XiXi Wanders Off..

   The Chen brothers are just finishing settling the horses down and have finished unloading the supplies when the group arrives from the lake at the bamboo house. When they see Yun Tai their eyes lightt up, they admire The God of War and haven’t seen him in years. They bow to greeted them as they approach.

     “Master Feng  we have sectioned off the supplies and the horses are eating. Is there any other duties you would like us to do at the moment.”

     “No, Yun Tai where should they sleep tonight?”

     “In the far courtyard behind the Garden of Mystical Dreams, there are several rooms, I have no servants at this time so you can pick any room there you want. The other courtyard adjacent to it is spacious and I do my training there sometimes, feel free to utilize it to spar. I might join you after I go to the hot spring.”

     The Chen brothers are excited they might have the opportunity to train with Yun Tai. Their cultivation level is at the Ice Serpent Stage so although they would be no match for him they are considered to be talented. The thought of learning from Yun Tai makes this assignment very appealing. They had to defeat three of their older brothers to be chosen by Feng Che.

     XiXi is following behind watching the Chen brothers, do they have a crush on Yun Tai too,their eyes are sparkling looking at the Iceberg. She looks at Rong who is almost drooling watching Yun Tai’s every move. He seems to have quite the fan club. I should help Rong get his attention that might get him to leave me alone, she would be pretty if she fixed herself up a little.

     She sizes up Rong, she is unusually tall for a woman and slightly muscular, but her face is pretty, I think she must be about my age, I definitely could help her.

     Yun Tai glances down at XiXi who is obviously looking the Chen brothers over, she is so shameless, he shakes his head. While she is tapping her fluffy white head with her paw wondering who she should help get Yun Tai’s attention, he gathers her up into his arms.

     “This cat of LingLing’s got into some thorns, I’m going to take it with me to treat with some healing ointment, make yourself at home”

     Zhang Yu turns to Feng Tian who is talking to the Chen Brothers, “ Feng Tian if you don’t mind I am going to take the herbs I got from Hong Duan and create some elixirs.”

     Feng Tian nods in agreement then walks away with the Chen brothers to see what they know about Hong Bo’s disappearance. He points to the front courtyard for the little beast to go wait there.

     Yun Tai turns around to tell Rong she can have the bedroom beside his which is close to XiXi’s room. He then asks her if she can cook, he hasn’t had time to retain one, and he looks at the cat,”Zhang XiXi was making the meals but wasn’t going to be available until tomorrow.”

     Rong bows and says, “My cooking skills are not great, but I will do my best to serve you.”

     She is very excited Feng Tian brought her to serve XiXi, she never thought in all of her dreams she would be this close to her hero Yun Tai. She blushes, I will even cook his meal!

     Yun Tai leaves and heads towards the hot spring, he needs to relax. No one seems concerned about the girl, at least that went well. He thinks she is more trouble than ten Demons.

     XiXi is thinking what does Rong see in him, yes he has outstanding looks and when he smiles it is mesmerizing, but his aura could freeze a river.

     Brrr…she shivers.

     XiXi looks up at Yun Tai, he feels her eyes on him and says in a barely audible voice, “No trouble you hear me or I reveal your secret.”

     She folds her paws in his arms and hisses. He stops by his room to get the healing lotion and sits on the bed holding XiXi. He gently takes her paws and applies the medicine. She tries to wiggle out of his arms, “that tingles, meow meow..”

     He growls, “How are you going on this journey if you can’t even stand a few scratches.” This troublesome girl should just stay here and wait for our return.

    She glares up at him, his eyes have a tender look in them as he is applying the medicine. What a strange man. Xixi is surprised when she looks at her paws how well the medicine works. Isn’t that the medicine Feng Tian gave me when I was scratched while in the river. I think I heard them say how precious it is, she looks at Yun Tai by the basin washing his hands. He is hard to understand… very moody.

      Yun Tai finishes then heads wth XiXi  to the hot spring. While they are walking through the Cherry Blossom trees both are lost in their own thoughts. XiXi is remembering the day Feng Tian took her to the cave with the Wind Whisps, this land has so many beautiful aspects to it, I wonder if the Iceberg ever takes the time to enjoy his prperty.

     Yun Tai is thinking about Feng Tian and this girl. She has her eyes on Siyu, the Chen brothers what does she want from Feng Tian. He cares about his friend like a brother and knows this is the first girl Feng Tian has truly paid attention to, is she going to hurt him.

     He looks down at the cat who has a peaceful look on its face looking at the Cherry Blossoms. What is she thinking, she is hard to understand.

