The Old Monk..Part Two

“Our sect owes a great debt to Kang Longwei, but this is the first time he has asked anything of us. He must place a great deal of importance on you. He asked me to bestow upon you the knowledge of the Ancient Mystical Medicine Sect. This knowledge will enable you to become an alchemist of the highest grade. Once I impart this knowledge to you all you need to do is find a man in Sky Mist City by the name of Sun Bingwen. He will give you a blacksilver furnace and a special storage space filled with rare plants and herbs. Here is a jade amulet of our sect, if you ever need our sect’s assistance present this to any medicinal shop that displays this symbol inscribed on it. They will help you without asking any questions.”

     “I don’t have to fight any Mythological Beasts?”

     “No, I just need you to kneel while I circulate your qi, your dantain is very pure. Once I have completed the process you will experience a short period of feeling light headed then you will have passed through the Soaring Sky Stage. Then I will place my hands on your head for you to receive the knowledge of the ancient medicine book.

     Xiaolian kneels on the ground as instructed by the old monk. She closes her eyes and he begins.

     Wang Li Jie has been up during the night just sitting watching Xiaolian in the gazebo. She has had no change of expression except several times she smiled. No signs of any pain he is bewildered by this. There are only two hours until dawn all the preparations are made to depart. She has only a few sweat beads on her forehead.

     While the monk is helping her, she isn’t experiencing any discomfort, she just feels slightly warm and dizzy. The monk finishes and puts his hands on her shoulders to help her stand up.

     Xialoian opens her eyes and feels her internal energy is very strong, she no longer feels weak. She is ecstatic she was able to reach the Soaring Sky Stage, she didn’t realize the strengthening aspects would be so strong! “Thank you monk, I never asked your name.”

     “Sun Delun”



     “The Sun Family?”

     “Why do you seem so flustered?”

     “ reason..”

     Nonchalantly the monk states, “Well, I pushed you past two more stages when I saw your body was able to handle the intense flow of qi through your meridians. I am going to give the pills to the Night Sky Beast now. After he transforms you can…Xiaolian interjects..”What did you just say​..that would mean I am at the Clear Cloud Stage”, her eyes are like blue saucers as she lightly touches his arm.

     “Yes..I also am grateful to you for showing concern for the Night Sky Wolf and offering him shelter at your residence. I know you said you didn’t want a reward but I felt some acknowledgment was in order, it really was an insignificant matter to push you through. Now for the beast..”

     Xiaolian is amazed at the ease in which she just rose three stages in cultivation. She can’t wait to tell Wang Li Jie. This is great!

     She spins around hugging herself in happiness, this is amazing! Now maybe Wang Li Jie will take me to the Capitol since I have reached this stage. She starts smiling, her blue eyes seem to capture the light they are sparkling.

     Both the monk and the beast look over at her, her white dress is swirling while she dances, her hair has come undone. Ink black hair cascading down her back, flying in the air as she twirls her body, her delicate jade like face is glowing from the excitement. They both have the same thought she looks like a Sky goddess when she smiles.

     The monk hasn’t had a lustful thought in a thousand years but the sight of her free spirited dancing has stirred his manly desires he has suppressed since he became a monk. The beast looks at the monk, seems to know what he is thinking. “Hurry monk! I want to leave!”

     “Ahh..yes.. come here” He takes a pill from his sleeve and inserts it into the beast’s mouth. “Swallow it in a few moments the transformation will begin.”

     He looks back at Xiaolian who seems in her abandon to forget there are others around. “Girl, stop dancing!”

     Sun Gulen hands a black robe to the beast, “Put this on before you exit the bright light.”

     The sound of the monk’s stern tone breaks Xiaolian out of her frivolous mood. She observes the monk has administered the pill and wonders what the beast will look like as a human.

     A blinding light surrounds the beast, she needs to cover her eyes. This reminds her of when she and the Black Abyss Beast landed on the Sacred Cloud. She laughs to herself most likely the results this time won’t be a godlike man..hee.. hee. She felt a little mean for her thoughts but the black beast was horrifying. After an incense stick of time, the light diminishes, she raises her head. She stands there with her mouth agape she was expecting a man with hideous looks to appear in front of her, what she sees astounds her.

