Loose Ends

Wang Li Jie told Xiaolian to rest , he sat on the edge of the bed holding her tiny hand until she fell asleep.  He added two guards to the outside of the Starfire Room and told them to show no mercy if anyone should approach  Xiaolian’s room. Jiang Bai and Sun Qiang waiting in the outer room for him silently sizing each other up when Wang Li Jie appears.

    “Let’s go to my study.”

     Sun Qiang picks up the jug of wine, no reason to leave it behind he thinks, seems to be one of the only good things about being human so far. They made quite a sight, three handsome tall men striding down the hallway each with a serious expression. Huang Howan is admiring how handsome they all are when she remembers not one of them gave her even a little face. Since that girl arrived Wang Li Jie hasn’t even said hello to me once!

     They enter the study and Wang Li Jie slams the door. “I need you two to listen to me carefully. I have decided on a plan and I will explain it to you, after I do I need to go meet Kang Longwei.

     “Kang Longwei?” Sun Qiang doesn’t like the sound of that. He barely just got his injuries taken care of that were inflicted by him.

     “Do you know him?” Both Wang Li Jie and Jiang Bai look at him.


     “This is what we are going to do. I will need to fill you in on some details. Xiaolian is not returning to the Butterfly Wing Residence at this time.”

     “But..” Sun Qiang doesn’t like the sound of this either, he pours himself another cup of wine intent on hearing why not.

     “Don’t interrupt”

     “Rather you, Sun Qiang will accompany me to the Capitol. She told me she promised the old monk a place for you to stay, but not necessarily for her to remain with you. So you will live in the Capitol at one of my residences with all the freedom and money you need until you establish yourself. You will be quite comfortable as my guest.


     “What do you mean.. No? I am the Immortal Emperor of the Red Lotus Star Kingdom so you will do as I command!”

     “I’m not your subject you can’t command me.” Sun Qiang thinks I would rather stay with the stupid girl.

     “Listen it is for Xiaolian’s safety.”

     “How is that?”

     “I can’t explain.”

     “Then I can’t agree.”

     Wang Li Jie rips the jug of wine from Sun Qiang’s hand swiftly raises his palm, Jiang Bai holds him back, although he despises Wang Li Jie, Xiaolian depends on him. She wouldn’t easily forgive him hurting someone she had promised  to take care of for the old monk.

     “Wang Li Jie control your temper. There isn’t much time before we leave.” Jiang Bai doesn’t like this man either but Xiaolian won’t break a promise.

    “I can’t trust you with the details.”

     “I think you need to otherwise I won’t change my position.”

     “You won’t understand.”

     “Try me.”

     This man is infuriating, “ Are you aware of my brother Wang Chao Han?”

     “I’ve heard of him”..many..many times..how many people have come to ask the old monk to help them with problems because of that man. I would get a headache as they complained and wailed.

     “Well he is looking for Xiaolian and he is back from where he was”..this should suffice anyone who knows him would be afraid of him.I cannot tell him all the details..another world..she is a girl named XiXi.

     “So she is hiding from him?” What would that evil bastard want with the stupid girl.

     “Yes. But she isn’t aware of it. Where she is going she will be protected until I can take care of my brother.”

      This part makes sense to Sun Qiang, the stupid girl doesn’t seem to have a deep awareness of her surroundings or danger.“I will stay with her.”

     Jiang Bai interjects, “You will be in the way, you have no martial arts skills, you will be a hindrance.”

     “I have my own abilities.”

    Wang Li Jie’s frustration is making him want to explode. He flips his desk over ink and papers fly everywhere. He grits his teeth as he realizes this man is too stubborn to listen to him.  “This is getting us nowhere!”

      he takes a moment to calm down then makes a decision.“Sun Qiang since the old monk placed you with Xiaolian he must trust you so I will.”

     Wang Li Jie proceeds to explain the entire situation to Sun Qiang. Xiaolian is XiXi for now and is leaving on a journey with her father, Feng Tian and Yun Tai. He left out the details about his brother’s obsession just gave him the bare facts, he must not find her. They are returning her to the Mystical Garden which has been placed in a Time Dilation Array.

     “ What are your so called abilities? Are you knowledgeable of any of the ancient arts?

      Sun Qiang suddenly blurts out,“I’m a medical doctor”  Where did that come from? Did the old monk give me some knowledge when I transformed? Is that how I detected the demonic herb residue on that girl.

     Both Jiang Bai and Wang Li Jie look at him suspiciously.“A doctor!” They shout at the same time.


     “Why didn’t you treat yourself then when you were injured?”

     “ I have no medicinal herbs on me, I left in a hurry.”

