The Soaring Sky Stage

I love this arc ❤ haha.. I hope you do also..

 Wang Li Jie’s mind wanders to when he first met Xiaolian, the girl playfully swinging her slim legs next to him on the branch now has matured into quite a beauty. She looks like a goddess with the moonlight highlighting her delicate features. When she smiles it could topple cities and kingdoms, yet she is completely unaware of her captivating looks.

     He is smiling thinking how her eyes sparkled like shimmering blue pools when she tossed that ice star to him. One day she will be his Empress, he had decided that long ago, no matter what obstacles he needs to overcome to make that a reality.

     This relaxed beauty twirling a fir branch like a wand staring at the moon is quite a contrast from the frightened little girl he saved that day. He had been traveling back from The Purple Dragon Kingdom after negotiations for collaborating forces to deal with the demon army. The Demon King was aggressively entering various Kingdoms upsetting peace and The Righteous Order that the Seven Kingdoms had maintained for three hundred years.

     Not long after he had entered The Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom a bloodied rider with one arm dangling at his side rapidly approached them, alerting him there were demons attacking a Sorcerer’s home.

     He knew the old Sorcerer, Zhang Liu, he was one of the Ancient Order, his family was loyal and honorable. The Demon King must have become aware he held secrets to unlock the Ancient Divination Dimension, secrets which if the demons possessed could cripple the Kingdom’s forces. He immediately rushed through the remainder of the Cloud’s Edge Wilderness, this could prove disastrous.

     When he arrived at their home it was immersed in leaping flames, the Sorcerer and his wife were barely alive surrounded by demon zombie soldiers, the sky was filled with demon birds of prey .He drew his Black Ice Sword cutting a swath through the zombies, they would freeze and shatter as his sword slashed through them. Unfortunately, he had arrived moments too late to save them, they had decided to take their own lives rather than submit to the demons.

   Zhang Lui shouted at his daughter, “Run..hide quickly!” 

    The tiny girl stood petrified holding onto her mother.

     He flew to their side unable to stop the flow of poison they had ingested, he saw a small girl clinging onto her mother’s dress as her mother collapsed. He quickly used his qinggong to take the tiny girl to safety among the rocks on the mountaintop. He and his men then exterminated the demon army and the birds flew off unable to savor the dead bodies below.

     The little girl was crying and disheveled, her tear stained face tugged at his cold heart for some reason. He assured her he wouldn’t leave her alone. She nodded while tightly gripping his blood stained robe and quietly looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes. Now he needs to entrust her to that bastard Yun Tai and that pretty boy Feng Tian, the thought grates on his nerves.

     This time he will kill his demon blooded brother!

     For a moment lost in his reverie he didn’t react to XiXi tugging on his sleeve.

     “Li Jie what are you thinking about you have a strange look on your face.”

     “Nothing, we should get back.”

     Wang Li Jie abruptly grabs her by her tiny waist then flies down to the snow covered jade gazebo.

     XiXi laughs, “Could you give me some warning next time! My heart is in my throat, you startled me when we suddenly descended!”

      Still a little distracted he asks , “Are you cold?” He waves his palms to warm her with his internal energy. “I want to speak to you a moment before we enter the palace, sit with me in the gazebo.”

     “Wang Li Jie the view here is breathtaking. This is such a contrast to The Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom with its bustling Capitol, everywhere so green and warm. There is a certain beauty in the pristine whiteness, snow covered landscape and the towering icy mountains here. I see why you can meditate here in this solitude it provides.”

     “That is what I wanted to discuss with you, since this is a mystical mountain its spirit energy is very strong which helps cultivation as I explained to you before. I don’t think it is wise to attempt to enter the Ice Flower Cave right now. after what happened with Quan Zhen, the gods have most likely sealed it off to disperse the demonic energy Quan Zhen was using. But, we only have a short time before we leave in the morning and I want to help you at least reach the next stage of your cultivation.

     I can seal this gazebo and we can utilize its space, I checked your body after the herbal bath your meridians are stable. A breakthrough to the Soaring Sky Stage will enable you to withstand the elements on your own by increasing your ability to access your internal energy. You will also be able to focus your mind at an intense level which will enable you to practice your sorcery and alchemy. Unfortunately it will only be for short periods of time because our time is limited now. The other downside is when you expend that energy you will be slightly unstable right afterwards, that worries me.”

     “I have you, I’m not afraid.”

     Hearing the confidence with which she said those words makes Wang Li Jie very happy, but he knows he won’t be with her for awhile, so he needs to make sure Yun Tai and Feng Tian protect her well. Although he despises Jiang Bai he knows he is vital to her survival.

     “I will be here with you if you experience any discomfort you can’t handle use your mind to call me. I will enter your psyche and disperse the overflow of energy with my own body. Are you ready?”

     “Yes! I want to be able to avenge my parents, show my heartless relatives I can be a strong Sorceress and carry on my father’s work! Only you stood by me all these years even though I have relatives throughout the kingdom they all shunned me. If I can rise above them all I would feel a great deal of personal satisfaction. Thank you Li Jie, I will try my best not to call out to you during my cultivation.”

     Wang Li Jie takes her into his strong arms, “Don’t be stubborn! If you feel too much pressure call to me, it won’t hurt me but you could be in danger. If anything happened to you.. promise.. promise me you will lean on me”

     She looks up into his deep purple eyes and whispers softly ‘I promise” The scent that is unique to him  floats to her nose giving her a sense of security. He is so strong and treats her so well, she is never afraid when he is near. When she is wrapped in his embrace she feels no harm will ever come to her.

     “Let’s begin, sit in the center and clear your mind look at the whiteness surrounding you until your mind is blank .Xiaolian, deeply focus and concentrate on what you studied in the cultivation manual I gave you. Let the information imprint on your mind. When you are midway through and your qi is surging through your meridians, slow your breathing, take shallow breaths until it flows at an acceptable speed. Then clasp your hands over your heart until you feel your heartbeat slow down.

     Finally, extend your arms out to your sides and let your meridians adjust completely. Your internal energy due to the lava like flowing qi will heat your body to an extreme degree, being in this icy environment will counteract some of the heat externally. The internal heat that is produced, you need to follow the instructions in the manual.”

     Do you understand everything I said?”


     “No questions?”


   “You will use your mind to call me if needed?”

     “Yes!” She is nervous but doesn’t want Wang Li Jie to worry so she hides it with a bright smile appearing confident.

     Wang Li Jie sits on a bench looking at her sitting perfectly straight staring at the snow.  She looks very cute trying to act confidant, such a serious look  with her eyebrows arched up and her lips tightly pursed. He can see her small hands clenching as if she was going into battle. He is prepared to rush in at the slightest indication she needs help, but it must be done she needs to go back to the Mystical Moon Garden in the morning.

      Suddenly her azure blue eyes turn a deep ink black and roll back in her head…it’s begun..

    Xiaolian should now have entered the Black Abyss of Emptiness..then through the course of cultivation will slowly rise from the Black Abyss.. ascend to the heavens to reach the Soaring White Cloud Continent for enlightenment.

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