XiXi the Cat and Yun Tai…Part One

Yun Tai playing with her paws is almost too much for XiXi to handle, it tickles and her natural reaction is to laugh. Only the sound comes out as meooooow,meow…meow meooooow! Her mind is saying stop..please stop! I am being tortured by you, you big idiot!

     Let me down so I can go escape and enjoy not being me!

     She is rolling around in his embrace from the ticklish feeling. Yun Tai is pleased with the little cat’s reaction and thinks it is funny. The kitten is blinking its big blue eyes and they are twinkling.

     It’s tiny voice is also pleasing to his ears and its pure white fur is soft to the touch.

     Holding this small Spirit Cat seems to ease his tension from the day, he decides he will keep it with him. If I let the little spirit c loose it would be a beast’s meal before morning, it is so tiny and defenseless. 

     He looks at the fluffy creature and holds it to his chest away from the swinging wild pig over his shoulder. He pets her furry stomach, he can feel it grumbling from hunger.

     “Little one are you hungry? We will roast this pig and you can join us eating it.”

     Siyu looks at his prey from earlier licking his lips. Yun Tai anyone else you would like to invite for dinner? I would have found two!

     XiXi glances at the gutted animal that is hanging off Yun Tai and grimaces, I wish you would have got some fish in the stream. I’m starving though I wonder if these little cat teeth of mine can chew that monster’s meat.

     Yun Tai drops the wild pig outside by an area with a small pit, dug for roasting meat. He carries XiXi into the hut and lays her on the bed.

     Wuhuwuhu, not this bed again!

     When they aren’t looking or go back outside I will escape again through that crack in the door.

     Yun Tai walks outside where Siyu is laying by the pit crying at how little meat he will have tonight. Zhen has the feeling he knows that little kitten of a cat. Its scent is vaguely familiar to him.

     “I will start roasting this now it should be ready by the time you transform back into a man” Yun Tai directs this comment towards Siyu.

     XiXi is laying on the bed thinking she has no luck at all. She begins to lick her fur, as if it is a natural behavior.

     I am quite beautiful, she stretches on the bed, no wonder the idiot has fallen in love with me, XiXi giggle to herself.

     He is such an ice block but he was very gentle holding me. Maybe he is one of those people who need a cat or dog because they can’t relate to other humans{Yun Tai would spit blood if he heard her thoughts}.

     But, I’m not a therapy animal! I don’t have much time if it only lasts for twenty four hours, I want to experience being a free cat and roam around.

     XiXi lays on her back on the bed two paws behind her head, looking at the door. I bet they went to cook the meat around towards the back of the hut. I saw the charred remnants of a fire pit when I was walking earlier.

     I will wait a few minutes until they are engrossed in starting the fire and setting up their rotisserie.

     Outside Yun Tai finishes starting the fire and is  sitting on a log, thinking about Feng Tian , where is he, leaving that annoying girl here. Making me worry when she wasn’t in the hut , not even saying goodbye when she left.

     I was very relaxed when I came back from cultivating. Yun Pei Shan gave me rare potions and some swords , I even got one for that girl of yours. I planned on helping you by teaching her some cultivating techniques.

     You can’t take her on a treacherous journey, she burst into tears because I asked her to stop singing. He tosses some wood on the fire…That annoying girl...

     Fighting Demons is easier than trying to figure out what is going on in that girl’s mind!

     Yun Tai hears the whoosh as XiXi flies through the crack in the door having decided now was the time to escape. This time her momentum is too much and she rolls on the ground a few times and feels her head hit something hard.

     She rubs her head with her tiny white paw squinting at the rock she ran into, it’s not a rock… its a…boot? Dammit!

     Yun Tai is feeling unappreciated, first Zhang XiXi, now this little Spirit Cat wants to escape from me too!

     He decides to let the spirit cat  go, see how long you will last in the dark night. Right now, looking down at it, this little white kitten looks like someone’s pampered pet.

     Yun Tai silently walks back to tend the fire watching the little cat in a sidelong glance. If I hear any commotion I will go save it. Let itthe ungrateful cat learn a lesson.

     XiXi thinks great! The big iceberg got bored with me already..good..very good.

     She takes a paw and dusts herself off she looks back at Yun Tai then confidentlyputs her tail up in the air and heads out.

   Pfft..moody guy..

     XiXi runs into the woods and realizes…I should have ate before I left waahh,,

     Well, I will go to the grapevine and have a few grapes{do cats eat grapes}.

     It isn’t quite dark yet so she retraces her step from earlier past the giant tree to the grapevine. Who does she see there but Zhen leaning back looking quite contented eating his favorite grapes.

     She runs up and slides into his thick chest, puts her paws around his neck, accidentally smacking a grape from his hand with her paw.

     “Its me, XiXi, don’t you recognize me?”

     Zhen brushes her off him and takes a good look at those eyes an inch away from him. I knew I recognized that scent, it is that girl!Those sparkling blue eyes confirm it!

     Zhen pats her on her back, she is a Sorceress, but why is she a cat right now?

     XiXi grabs a grape out of his other paw and sticks it in her mouth then spits it out. I guess cats don’t like grapes.

     Seeming to read his mind she sighs, “ Zhen, I just wanted to have some fun, it’s tiring being a girl around al these arrogant stupid men.

