Rong Meets XiXi

  XiXi can barely keep her eyes open. She looks at the dress Yun Tai tossed on the bed, she decides to drape it over her cat body sticking her paws into the sleeves. How ridiculous is this she laughs, but then again what if someone opens the door in the morning. The servant girl Rong might even check on me. I don’t want to embarrass her if I am naked.

      She gets under the covers, this bed feels heavenly! She drifts off to sleep, as she does a shadow enters the room. Wang Li Jie sits on her bed watching her sleep, he has been waiting a long time for her to come into sleep. Every time he hears Yun Tai’s scolding tone towards her he wants to crush his neck.   

      Xiaolian is still a cat should I speed up the transformation? He longs to see her creamy white skin and her pink lips.

     Right as he is about to raise his palm she suddenly begins changing into a human, filling out the dress, one arm is still stuck in the sleeve. He gently pulls her slender arm through the sleeve and fixes the dress on her body. I don’t like this color…he changes the dress to white with red lotuses embroidered on the bodice with a wave of his hand.

     He placed a barrier on the room when he arrived so if anyone looks in they will see an image he projected on it of her sleeping soundly. His skills far surpass anyone present, he is an Immortal Emperor after all. No one in Seven Kingdoms is more skilled than he is, the only comparable person would be his brother and he is presently in another realm. An incense is burning in the room which put XIXi in a deep sleep so she is not aware of his presence.

     The time is not right but I need to feel your warmth, it has been a lifetime since I held you  in my arms, he is lost in her beauty.

      Wang Li Jie caresses XiXi’s cheek and takes in her unique fragrance, she still has the red lotus scent I remember. He sits there watching her sleep after a few moments he can’t resist lying by her side. He knows it is only for a brief time but he wants to hold her in his arms. It will be dawn soon and I can’t be here when she awakens.

      He lovingly runs his fingers through her silky black hair and buries his head in her neck sucking and licking her sweet skin.  His mind is consumed by the past, why was fate so cruel as to take you away right before we wed? I would have given up my Kingdom for you, why did he covet you, the only person I loved in this world. Wang Li Jie turns her delicate face towards him then leans over lightly kissing her soft lips. Then he wraps his strong arms around her tiny waist pulling her closer to his body, feeling her warmth his heart races and his breathing becomes ragged as he impulsively presses  XiXi under him. Staring at her flawless features and her long black eyelashes fluttering he feels his inner rage at losing her until now.

    His aura blackens and he narrows his startling purple eyes , my brother will pay for taking you away from me to another world. He kisses her face and runs his finger down her beautiful swanlike neck then rolls off of her watching her sleep until the sun rises. Reluctantly when the morning sun comes through the bedroom window he removes the barrier and the incense  glancing back at XiXi. He flies out the window as Rong approaches the bedroom.

      Rong is not sure if Yun Tai has returned with XiXi but she is anxious to meet this girl that the Young Master likes and knocks on her door.

      XiXi is groggy and hears the knocking. “Who is it?”

     “I am the servant girl Rong that Master Feng has arranged for you. May I come in and help you dress?”

     XiXi isn’t feeling well and wants to make sure she is fully transformed, she responds, “I will see you at breakfast I’m not quite ready to get up yet, thank you anyway.”

     Rong is thinking this girl is too polite to a servant, it’s good Huiqing didn’t come Zhang XiXi wouldn’t survive. She must be special for Feng Tian to like her so much.She goes out to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She is very excited to see Yun Tai, she begins making porridge worried he won’t like it. The cook at the palace only taught her a few dishes when she first arrived at the Fengs, she was to be a kitchen helper.But, because of her strong physique they decided she would be taught martial arts to serve any future mistresses.

     Feng Tian rushes to find Yun Tai not knowing XiXi is asleep in her room. Yun Tai is in the front courtyard having tea with Zhang Yu when Feng Tian approaches him

     “Yun Tai aren’t you going to get XiXi?”

      Yun Tai sets his teacup down and replies, “She is back in her room sleeping.”

      Feng Tian rushes to XiXi’s room and knocks.

      “Rong, I am going to sleep for awhile”, XiXi drowsily says.

      Feng Tian isn’t sure if he should disturb her, cultivating can be draining at first so he doesn’t say who it is, just dejectedly walks back to the front courtyard.

      The Chen brothers come out to the courtyard where everyone is and bow to greet them. They are not sure where they should eat since there are no cooks in the servant quarters kitchen.