     They arrive at the hot spring and Yun Tai sets her down sharply says, “I’m going to the other side of the hot spring don’t wander off, I feel responsible for you until you return to human form.”

     Oh, so that is it she thinks, he feels responsible for me. No wonder he treated my paws, that explains it, for a moment I thought he was starting to not dislike me. I wonder why he doesn’t like me, I can make friends with almost anyone.

     She wanders over to the edge of the hot spring, I wish I was human I would slip in there myself.

     Yun Tai sinks into the hot spring letting the water soothe him, after cultivating he looks at his body only the scar across his chest remains and the one on his face. Two more stages of cultivation and I will reach Immortal status,   I wanted to take this time to cultivate but I can’t let Feng Tian face the dangers ahead without me. He leans back and closes his eyes.

     While Yun Tai is relaxing in the hot spring XiXi gets restless, I will just wander over to look at the Wind Whisps, I will be right back.

     She runs through the Cherry Blossoms, being a cat is rather fun when I’m not being monitored. On the way she is leaping and hitting Cherry blossoms with her paw that are floating through the air. She arrives at the cave and is considering going in when she sees a man sitting on a rock by the stream watching her running towards the cave.

     He is the most beautiful man she has ever seen, XiXi stops in her tracks about to enter the cave, staring at him. His long black hair has streaks of silver held up by a white jade and gold hairpin. His face is perfect and his violet eyes are captivating. He is wearing a white brocade robe, with golden embroidery of dragons on the bottom.

     Wang Li Jie had seen her transform into a cat by the stream and just now was watching her being held in that bastard Yun Tai’s embrace he couldn’t stand it any more. He watched as Yun Tai carried her to the hot spring, his jealousy almost rising to the surface and  his internal energy about to destroy the area.  He stopped himself in time, he can’t ruin a hundred years of planning in an impulsive moment. But, he decided to come see her.

     When she approached he wanted to reach down and grab her into his arms but he knew she had no memory of him at this point. Stifling his possessive urge he smiles at her, “Little cat where did you come from?”

     XiXi is stunned by his celestial beauty and just continues to stare. Is he a god of this world?

     Wang Li Jie motions for her to come over to him.

     She hesitates, her crystal blue eyes widening taking in the alluring looks of this man. How can a man just sitting there be so seductive in appearance. He must be a friend of Yun Tai’s or how else could he be on his landI don’t feel any threatening aura.What should Ido?

     While she is deciding a gentle breeze lifts her up and places her before him. How did he do that?

     “Don’t be afraid, I just saw you and thought you looked playful and fun.”

     Should I ask who he is? That’s right I can’t talk. His fragrance of ambergris seems very familiar to me.

     He is just about to scoop her into his arms when there is a whoosh sound and Yun Tai is standing in front of XiXi.

     The beautiful man had disappeared and only an angry Yun Tai remains.

     “I thought I told you to stay by the hot spring and not cause trouble!” Never have my orders been so disregarded as by this girl!

     XiXi looks at him thinking what trouble did I cause, I took a walk.

     Wang Li Jie sits on a cloud watching the two of them, he wanted to strike Yun Tai down with one flash of his hand for yelling at his woman. A moment ago my Xiaolian was so close to me, I was tempted to transform her right there back into a girl. He wanted to hold her in his arms again, his heart was beating frantically, his thoughts were erratic. I must wait for the proper time, but as he watches Yun Tai pick her up into his embrace Wang Li Jie’s internal energy explodes producing the sound of thunder and a lightening bolt hits close to Yun Tai’s feet.

     Both Yun Tai and XiXi turn their heads up at the otherwise blue sky wondering where that came from,but by then the sky has cleared. Wang Li Jie  departed still fuming thinking he will return as she sleeps later tonight.

     Yun Tai looks at XiXi’s little furry face that shows a hurt expression  because he yelled at her…Dammit why does she anger meso easily It’s true she only wandered off a short ways probably bored from sitting at the hot spring.

     He relents when her deep blue eyes are about to overflow with crystal tears. My angry  voice in her face must of scared her.

     XiXi is actually thinking when that strange handsome man whisked her over some dust got into her eye.She begins to rub her eyes with her tiny paws.

     He decides to humor her, “Where were you going”

     XiXi points to the cave where the Wind Whisps live.

     Yun Tai thought I haven’t been there in a hundred years, “Let’s go”.

     XiXi is excited and pats his arm with her paw “ Meowwwwwing…thanks!”

     He smiles down at her shaking his head, “You are a spoiled one”.


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