     Let’s go together and play!”

     Zhen looks at the little cat meowing, waving her paw in the air, what is she saying, I wish this King knew.

     XiXi goes on with her story not knowing Zhen doesn’t understand a word she is saying, then grabs his ear with her paw to get him to stand up, starts walking.

     They made a funny looking pair, a gorgeous fluffy white cat with luminous blue eyes and a stumpy little tan colored beast with a furry head and stumpy legs.

     Yun Tai is worried about her, reconsiders his tough stance, then flies to the top of the Bending Birch to see where she had gone. He sees this scene and starts laughing out loud.

     He can see her waving her paw, hears her meowing incessantly, Is she trying to cajole that lazy little beast into going somewhere?

    He decides to watch where they are going.

     “Let’s take that boat and see how far we can go” XiXi meows excitedly.

     Zhen looks at her waving her paws and meowing, I should protect her, if anything happens to this girl I think Feng Tian would kill me. Also, maybe she can transform this King back into his majestic self.

     If she can become a cat maybe she can turn me back into a man.

     Little does he know this is only her second spell.

     She leads him down to the water to see the boat securely hooked by the shore. Looking out at the lake she shivers shaking her little cat body, thinking of that water wall.

     How are we going to undo this rope?

     The Phoenix Fireflies are starting to light up the lake clustering around it. XiXi looks around momentarily stunned by their beauty.

     She then comes back to the task at hand, and begins to gnaw on the rope motioning to Zhen to do the same. Ouch this rope is fraying poking the inside of my cheek and tastes terrible.

     Zhen is looking at her like she is crazy, she slaps him with her paw to start chewing the rope.

     Yun Tai watches from the edge of the woods, that little cat is determined to go somewhere. There is no way she could push the boat out even with that little beast pushing with all his might.

     XiXi is starting to sweat she can feel her fur sticking to her head, Zhen is chomping down wondering how this Demon Monarch got reduced to being a rope chewing rat.

     Yun Tai smirks I will give them a little help if she wants to go for a boat ride.

     He waves his palm and the rope snaps whipping Zhen in the face, what the hell!

     The boat starts moving away from shore.

     XiXi grabs Zhen and points to the boat drifting away and they both jump onto it.

     They both look at each other, come to the realization they have no way to control the boat as it is swiftly moving down the lake. There seems to be a mysterious wind pushing it along.

     Yun Tai ponders should I save them now or let the shameless little cat get a little more frightened so she doesn’t run away again.

     XiXi starts meowing at Zhen they aren’t too far gone yet they could swim to shore. She points to the water and the shore…meow meow can you swim?

     Zhen figures out what she is saying and nods. XiXi grabs his chubby paw and dives into the water.

     He begins dog paddling and XiXi starts swimming not very well she has no strength in her legs. Zhen tries to help her but he is barely staying afloat,

     Why the hell did that little Spirit Cat jump into the water. I was just having some fun, I was going to land on the boat in a minute. Yun Tai panics seeing her little white head bobbing up and down, the little beast trying to help her, making it worse.

     He uses his qinggong to fly to where they are, he picks up Zhen by the scruff of his neck and tosses him to shore. He scoops up XiXi in his arms wrapping her inside his robe. He immediately flies back to the fire behind the hut.

     Yun Tai carefully takes the drenched little kitten that is sputtering as it spits out water from inside his robe. He then uses his internal energy to dry it off. Smoothing its fur with his hand, he has a look of concern in his deep black eyes.

     XiXi coughs a little and thinks why did he put me inside his robe, I was pressed against his hard warm chest. I could hear his heart beating rapidly next to my cheek. My God, he smelled so good! I have never been next to a man’s body in my life..ahh

      Shaking  her little fluffy head XiXi looks up at him with big blue eyes, her cheeks feel hot.

     She studies his features lit up by the fire. He is more handsome than Feng Tian when he smiles. Snap out of it XiXi he doesn’t like women he just likes animals! That arrogant man is an iceberg remember how mean he was to you!

     That’s why you are a cat now!

     Yun Tai rubs the little cat, the heat fluffing up her white fur again, he wipes off the last water drops from her oval face very tenderly.

     “That was foolish of you to try to take the boat, you are far too weak to control it. Why would a pampered little thing like you be so mischievous. You must be a pet of Lingling’s. she always liked beautiful creatures when we were growing up. I was considering your possible origin and I don’t recognize you as a Spirit Animal I have seen on my land.

     Tomorrow she should return and I will take you to the bamboo house. I don’t want to see Zhang Yu and his daughter right now or we could go now.”

     XiXi hisses,  I was just feeling I was warming up to you!

     XiXi ‘s fur stands up on her back ,exactly why do you dislike me so much!

     XiXi wriggles out of his arms and jumps down to the ground, Yun Tai wasn’t expecting this sudden movement, he was lost in thought, his hand was loosely resting on her back.

     Her legs feel like jelly after swimming in the lake and start to buckle, but she is determined to get away from this man.

     Tun Tai easily snatches her back up into his arms, with a quizzical look on his face, he says, “Little thing why do you want to escape so badly, I hear your stomach grumbling and the meat is almost ready.”

     Because I hate you!

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