     Feng Tian tells them it is fine to all eat together, they can sit at the next table over. The Chen brothers like that about Feng Tian he is informal and doesn’t look down on people. They take a seat and everyone starts discussing the horses being delivered today and what else they will need.

      XiXi can’t go back to sleep and checks to make sure she is all together human.  She looks down at her dress, this dress looks different than the one Yun Tai tossed to her last night. Well, I was really tired, she quickly pulls her hair up, washes in the basin for now. She is starving so she hurries to the kitchen.

      She sees Rong looking distressed trying to make the porridge and rushes over to help her, the pot is about to boil over. XiXi quickly tells her to set it to the side. She can see it is scorched and probably inedible.

     Rong expects to be scolded but XiXi sweetly says, “Don’t worry about it! I’m here now I will help you, She sees Rong has burnt her hand and quickly calls to the courtyard for someone to get ointment for her hand. XiXi holds her hand and says lets rinse it with some cold water first.

     Rong doesn’t know what to do, no mistress would help a servant bandage her hand. She starts to blush when she looks up to see Yun Tai holding some ointment. XiXi takes it from him and gently applies it to her hand., then wraps it in a strip of cloth.

      Yun Tai is surprised how concerned XiXi is for a servant girl and watches her take care of the burn.

     “Rong go out with Yun Tai and have a seat, I will make breakfast, you should rest your hand”

      Yun Tai and Rong look at each other.


      Feng Tian comes in the kitchen, “Do you want me to help you?”

      “Go pick some vegetables from the garden on the side, while I start a fresh batch of porridge.

      She peeks her head out the door, Rong is sitting stiff as a board at the table with the Chen brothers I was hoping she could sit and get to know Yun Tai.

      XiXi makes some tea and brings it out giving a cup to Rong. Rong jumps up, she doesn’t know what to do.. “Miss, please..”  XiXi interrupts, “Sit down your hand is hurt! I enjoy cooking don’t worry about it!”  

       XiXi looks at the Chen brothers, “Could you go and get some Spotted Ostrich eggs for me? Feng Tian said they are in a meadow by the woods”

     “Yun Tai, Feng Tian said some of your flowers are special and you don’t like them disturbed could you pick me some flowers that aren’t special, but are pretty, for the tables?”

      Yun Tai remembers Feng Tian destroying his prized Peonies and agrees.

      The Chen brothers look at the God of War getting up to pick some flowers.Is this the same man who almost crippled us last night.

       XiXi  tells her father, “Zhang Yu just have your tea.”

     Feng Tian comes back with the vegetables, “Do you want me to help chop them?”  XiXi starts washing them “No, last time you made the chunks too big, Feng Tian you can just  sit in here with me if you want, I missed you.”

      Feng Tian lights up when she says this and sits at the kitchen table watching XiXi. Her little hands chopping the vegetables, her forehead scrunching up trying to decide what to make. I am so happy his little beauty is back. After they eat I am  going to ask her if she wants to take a walk and give her the bracelet.

     She peeks out the door, “Zhang Yu pick some herbs from the herb garden I almost forgot. Give me some cheese out of your Dimensional Space.”

     The Chen brothers come back their hair disheveled and their hands have scratches, “What happened to you two”, XiXi laughs, seeing three large spotted eggs in their hands she figures the birds didn’t want to give them up. She says “Set them over there and points to a basket on a side table.

    ” Come here and let me see your hands”, As she is about to take their hands to apply ointment, Yun Tai is coming in the door with the flowers. He snatches the ointment from her hand and tosses it to the Chens. Feng Tian was about to do the same thing but Yun Tai was closer.

     “…” Yun Tai and Feng Tian.

      XiXi is oblivious to the reaction of Yun Tai and Feng Tian and washes her hands to continue making breakfast.

      “Yun Tai take the flowers and small vases out to Rong.” She is determined to make Rong’s dream come true.

      He is about to protest when XiXi sweetly tells him, “Yun Tai I think Rong feels bad about burning breakfast do you think you could be nice to her?”

      Yun Tai remembers Rong as a little girl who used to follow him around so he agrees. Rong can’t believe her eyes when Yun Tai tells her what XiXi said. How did I get so lucky to have such a sweet mistress! I will protect her with her life! No one has ever been this kind to me.

      XiXi makes Porridge and Vegetable with Cheese Omelets, she makes some Scallion Pancakes too, thinking they are probably all hearty eaters.