     The monk is satisfied with the beast’s looks, he added some beautifying silver lotus root to the coating of the pill at the last minute. The beast had such a rough life no need for him to be ridiculed as an ugly man when he transformed. The monk was quite proud of himself when he studied the beast. Upon inspection, maybe he added too much lotus root, this man in front of him is too good looking. His looks are perfect if the monk says so himself, maybe I should market the beautifying coating.

     Xiaolian is standing with her mouth open blatantly staring. The beast looks at his body, it looks strong, he is satisfied, he was worried it might be weak when he transformed.

     “Stop looking at me girl.”

     “Oh, I’m sorry I was just surprised is all.”

     “The monk said he would change me into human form were you skeptical. If I am too ugly, look away. We won’t be together for long. Where is this home of yours?” The beast has a low voice that is tinged with arrogance.

    The old monk shakes his head. “You need to change your ways I told you! Not a moment into human form and you are rude to the girl who helped you.” 

      Xiaolian waves her hands,“It’s fine, I was staring at him, I see why he took apologies, what shall I call you?”

     “I don’t have a name, I don’t need one.”


     “In the outside world and you probably noticed here everyone has a name.” 

     “Name me.” His human form is quite tall, he bends down as he says this, his face too close to Xiaolian so she backs up. He makes her nervous with the cold chill that comes off of his body. If it weren’t for his cold aura he is quite handsome. He is tall with a muscular body and his face is flawless, long black hair and piercing black eyes contrast his white complexion. She sighs, quite good looking.

     “Monk why don’t you give him a name?” Xiaolian tenses up, he may look like a gentleman but his personality is scary. It seems it is not going to be easy to get along with this man.


     “He needs a name.” Xiaolian is wondering what is going on between these two. Name him all ready, I want to get going back to Wang Li Jie’s palace!

     The monk thinks a bit, this man is as troublesome as he was as a beast. He will annoy people to no end in the outside world. If I give him my name at least people will think his arrogance has a firm foundation, the Sun Family is known for its arrogance.

     “Sun Qiang, that will be your name, don’t bring disgrace to it.” He lifts his sleeve, “Here is a jade piece carved with our name, this shows you are a member of my family. If any of the brats from the Sun family don’t believe you tell them to come to me. You don’t need to explain your lineage or any other aspect of your life, that will be the best way to deal with questions.”

     Xiaolian thinks this is a good plan.

     “Sun Qiang, I don’t like the sound of that. My name will be Night Sky Wolf.”

     “Listen brat, you can’t be called a beast’s name! You are Sun Qiang or you don’t leave.” The monk is ready to forget his benevolence and turn him back into the beast.

     “Sun Qiang, is an auspicious name! Your name Qiang means strong!” Xiaolian wants him to accept the name quickly.



     “ I will accept the name. Let’s leave”

     Xiaolian sizes up the tall handsome man who is talking. If one just looked at is outward appearance he looks as polished as a fire spirit stone, but when he speaks he is like the mud beneath your feet. She has never seen a man with features that look like they were molded by a god who is so rude. Well, she gained many benefits by helping him so she must do as she said she would, let him live in the Butterfly Wing Residence. She is now regretting feeling compassion for him when she arrived in front of the old monk.

     She bows and sincerely thanks the old monk, Sun Delun.

      The Old Monk pulls Sun Qiang over to admonish him for his actions. “You need to remember, seven acts of kindness, sincerely initiated without weighing the outcome.”

     Sun Qiang wants to thank him for releasing him but is pride won’t allow him to bend, “Goodbye, Old Monk”

     The monk strokes his purple beard, that boy’s fate is now in his own hands. He could see in Sun Qiang’s eyes some affection but he knows the boy’s pride is too strong.

     He waves his arms swirling the wind around him, Xiaolian and Sun Qiang are returned to the hot spring where Kang Longwei is waiting.

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