Wang Li Jie Is Happy

 Huang Nuo further cautions her daughter that if she attempts to interfere or becomes too presumptuous His Highness will show no mercy. She recalls a servant girl of Xiaolian’s in the past who was jealous of their relationship, she attempted to drug her. Xiaolian, who with her level of cultivation, of course noticed it in the tea gently confronted the girl.

     She was a merciful person and understood how the young girl could be infatuated with Wang Li Jie. She was willing to forgive her when the girl begged for forgiveness, merely removing her from serving duties, sending her away with several taels of silver to her village.

     Unfortunately for the girl before she could leave Xiaolian’s outer courtyard and reach the gate Wang Li Jie found out about the attempt to harm Xiaolian. He was so furious he not only had the girl tortured then killed, but all the guards who were supposed to be protecting Xioalian had their meridians crippled then were sent to the Beastland Wilderness with no weapons.

     His anger still wasn’t lessened so in his fury he used his power over the sky. The servant girl’s village was bombarded with thunder and torrential rain that lasted until their crops were ruined leaving them to starve in the Winter.

     She grips onto her daughter’s soft hands and looks at her pleadingly, “No one knows how harshly he dealt with it besides myself and He Fang. His Highness didn’t want Xiaolian to find out, he let her believe they all left together.

     But, as you can see from this one incident he treasures her above all others. He won’t let anyone go Huang Howan! Not even you who he treats as a sister!

     Are you listening to Mother?”

     Huang Howan can’t believe what she is hearing, His Highness always seems in control as though neither wind nor rain could disturb him. He lost his temper this violently when that girl wasn’t even harmed? No matter… Huang Howan thinks… I am smarter than some silly servant girl who used such an obvious method to get rid of the slut.

     “Yes Mother I hear you, I won’t interfere.”

     Wang Li Jie is bathing XiXi in the bathtub with strong essential healing herbs,gently removing the thick blackness that is covering her delicate body. He washes the thick substance from her hair and rinses it with flower water returning its luster. He is trying not to let the sight of her nakedness arouse him convincing himself he is only doing this to cleanse her body.

     The thought of having a servant girl tend to her never entered his mind. The removal of the chains was a success but she is still incredibly fragile, they might not be gentle enough and bruise her delicate snow white skin.

     After he finishes washing the blackness from her body, he lifts her into another bath that is clear and has a lighter herbal mixed with floral aroma drifting from it. This crystal clear water is infused with the essence of the red lotus which will help her meridians absorb the spirit energy from the flower she picked at the pond. Red lotus petals in the bath almost appear to be dancing across the water.

     He lays her in the tub and as the essence is absorbed she begins to show signs of awakening. She slowly stretches her arms and yawns. Wang Li Jie raises his palm over her forehead his spirit energy flowing into her mind creating the impression she knows this place and him.

     Wang Li Jie goes over the plan he has carefully thought out while she soaks in the rejuvenating water. I will help her cultivate and see what skills she possesses. After I feel she has regained her strength I will return her to where I left Feng Tian, I will erase the feeling of  reality and replace the memory  with a dream.

     The Time Dilation Array will give me time without being revealed. because time will be at a standstill until I remove the array. Yes he concludes this is a very good plan!

     When he feels she has absorbed enough spirit energy he lifts her soft naked body out of the water, drying her with his internal energy before she completely wakes up. Her supple body has been returned to its natural creamy white , her cheeks have a slight reddish glow from the warmth of the Red Lotus bath She is taking rhythmic breaths and starting to flutter her eyelashes as if she is about to awaken completely.

     The clothes by the bathtub quickly are placed on her body with a swirl of his hand. He chose a white dress with simple embroidery of golden stars around the neckline with more tiny stars  swirling down one arm of the diaphanous dress. This design is similar to her favorite dress of the past.

     Wang Li Jie then places her on the luxurious bed and covers her with a silk cover embroidered with colorful Phoenixes, only her head resting on the feather pillow can be seen . He has implanted the memory of himself in her mind. He calculates she should sleep about an incense stick of time and he is going to the kitchen to instruct them to fix a meal of all her favorite foods after he changes his robes.

     His smile reaches to his stunningly beautiful purple eyes as he looks back at her sleeping on the bed. He closes the door behind him and as he heads to his chamber on the other side of the palace he thinks he should move over to the chamber next to The Starfire Room.

     After he leaves the Red Lotus bracelet begins to glow red and a stream of black smoke comes out of it. Instead of the monstrous looking Astral Void Beast a otherworldly handsome man with long flowing ink black hair, dressed in a black robe appears with a flawless face. Leaning over XiXi, with startling red eyes burning like fiery embers staring down at the girl on the bed he whispers, “I’m sorry.”

   Huang Howan had waited until Wang Li Jie left to come get a closer look at the fox who has enchanted him. What she sees when she peeks into the room makes her more curious as to what was going on with this unkown girl.

   Who is the man standing by the slut’s bed? She turns around when she hears footsteps approaching from  down the hallway, when she turns back to look inside the room she can no longer see him.

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