Mystical Moon Garden…

They enter the cave and the Wind Whisps are as beautiful as when she and Feng Tian went there, lighting up the cave with every imaginable color. XiXi looks wide eyed and pulls on Yun Tai’s sleeve to look at the one wall where it looks as though the Wind Whisps are playing. They are flying up and down and in circles, clustering together in different color groups.

     Yun Tai knows this is because the sun will set soon and the Wind Whisps are waking up to go on their night flight. He stares into her eyes that show how captivated she is by the sight, she really has beautiful deep blue eyes in this light. Yun Tai shakes his head, what are you thinking!

     They walk out of the cave and Yun Tai isn’t as angry as he was, he decides to take her to the Mystical Moon Garden behind the mountain. He hasn’t wandered around his property since before the Demon War.He remembers when he was gifted this land how he was amazed by its spectacular landscape and creatures that live here. He knows many people envy his good fortune receiving this unusual land, she would probably enjoy seeing more of it.

     He taps his foot and they fly into the air leaping to the top of the mountain. XIXi is securely in his grip but looking down she clings onto him with her small white paws. He laughs at how tight she is holding onto him, forgetting for a moment this little Spirit Cat is XiXi, he hugs her closer to his chest.

     XiXi looks down at the scenery it is different from the side of the mountain she and Feng Tian had visited. This side has an expansive bamboo forest and next to it is an indescribable sea of flowers. If you look past the bamboo forest you can see the ocean waves hitting a pristine white shore.

     She sighs at the magnificent sight. Where she lives in her world the city is composed of tall skyscrapers and sooty streets. The sidewalks are covered in people rushing back and forth, hurrying to get to their jobs. A sea of black and brown drab colors of workers clothes.

     This magical island is so colorful and tranquil, really a fantasy world full of beauty.

     Yun Tai takes her down to a gazebo in the middle of the Mystical Moon Garden. There is a small stream that runs through the flowers creating the feeling you are in a painting come to life.

     XiXi wishes she was human to be able to ask Yun Tai about the flowers by the gazebo, they are unlike any she had seen before. Some have sparkling pink petals with vibrant green leaves, each petal so tiny but with at least a hundred petals on a flower, making the petals blend together creating the image of one large petal.

     There are some circular flowers glowing with an amber light as if they are made from fireflies. Her favorite are deep purple that look as though they are made from the finest velvet, she lifts  her paw and points at the flowers, meoww..meowww.meow.. what are they called? 

     When he doesn’t respond to her tugging, she turns around to see Yun Tai facing the other direction Yun Tai is gazing at the pond of lotuses at the other side of the garden, lost in memories.

     He turns around to see the little cat pointing at the Purple Dragon flowers. They were a gift from the King of The Purple Dragon Kingdom when he protected the Kingdom from invading Demon Locusts that wanted to destroy the fields of Spirit Wheat by the border.

     “They are called Purple Dragon flowers, the only other place they grow is in the courtyard of the King of the Purple Dragon Kingdom.”

     XiXi wanted to know how Yun Tai had obtained some but the big Iceberg wasn’t elaborating.

     The sun is going down and XiXi thinks they will be heading back but Yun Tai seems distracted and in his own world, looking towards a pond on the other side.

     The whole Mystical Moon Garden as the sun sets is lit up by the flowers within it. The firefly flowers and the pink sparkling flowers light up the night. XiXi lets out a gasp at the stunning display.

     The streams water is lit up and through the clear water you can see fish similar to the ones at the stream in front of the  other mountain although they aren’t jumping.

     XiXi feels she was in a wonderland, how can one place have so many fascinating and impressive features. Right then her stomach grumbles bringing her back to reality.

     She looks over at Yun Tai who seems to be in a trance staring off into the night and decides to catch a fish for her dinner. If I catch a few maybe Yun Tai will cook them, I can show him I’m not useless.

     XiXi runs over to the stream it doesn’t look too deep. She wades into the water a short distance. She sees a couple fish close to her and quickly grabs with her two front paws and throws them to the bank. She moves in another direction and quickly wrestles two more fat spotted fish into her grasp. I think two more should be good, that would be three each.

     The next two she sees do not succumb so easily and XiXi fights with determination to chase them down and defeat them. One by one she tosses them to the ground by the stream.

     Feeling satisfied with her haul she runs over to the gazebo to get Yun Tai. She pulls on his robe with her wet paws . He looks down to see a soaking wet little white cat whose fur is sticking to her bones.

     Patches of fur on her head are alternately standing up and stuck to her face, making her eyes look like blue saucers. She seemed to have a proud smile on her face and is scrunching up her nose pointing towards the stream

     He burst out laughing at the sight, holding onto his side, her sorry appearance snaps him out of his melancholy mood.

     “Little cat what did you do? You look ridiculous”

     “Err..” XiXi is very insulted, she was so proud a minute ago… MEOW..MEOW…MEOW! You are the biggest jerk I have ever met!

     She hops down from the gazebo and starts to run through the flowers wiping her eyes with her paws. Stupid Iceblock!

     Yun Tai flies in front of XiXi and grabs her up into his arms. XiXi struggles to get down but his large hands have her in a tight grip soaking his robe. “You will get sick running around all wet.” He uses his inner energy to dry XiXi’s fur.

