Return to Ice Palace

Xiaolian wakes up smiling next to Kang Longwei.“Xiaolian..” He brushes her hair behind her ear and caresses her delicate face. Happy to see from her appearance she is unharmed . She stretches her arms, “Thank you so much for your reward, it wasn’t necessary!” At that moment Sun Qiang appears standing next to her. Kang Longwei draws his sword. “Who are you?”She quickly touches his hand on the sword, “Wait! He’s with me!”

     Sun Qiang gives Kang Longwei a menacing look but doesn’t say anything.

     Xiaolian stands up, she wobbles, Kang Longwei steadies her with his arm around her waist. She calmly steps away from his embrace to clear up any misunderstandings. “Let me explain. This is a relative of the old monk, he is coming to my Butterfly Wing Residence until he can establish himself in Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom. The monk pushed me through to the Clear Cloud Stage so I offered to do this small favor for him in thanks.”

      Kang Longwei react immediately, “I would also like to see the Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom, may I join you?” He doesn’t like the idea of her traveling with this man even if the old monk sent them off together.

     “Ah..ah..don’t you need to stay here with your family, you have been gone for so long.”


     She furrows her brow while thinking ,how is Wang Li Jie going to react? If I bring Sun Qiang I can explain, but Kang Longwei?

     He did have the old monk give her the knowledge of the ancient medicine book. “I have to go to Wang Li Jie’s Ice Palace first”

     Wang Li Jie? This is interesting, maybe I can find out the whereabouts of that bastard Wang Chao Han. “I don’t mind”

     Sun Qiang coldly adds his opinion. “I mind very much.”

     Xiaolian has to control her urge to slap the stupid beast, you aren’t making things easy! Well, he has to do what I say at least for now.

     Kang Longwei grew up around the Sun brothers he knows they are an arrogant bunch, but this man’s aura exudes an air of arrogance beyond measure.

     “We are leaving at dawn from there, he needs to return to the Capitol and I am being escorted to my Butterfly Wing Residence. How about you come with me Sun Qiang since you aren’t familiar with the outside world.

     “Why isn’t he familiar with the outside world? He doesn’t appear weak. Why would he need a woman to accompany him?

     Sun Qiang puffs out his chest ready to rip Kang Longwei’s head off, but Xiaolian steps in between them.

     “Kang Longwei you must understand I gave my word to the old monk I can’t go back on it. He has his reasons for asking this of me.”

     “Your name is Sun Qiang? Why have I never heard you mentioned by any of the Sun family I know.”

     “Weren’t you banished for a thousand years? I’m only six hundred years old.” Sun Qiang mentions sarcastically. He used to hear quite a bit of gossip as he sat by the monk’s side.


     Xiaolian looks at Sun Qiang, how does he know that and why is trying to stir up trouble with my benefactor.“Sun Qiang stay here a moment I want to speak to Kang Longwei.”

     She pulls Kang Longwei to the side, he looks like he is going to explode being reminded of his downfall. She can sense killing intent emanating from him.

     “Ignore him, I don’t know him but everything that seems to come from his mouth is rude. I made a promise I must not break, you understand don’t you?” She pleads with him not to overreact.

    She looks very cute trying to smooth the situation. “I will ignore him, he just instantly hit upon my sore spot.” 

     Xiaolian smiles then bows deeply to him “Thank you! I would enjoy your company at the Butterfly Wing Residence, honestly I wasn’t looking forward to going back there, it holds many memories. Could you meet us in the village below the mountain? It has a beautiful Inn and we are stopping there to distribute food and other supplies to the villagers. I will come get you at the Sky Angel  Inn.

     “I will meet you there.”

     Xiaolian stands in front of Sun Qiang trying to sound firm,“Sun Qiang as long as you accompany me you need to watch your tongue. Kang Longwei is a Crown Prince and my benefactor. You could lose my support or even that hard head of yours for being disrespectful to him.”

     Sun Qiang nods. She is a silly girl to think I will do as she says, but for now I will stay remain silent.

     “Now that we have that resolved I must go back to the gazebo.” She is not sure how to bring Sun Qiang along with her. “Hold onto me Sun Qiang to return with me”, she thinks that makes sense.

