Soon Will Say Goodbye

  Wang Li Jie arrives back at the Mystical Cloud Palace as all the preparations have been completed. Huang Hua greets him as he enters, “Your Highness everything is prepared but the young lady is still sleeping, should I awaken her?”

     “No, I will. Tell Yang Chang and Lan An I need to speak to them.”

     The last detail is telling these two servants they will be going to the bamboo house to serve Xiaolian. He peers around at his Mystical Cloud Palace, others might think the ice and snow create a lonely atmosphere, but he always finds solace in the pristine whiteness. The palace contains the Ice Mirror of Memories where many times he would just sit for hours reminiscing about Xiaolian. He longed to feel her warmth in his arms again, now that she is back he will let nothing stand in the way of her becoming his Empress.

     Yang Chang and Lan An hurry down the hallway to greet Wang Li Jie. They both bow deeply, “Yes, Your Highness?”

     “You will not be going back to the Capitol with me I think I mentioned to you in the kitchen, but you will now be servants of Xiaolian. As servants I don’t need to give you any explanation but I don’t want you upsetting Xiaolian. When she arrives at the bamboo house her name is XiXi not Xiaolian, remember not to mention me or the Mystical Cloud Palace. Just do your work well you will be compensated heavily for keeping this to yourselves, if you should slip I won’t hesitate to kill you and all the members of your family. Do you understand?”

     They look at the cold man in front of them, his purple eyes show no emotion as he tells them. Lan An wants to ask about He Peng, she thought with the gold she had received they could be married and buy their freedom.

     Yang Chang sees the disturbed look on her face, she is like a daughter to him so he intercedes for her hoping His Highness will understand. “Your Highness, could you include He Peng? I heard the little girl say the bamboo house is short on servants, he is strong and capable. He often helps me in the kitchen, he is tight lipped and extremely loyal to you. Do you remember you saved him when the villagers were attacking his mother and him. He has been raised in your house since she died.”

     Yang Chang isn’t one to speak randomly so Wang Li Jie thinks about what he is asking. He does remember that scrawny boy who pushed his mother behind him while trying to protect her. It was when he was returning from the mountains where he had heard a rumor Wang Chao Han was training disciples.

“Do you remember him?”

     Wang Li Jie notices the girl is fidgeting with a ring on her finger, is Yang Chang asking because this girl belongs to that boy? What is one more if they are bound together with concern for each other they will keep the secret.

     “Tell him to pack immediately don’t forget to remind him of what I just told you.”

     Lan An has tears welling up in her eyes, His Highness is surprisingly much kinder than I thought he would be. She begins to kowtow to him knocking her head on the ground. “Thank you Your Highness.. Thank you.” Tears falling down her face, blood on her forehead, I don’t have time for this! “Yang Chang get her up and get going NOW!”

     Yang Chang pulls her to her feet and they waste no time hurrying down the hallway to tell He Peng the good news.

     Wang Li Jie shakes his head, am I so scary they couldn’t just say the He boy and the little girl are to be married?

     He gathers some papers in his study then places them in a stone container lighting them on fire. My array once in place cannot be breached but why take a chance, my brother is not to be underestimated. He then moves down to the other side of the palace where the Mystical Ice Mirror is located. Waving his hand he enters, he wants to bring it along with him but doesn’t dare take a chance something happening to it . He places a god array around it, once it appears invisible he then blends it into the ice wall. Nothing can happen to that Mirror, the memories are too precious to me.

     Well, all that is left is to wake up Xialian. Wang Li Jie heads over to the Starfire Room. Jiang Bai is standing guard outside along with the other two guards.

     “Where is Sun Qiang?”

     “He went to the kitchen looking for something to eat.”

     “Go get him, its time.”

     Wang Li Jie sees Xiaolian asleep on the bed, her delicate face has a few wisps of hair falling on her cheek. She is breathing softly, he doesn’t want to wake her up yet, it means their time together is coming to an end for now. He sits on the edge of the bed with a loving gaze he takes his fingers and tucks her hair behind her ears. So many thoughts are running rampant through his mind. How do you collect all these men around you? You can only be mine. I saw a certain look in Kang Longwei’s eyes when he spoke of you, I wanted to kill him right then. Now we need to stop to let him see you. I need him as an ally but if he touches you I don’t know if I can restrain myself from killing him. He bends down and kisses her forehead, her snow white skin is so soft, his lips feel they are on fire from touching her skin.

     He takes his hand and caresses her cheek, his lips moving down to her pink lips, it will be so long until I have this chance again. His heart is pounding wildly in anticipation of pressing his lips onto hers. “I love you Xiaolian” he whispers as his lips gently touch her mouth. Jealousy is eating him alive thinking of Kang Longwei. He wraps his arms around her waist pulling her body into his embrace he lays down beside her, for now I just want to hold you in my arms until you must leave my side.

     Xiaolian is in a dream state induced from the fatigue of the last two days, she feels a strange sensation, a warmness surrounding her body, it feels inescapable. Her body is heating up she feels it doesn’t belong to her, she can hear Wang Li Jie, is he talking to me? Did he say “I love you?” Everything feels so hazy and unreal.

     Xiaolian begins to stir in his embrace, she feels as though she is in a different world. A man that looks like Wang Li Jie is chasing her, she is running through a heavily wooded area, disappearing then reappearing, an astral light is blinding her as she tries to move forward. Finally she reaches the light she feels a surge of energy running through her body, like a scorching fire. She comes out of the forest into the bright light. Once through the light it’s dark, there are strange buildings that reach the sky they are lit up by some sort of Night Pearls. She is unable to move, her head is spinning, suddenly the man captures her from behind holding her in his arms tightly.

     He is not Wang Li Jie he has a demonic aura surrounding him, but he shares the same face only his eyes are black like obsidian, in a possessive voice the man says “Don’t run, I won’t hurt you.” She struggles to get out of his arms but it is of no use, he tightens his embrace pressing his cheek onto her face.

     Wang Li Jie can see she is becoming restless in her dream state, maybe I should awaken her.  Such intense cultivation can cause a person to be afflicted with night terrors from an overload of images flooding their mind. He is considering it  when she grabs his arm squeezing it with her slender fingers, “Never.., “I won’t be yours..ever!”

He feels a pain strike his heart at these words, who is she dreaming about? He sits up then gently waves his palm over her to awaken her from her dream, he needs to know who was in her nightmare.

     Xiaolian wakes up with a terrified look on her face imploring him, “Li Jie, hold me.”

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