     He realizes she must have been in the stream getting some fish when he sees some silver scales stuck to her fur by her paws. He picks them from her fur and smooths her fur with his hand. XiXi is hissing and turns her head.

      Trying to make make her happy he says,“Let’s go see what you caught.” They walk over to the bank of the stream and there are six nice sized fish flopping on the ground. He takes his palm and they all stop moving. “I’m impressed they are bigger than you!”

     XiXi can’t help but smile at the praise, yes, they were not that easy to catch , so cook them!

    Yun Tai gathers a few sticks and starts a fire. XiXi is still a bit cold from being in the water and curls up by the fire.

    What a stubborn girl underneath that fur, he chuckles to himself.

     The night is beautiful lit up by the flowers, the sky is pitch black, XiXi rolls over on her back looking at the stars. She sees the strange constellation of lotuses with several stars missing from the formation. She thinks about when she and Feng Tian were on the mountain and one fell towards them. She touches the little red lotus design behind her right ear with her paw.

     That was so strange how my neck had the burning sensation when the star fell.

     Yun Tai looks over at the little cat with its paws behind its head looking up at the sky. For an instant he pictures her as XiXi laying there. He shakes his head, does this girl have some sort of enchantment spell that makes men attracted to her.

     He has never seen Feng Tian smitten by a girl, and Feng Tian’s panicked reaction when she wasn’t in the hut shows how much he cares for her. Yet she wantonly flirts with every man she sees.{XiXi would laugh so hard if she heard what he was thinking}

     He looks back at the fish they are ready. He takes a skewer and lays it on a cloth he had in his robe for XiXi. She looks at it and then at Yun Tai. It is whole with its eyes staring at her, intact, aren’t you going to take the bones out for me?

     Amused at her expression he has a low laugh, “What’s wrong?”

     She points at the fish with a paw, blinking twice fluttering her eyelashes.

     Yun Tai scratches his head and a smile curls up on his thin lips, “Oh, you want me to take the bones out?”

     XiXi nods her furry white head, do you know how hard it is to scratch them out with these tiny paws? Didn’t you gladly feed me the night with Siyu, feeding me the braised pork when you thought I was just a Spirit Cat,…he really doesn’t like me}

     Yun Tai thinks this girl is too pampered, even as a cat she flirts and thinks she should be waited on. Well, she did go to the effort to catch the fish, he takes the fish and fillets it for her placing it back on the cloth.

     They both eat in silence, XiXi eats two large fish then sighs and lays back patting her stomach. Yun Tai sees this and he smiles again, this girl is so undignified. He reaches over and wipes some fish from her furry cheeks.

     It’s getting late but XiXi doesn’t want to leave this magical garden. She wants to lay on the ground and look at the stars.

     Yun Tai is about to pick her up and use his qinggong to return, she shakes her head no. while not budging from her reclining position. She calculates she has about four more hours as a cat and wants to enjoy not thinking about anything.

     She pats the spot next to her on the ground and motions for him to lay down next to her. He decides to sit on a rock instead, but she keeps patting the ground. She wants to say laying down looking up at the stars is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

     Maybe if he took the time to enjoy life he wouldn’t be so disagreeable all the time.

     He gives in. she looks so cute laying there staring at the night sky with her paws behind her head. Yun Tai wonders how she can be so annoying, yet be charming at times.

     Yun Tai lays down and looks up at the stars. It reminds him of after an exhausting battle you couldn’t even see the night sky for all the Demons bursting then disintegrating only a smoky sky remained.. the sky wouldn’t clear for days.

     The two of them lay there,  both thinking their own thoughts, it is a peaceful scene. The only sounds that can be heard were the flowing stream and some cicadas.

     After the couple days they both had it wasn’t long with this calm atmosphere they both fell asleep. A strong looking handsome man in a black robe laying in the plush green spirit grass with a small fluffy white cat nestled next to him, his arm encircling it.

   They slept for quite awhile when suddenly a star fell from the sky towards them and XiX awoke to a burning sensation behind her ear. Her sudden movement under his arm Yun Tai also woke up to find himself with the little white cat clutching his chest crying rubbing her ear.

    Yun Tai jumps up, he had been having that same dream from the other night, a naked woman next to him, filling him with desire. He looked at his body and his lower half is reflecting that desire.

     The little cat is not far from him, her eyes are clouded with tears and she is rubbing her ear not paying attention to him.

    He quickly flies over to the stream to feel the cold water hoping it will be a remedy for his condition, even though she is a cat she is still a girl underneath.

      Yun Tai meditates also and calms himself down, returns to where XiXi is sitting.

      XiXi doesn’t want him to see the red lotus design and motions with her paw like she is swatting an insect.

    Yun Tai still feeling embarrassed, coughs then says in a hoarse voice, “We should return” swings her up, taps his foot and flies away.

     When they return to the bamboo house it is late and everyone has retired. Yun Tai tells XiXi to go to her room. He explains his plan is to say he went before dawn to retrieve her from the Cave of Seclusion.

    “You will have returned to being a human by then right?”

     XiXi rubs her ear and nods yes.

     Yun Tai is still unnerved by his dream he isn’t one to have those types of dreams, he has trained himself to be immune to sexual desires. He has had to resist all sorts of temptations because of all the Demonesses and a few Succubus he has encountered through the years.

     Why has it been both times I fell asleep with this Spirit Cat next to me?  I need to quickly get back to my room.

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