    “Hold onto you?” Kang Longwei glares at the handsome tall man standing next to her petite frame. He would cover her entire body with his.

     “No, I will send him I have the ability.”

     Xiaolian admires Kang Longwei, “You do? Then wait a few moments so I can explain to Wang Li Jie. I don’t know how I will ever repay you for your help! I do think it will be best if I explain first.”

     She awakens in the gazebo feeling strong and excited to tell Wang Li Jie of her cultivation. He won’t believe she is also a high grade alchemist now!

     Wang Li Jie notices Xiaolian stirring then she opens her eyes, he moves closer to her and holds her hands.

   He can sense her cultivation was successful, how did she get through three stages in one night! Before she can tell him the exciting news he looks deeply into her eyes with an agitated voice , “Who helped you?”

     “Ah, I was just going to tell you, how do you know? But, first I have someone coming here, I need to explain. Before she can begin Sun Qiang appears with blood dripping down his face, his one eye swollen shut and his arm obviously broken,  hanging limply at his side.

     Wang Li Jie wants to grab this man and ask what he is to Xiaolian but he restrains himself when she sounds worried exclaiming, “What happened to you?”

     “Nothing I encountered trouble as I was thrust here”. He glances at Wang Li Jie who has a murderous glint in his strange purple eyes. This little girl is quite the flower attracting the butterflies and bees, no wonder her residence is called Butterfly Wing. He is not going to tell her that Kang Longwei and him exchanged words. He attempted to hit him, he was not able to land one punch while Kang Longwei easily defeated him. Then he kicked him here reminding him a man doesn’t confide in a lady his troubles to cause her distress and worry.

     “Wang Li Jie this man is Sun Qiang, I promised Sun Gelun I would allow him to stay at the Butterfly Wing Residence until he can settle some matters.”

     Sun Qiang studies the man in front of him. He has heard quite a few rumors about this bastard, The Immortal Emperor. He saw him once a couple hundred years ago when he came to ask for the old monk’s help. But he can’t recall what it was he is curious.. he probably fell asleep at the time, listening to people’s requests could be so boring. Hmmm.. this girl knows some powerful men, is she his concubine, no she wouldn’t have been with Kang Longwei.

     “Sun Gelun, the old monk?”

     “Yes, he gifted me the ancient medicine book and pushed me through to the Clear Cloud Stage.”

     “So it was Sun Gelun who helped you?” He breathes a sigh of relief, it was the old monk. But how did she get an audience with him. He turns people away on a daily basis, you need some clout to even be able to request an audience.

     “Could one of your physicians help heal Sun Qiang?” She feels guilty maybe if she had just brought him with her he wouldn’t have been injured.

    Wang Li Jie doesn’t even spare a glance his direction. “Walk through the Courtyard past the first hallway ask for a woman named Huang Hua tell her His Highness said to summon the royal physician to heal you.”

     Sun Qiang doesn’t move, I didn’t ask for your help . I will take care of my  injuries myself.

      Worried the beast might cause trouble with his stubborn attitude she rsponds,“I should go with him.” Xiaolian starts to move towards Sun Qiang.

     Wang Li Jie grabs her small hand with a strong grip, “No. I need to talk to you.”

      She rubs her wrist, why is he speaking in such a rough tone ne sounds angry.

     “What are you standing there for what is your name Sun Qiang.., I said go!” Before I put you out of your misery on the spot. Why are you staring at Xiaolian, I will gouge your eyes out.

     Wang Li Jie isn’t used to someone not quickly responding to him, also it is rather considerate of him to allow this man to be treated by his physician. He should be thankful not scowling.

     Xiaolian knows Wnag Li Jie’s temper and waves towards the palace, “Go Sun Qiang! If you want to go to my residence we are leaving in a few hours. I won’t take a bleeding man with me.” That man is stubborn! She had to think of a reason that would motivate him to obey her..

     Sun Qiang clenches his teeth, silently turns and goes in the direction that arrogant bastard told him to go.

     Wang Li Jie saw how red her wrist turned where he grabbed it, he wants to heal it for her, I shouldn’t have grabbed her wrist so abruptly He has a faint smile the wrist  is no longer red. This is good, she can heal herself, I must thank the old monk the next time I see him.

     “Now that uncouth man is gone explain everything to me.”

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