     Feng Tian sits there watching her every move, he can’t wait to taste her cooking again.

     She  sets all the chopsticks on the tables outside, it is a beautiful morning to eat outside and the courtyard is beautiful. No one usually eats outside so they are surprised at how she sets the tables. She compliments Rong on her flower vases and sets one on each table. Rong feels shy when XiXi  compliments but smiles sweetly at XiXi.

      XiXi thinks when that girl smiles she looks very pretty!

     Everyone is watching XiXi as she floats around like a fairy in the seven layer chiffon dress she is wearing. The red lotuses are in such contrast with the pure white of the dress. It makes her skin look more fair. Yun Tai wonders why she didn’t wear the light blue dress he gave her last night, it wouldn’t  so eye catbeching.

      XiXi makes everyone a plate and asks Rong if she can help serve, Rong says of course, XiXi asks her to serve Yun Tai and Zhang Yu. She was about to carry the plates over to the Chen brothers when they are snatched out of her hand by Yun Tai and dropped in front of the two brothers.

     Feng Tian is still sitting at the kitchen table and doesn’t see what is going on in the courtyard. He is hoping he can eat with XiXi  alone inside.

     XiXi  walks over with the last two plates and says” Come outside Feng Tian You and I can eat at the small table over to the side, it is too nice to eat indoors.”  Hearing they were going to eat separate from the others he perks up.

      They go over to the side table to sit and who pops their head out from under a bush where he was sleeping but Zhen. He is right next to XiXi and yawns, she laughs and says,”Sleepy head did you smell the food and decide to join us?” Her smile ss so bright everyone gulps including Rong.

     Feng Tian gives Zhen a quick kick under the table to go beg at another table.

      Everyone was eating like they had never seen food before, XiXi says, “Anyone that wants more it is by the stove, help yourself!”

      The Chen brothers are on their way in the door to get another helping when they are stopped by Yun Tai. His large powerful  body blocks the door as he enter, leaving the Chens stuck together in the entryway.

     Yun Tai places what was left of breakfast onto his plate then grins at them as he walks out the door.

      They can only  look at each other and cry. Yun Tai couldn’t you leave us a little? A taste?  The eggs were so delicious, we went to a great deal of trouble to get them.

      Yun Tai looks over at Feng Tian and XiXi sitting over by themselves laughing and he has a strange feeling come over him. He shakes it off and sits down next to Zhang Yu. Tapping his chopsticks on the table  he can’t resist glancing at XiXi while she is laughing.

     The Chen brothers came by XiXi’s table to thank her for the meal, they say the food was more delicious than anything they have had even at the Heavenly Cloud Restaurant. They add they hope they can enjoy more of her cooking.

   “You are too flattering”, XiXi giggles enjoying the compliments. 

     Rong asked if  there is anything she needs her to do, XiXi replies no Rong shouldn’t get her hand wet and to take it easy today.

      Zhang Yu reminds XiXi she needs to study after breakfast they are behind and they are departing in a few days.

      The Chen brothers asked Feng Tian when the other horses are arriving. Feng Tian  stops eating and says in the afternoon. They should sort through the crates and start loading the carriages. They will use carriages until they can set up in a couple towns along the way. The Fengs own several homes throughout the island so basically these supplies are for the initial part of the journey before they reach the inhabited areas.

     Yun Tai is staring at XiXi without realizing he is staring at her pink lips.He then looks at her creamy white skin above  the bodice decorated with the vibrant red lotuses, she certainly looks beautiful in that dressut, b, she is so unruly underneath, he chuckles to himself. This morning she looks like the perfect hostess only I know about her antics as a cat. Still flirting with the Chen brothers I see, he grumbles to himself tightening his grip on the chopsticks.

      XiXi feels his eyes intensely  on her while Feng Tian is talking to the Chens and looks his direction. She takes her napkin and carefully touches her lips.I must have something on my face, he is giving me such a look of disdain.

     Yun Tai notices her looking his direction quickly takes his chopsticks and continues to eat. Why is my heart pounding in my chest right now? He takes a large drink of water, it must be the Spicy Scallion Pancakes, he pushes the rest away from him.

     Feng Tian finishes talking and turns to XiXi, “Before you go study do you want to take a walk with me in the Cherry Blossom Grove?”

      XiXi enjoys walking after eating so she agrees, “Not for too long though I have a lot to learn in a short time.”

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