     Wang Li Jie glares at Sun Qiang, the man is extremely infuriating!  Well the Sun Family is known to be arrogant and are members of the Mystical Medicine Sect.“Settled we will sort the final details out, just don’t call her Xiaolian when we arrive there its XiXi.”

     Sun Qiang feels he answered heir questions and greedily eyes the jug of wine “Can I have the wine back?”


       Wang li Jie tells them,“I’m meeting with Kang Longwei now, when I get back we leave. Don’t cause any trouble while I am gone. “

      The three leave the study,  Wang Li Jie  leaves the palace then uses his qinggong to fly to the village below the mountain. Jiang Bai and Sun Qiang walk down the hallway without talking, Jiang Bai grabs the jug of wine from Sun Qiang, “I will have some wine now!”

     Kang Longwei just arrived at the Inn and is having tea. What a quaint little village, he enjoyed walking along the streets when he arrived. The smell of the food stalls, the bustle of the crowd. He had forgotten how a small town has its own charm.

     A pretty girl with red hair comes over with tea admiring how handsome he is, she has never seen a man with such startling good looks. His golden hair tied up on his head with a jade and gold hairpin, his robes are of the finest quality, light purple in color. He looks like a celestial come down from the heavens. She bows nervously and asks if he would like to order some food.

     He smiles at her, his  bewitching amber phoenix eyes are mesmerizing, “No thank you Miss, I am waiting for someone, when she arrives we will order.” She walks away blushing, thinking what lucky girl will be joining him she wonders.

   He taps his slender fingers on the wooden table, it is a good thing that moron Sun Gu showed up on time with the money and spirit stones. He was getting anxious to see Xiaolian again, if that little flimsy man had been a minute late..

     Suddenly a wind blows the door of the Inn open , Wang Li Jie stands in the dark doorway. Kang Longwei is about to draw his Dragon Golden Eye Sword when he sees the shadowy figure in the doorway, is that Wang Chao Han? He has his hand clenched tight around the hilt, the sword began to glow with a golden light surrounding it. A thousand years but I would never forget that demon bastard. He stands  as he flies to the door he sheaths his sword. The man is not Wang Chao Han he must be the brother Xiaolian’s friend Wang Li Jie no reason to be aggressive yet.His amber eyes light up at the prospect of seeing Xiaolian again. He anxiously looks around with anticipation where is that beautiful girl?

    Wang Li Jie is smart enough to realize Kang Longwei for a moment mistook him for his brother so he didn’t get upset, his aura remains calm as he greets Kang Longwei. “You must be Kang Longwei, Xiaolian sent me here to meet you.”

     “She didn’t come?” The sound of disappointment in his voice doesn’t go unnoticed by Wang Li Jie.

     “No, and unfortunately she won’t be going to her Butterfly Wing Residence so she will be unable to meet you.”

     Kang Longwei has a suspicious feeling, she readily invited him and said she would meet him at the Inn.

     “Did she send a letter with you for me explaining the situation?” She doesn’t seem the type to offer an invitation then abruptly send someone to inform of a change of plans. Is this man holding her against her will? I need to know more.

     “There wasn’t time she had an emergency.”

     “What kind of emergency maybe I could help.” He doesn’t like the manner in which Wang Li Jie is trying to dismiss him.

     Wang Li Jie sees a look of distrust on Kang Longwei’s face, “It’s complicated and I don’t have time to explain.”

The cold atmosphere between the two men is starting to get very eavy. The beams of the small Inn are beginning to crack from the internal energy emanating from Kang Longwei, he stands closer to Wang Li Jie with his hand on his sword , his teeth clenched warning,“I will need to hear from Xiaolian in person.”

     The few customers that have been eating their breakfast feel the pressure between these two formidable men, look wide eyed at the scene wondering if they should hurriedly eat and leave. Or just leave.. both men appear to have reached high levels of cultivation. Not only that they are both wearing clothes of nobles, the one man’s even has a golden dragon embroidered across it. They are not simple people. Several village men push back their plates, stumbling over their own feet rush out of the Inn. Only one black clothed man remains in his seat in the corner of the restaurant watching.

     Wang Li Jie feels Kang Longwei’s killing intent coming to the surface, he doesn’t have time to entangle in a fight with him. He can feel he is definitely not someone who would hold back, this could escalate into a bigger headache. His Kingdom doesn’t need the additional problem of him injuring the Crown Prince who has just returned, maybe if he took some time and tried to explain the situation.

     “Calm down, I have no intention of engaging in a fight with you. Let’s sit and I will attempt to answer your questions.” Wang Li Jie was hoping this would have gone smoother. Xiaolian when I get back I am going to forbid you from talking to any man you might meet.. 

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