Keep My Secret…

  Yun Tai looks down at the Spirit Cat who is looking up at him with its startling blue eyes. XiXi keeps nodding her head up and down while meowing.

     When I wrote I am XiXi he didn’t change his expression…why isn’t he acting surprised. No,  when he found me by the stream he reacted normally as though he  thought I am the cat he found yesterday. I think he would have said something like you were a cat..then a girl.. now a cat again.

     He definitely would make some remark…some indication he saw me in his bed.This is good, I can relax, well no I can’t until he agrees not to give my secret away.

Yun Tai has a complicated expression on his face, Why? Why would the silly girl transform into a cat…

He thinks about her antics last night by the fire, he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

XiXi can see by the blank look on his face it isn’t quite sinking into his head yet, but the voices are getting nearer.

     She hurriedly writes DO NOT TELL THEM. HALF DAY

Yun Tai is in a quandary, what does she want me to do, what’s half day?

 “It will last a half day more?”

     XiXi nods again.

     “No”, Yun Tai says decisively.

     She grabs the bottom of his robe trying to hold him back but gets dragged along as he walks toward the hut.

     XiXi hisses at him.. he liked the cat before he found out it was mewhy doesn’t he like me? He won’t do one small favor..hmm..she jumps into his chest and bounces back to the ground rubbing her head.

     Her paws hurt from running through the woods , she stops and sits licking her paws. What a big heartless Iceberg, not willing to do me one small favor.

     She sees a bit of dirt up ahead and writes. I WANT TO HELP SIYU.  Well that wasn’t why in the beginning but he doesn’t need to know that.

     Yun Tai looks at the writing, is that why she transformed into a cat? He notices her paws must hurt, should I pick her up. What a troublemaker!

     He recalls last night, so she was capricious after returning to the hut first she threw a temper tantrum then impulsively used sorcery she can’t control.. What should I do, it’s only half a day. Can she really help Siyu?

   Yun Tai  has serious doubts she is telling the truth, she looked like she was playing around with the little beast. “Did you really do this to try to help Siyu?”

     XiXi looks at him with watery blue eyes that are silently pleading with him, “meowwww please!”

     He is still deciding when Feng Tian and Zhang Yu approach him, “Where’s XiXi she isn’t in the hut!”

     Zhang Yu is looking at the cat by Yun Tai’s feet, that looks a lot like our cat at home. He shakes his head, it is probably a Spirit Cat that belongs to Yun Tai. First that man in Myriad Cloud City now this cat…

     XiXi takes this opportunity to give it one last try. She hops into Yun Tai’s arms and rubs her soft furry head against his chest purring, looking up with pitiful eyes hoping he will give in to her request

    Feng Tian’s voice  sounds  alarmed.“Where is she Yun Tai?”

     Yun Tai hesitates a moment and then looks at the cat who is trying to worm its way into his good graces, snuggling into his chest.

     It will just be a bigger headache that I was here when she transformed into a cat. Fine, it’s only half a day.

     “I decided to teach her some light cultivation techniques so she is in the Cave of Seclusion until tomorrow.” He glances down at XiXi,  shameless cat she has a smile on her face.

     He glares at the cat in his arms, his phoenix eyes narrow and  he raises an eyebrow, showing disdain for her actions.

     “Meow…meow..meowww..” Thank you, I don’t care what you think just don’t say anything. She wants to roll her eyes but is afraid he might change his mind.

      Feng Tian has a puzzled look on his face, “I thought Yun Pei Shen said her meridians are blocked?”

     Yun Tai is thinking great! this is why I DON”T LIE! 

     “It’s basic breathing and meditation nothing more. So she can focus better, she seems to falter when it comes to concentrating. I just felt there were too many distractions here”, he glances over at the little beast who is hiding by a bush.  That’s why I took her to the cave. I have a barrier in place so no one can enter, you will have to wait to see her tomorrow.”

     Zhang Yu interjects, “Thank you Yun Tai being able to concentrate all of her mind’s power is one of the attributes of a good Sorceress.”

     XiXi wants to cough up blood , I can concentrate just fine, just turned myself into a cat I will have you know! Well there were a couple glitches}

     “ Let’s all go back to my house, I was just checking on some things here by the lake. You must be hungry and tired. Yun Tai sees Rong behind them.” Is this your servant girl Rong? I haven’t seen you since you were a child. You used to follow me around swinging a wooden sword challenging me!”

     Rong’s face turns slightly red, she didn’t think the great ‘Invincible Immortal’ Warrior Yun Tai would remember a mere servant girl as herself. She looks at him with admiration, if I were a man she would enlist in his army and follow him anywhere. So brave and handsome!

     XiXi looks at Rong, does she have a crush on this Iceman?

     “Why did you bring Rong?” Yun Tai looks at Feng Tian thinking good someone to watch this little brat.

     “She will serve XiXi”

     “…” XiXi

     Feng Tian takes notice of the fluffy white cat in Yun Tai’s embrace, “Did you get another Spirit Animal?”Why does he like such fluffy white pets, The Gemini Twins, this feminine looking, pampered Spirit Cat

     He reaches over to pet the Spirit Cat, XiXi purrs she is happy they are back. She knows not to jump into Feng Tian’s arms, she can’t do anything that might upset the Iceberg.

     “I found it, I thought it might be LingLing’s pet. Where is she I haven’t seen her at all since I returned.”

     “She is in Myriad Cloud City on business and will return tomorrow. We should return to your the house, the Chen brothers should be done unloading the horses and supplies.”

     “Two of the Chens are here?”Yun Tai is surprised Feng Che would send two of his personal guards.

     “They are going on the journey with us, Feng Che sent them.”

     “Good, very good they have excellent skills.Let’s go back to the bamboo house and start preparing we should leave in two days”

     XiXi is relieved Yun Tai didn’t reveal her secret but she feels he will not take the situation lightly. He looked at her with an extremely dark and very irritated as he was lying, as though his skin was crawling. Well, I will worry about that later..

     Yun Tai walks over to where Siyu is sleeping and wakes him up. Siyu opens one eye reluctantly and listens to Yun Tai. He agrees to meet them in two days to accompany them.

     XiXi is excited her hero will be coming along. Yun Tai notices her perk up while looking at Siyu, were her eyes sparkling, does she like him? What about Feng Tian? 

     Well, that’s not his problem, he does want her to help Siyu return to human form, that is the only reason he went along with her stupid plan. He is one of his closest friends from The Rajin Mystical Warrior Sect where he trained. Siyu was one of the few warriors he knew he considered an equal. He is a proud and loyal friend so if the little Sorceress can succeed in this…he looks at the little white cat licking her paws and preening in his arms, oblivious.. 

     “…” Yun Tai uses his qinggong and carries XiXi toward the house. He is followed by Feng Tian carrying the little beast and Rong. Zhang Yu uses a transporting spell to meet them there.

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