”

     She looks at Feng Tian, “I have business to attend to with your brother Feng Che. I know some jewelers where we can buy some hairpins and ornaments for XiXi..”

     Feng Tian points out, “Doesn’t Yun Tai have a whole cellar with jewels where you pick all yours.?He wouldn’t care if she picks a few there he has boxes and boxes.” 

     Ling Ling smiles touching a priceless gold and mutton fat piece of jade in her hair and says reluctantly “That is a very good idea Feng Tian, but I don’t have the key.” She is choking on the thought of this little minx wearing Yun Tai’s jewelry. That is a horrible idea!

     Feng Tian continues, “Yun Tai will be back in a couple days I’ll tell him to take Zhang XiXi down to his treasure cellar so she can choose some of the rare and exquisite jewely. He hates it when he gets all those impractical items from officials and as rewards.”

     LingLing is feeling as though she should leave before she strangles this XiXi girl right in front of this man who is in a daze staring at the little slut.

     Meanwhile XiXi  looks up at LingLing with a dazed look of complete admiration with  stars in her eyes.

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