Kang Longwei

 Xiaolian looks at Sun Jing’s demeaning icy expression on his otherwise handsome face then shrugs her shoulders, “You Sun brothers aren’t very polite” and saunters into the room.

     “You aren’t dead yet that is polite enough. Just sit they will be here soon.”


     Sun Jing walks out the door without answering.

     “Hmmph.. “

     Not too long afterwards she hears activity in the courtyard, whoever was coming must be here.

     The door is opened and in the doorway is a godlike man. He is tall with golden hair and shining amber eyes that could melt your soul. He is wearing a light purple robe with silver dragons embroidered on it. He smiles as he sees her. “All of you wait outside” he says in a commanding tone to his entourage.

     “But Crown Prince..” Sun Gu wants to advise him meeting this lowly woman alone could be troublesome.

     “Sun Gu, I said leave!”

     Sun Gu gives Xiaolian an arrogant look , rolls his eyes then swishes away followed by several white robed men. He is humphing she didn’t even bow! No manners..no manners at all..

     It is only the two of them left in the room.

     “Do you know me” Xiaolian asks with a quizzical look on her face. She would remember a stunning man such as him. She scrunches up her face trying to recall meeting him, is he one of Wang Li Jie’s friends. “Are you a friend of Wang Li Jie?”

     “Definitely not!” he laughs when he hears her question, although he never met him, he is the brother of his nemesis Wang Chan Hao.“Let’s sit in the Courtyard and talk.”

     They walk outside and sit at the grey stone table. He tells the one remaining guard to get them some tea. Xiaolian is mesmerized by his unusual looks, she has never met a man with golden hair and amber eyes before. What kingdom is he from she wonders.

     “Xiaolian” he says her name in an affectionate tone.

     “I have to ask first how do you know me?”

     “You saved me.”

     “What?”, she would recall if she had saved such a handsome man.

     He hasn’t sat under a plum blossom tree with a beautiful girl in a thousand years. He stares at her creamy white skin and azure blue eyes, her delicate hands tapping on the table are making a soft noise. He is enjoying all the sounds around him after being banished to that black abyss for so long. The sound of the light breeze through the trees, a butterfly’s wings as it lands on a flower. Subtle sounds that used to be normal to him now seem wondrous being able to hear them.

     Suddenly his face changes and a black aura surrounds him. I will find that bastard Wang Chao Han and kill him for having his Sorcerer commit me to that hell. The elders allowing him to mete out my punishment, they will pay too.

     Xiaolian can see his mood changing on his face, “Are you in discomfort, are your injuries bothering you?”

     “No, I’m completely healed, sorry I was just thinking. Now, how I know you.. I am.. no, was..the Beast”

     Xiaolian jumps up from her seat tripping on the dress that is a little too long, “WHAT?”

     He quickly catches her in his arms before she falls to the ground. She stares into his amber eyes that seem to be filled with a gentle light as he is holding her in his embrace. They both start laughing at the awkwardness of the situation. The guard with the tea is unable to move witnessing the Crown Prince holding the lowborn girl. He had heard the Crown Prince was arrogant and aloof.

     The guard coughs and both of them look his direction. Xiaolian straightens out her dress, “This dress is a little long. I should tie it up..haha” He looks at her petite body thinking she is swimming in that dress… she is so tiny.

     “I will send another over later for you.” he looks at the guard who is frozen in place gawking at them. He commands him, ” Set the tea down and leave. You can wait for me by the outer gate.” The guard is relieved and hurriedly flies off using his qinggong.

     “Where were we…yes, I will introduce myself to you properly. My name is Kang Longwei, I am the Crown Prince of Radiant Skyfall Kingdom.”

     “Radiant Skyfall Kingdom? The Kingdom on the far side of the world that is isolated from all worldly matters? Isn’t that Kingdom composed of near gods?”

     Kang Longwei can’t help but chuckle at her expression of amazement on her face, her wide eyes are very blue, looking as though they contain the sky within them.

     “Some say that.”

     “How did you end up in the Black Abyss”

     Kang Longwei’s eyes darken to a smoky amber color and black lines form on his forehead.

     Xiaolian sees this and feels she may be too inquisitive, she still wants him to help her live! “Never mind! Not really my business!”

     “I will tell you sometime but it is a long story, for now I would like to repay your kindness to me. I will help you complete your cultivation.”

     “Could you still give me the mark on my arm I need to enter the competition, even though you are no longer the Beast?”

     His lips curl up into a slight smile at how naive she is, with him helping her she doesn’t need to lift a finger to reach the Soaring Sky Stage, he could even send her quickly through a few more. He doesn’t know how sturdy her foundation is or how much she can handle so to start he will guide her through this stage. He is curious how she knows that bastard’s brother Wang Li Jie, she doesn’t seem of noble birth. She seems untainted by palace intrigue.

     “You won’t need the Beast’s mark.”

     “Will they let me leave here and go to the arena? I can enter without the mark?”

     “They will do whatever I command them to do.”

     “Great, but to be honest I don’t know how I will defeat the Mythological beasts in the arena, any pointers?”

     She really has no clue who I am, this is refreshing! Fate sent her to me to break free from the abyss, I will repay her tenfold. If she didn’t give me courage through her kindness I would still be there chained by the invisible chains of despair.

     “Let’s go to the hot spring.”

      Xiaolian scrunches up her nose,“I don’t think this is the time for me to be relaxing, I have to complete my cultivation and return.”

     Kang Longwei spits out his tea when he hears her serious tone. She is too amusing!

     Xiaolian sees the spray coming from his mouth and thinks what did I say to cause that reaction.

    He regains his princely demeanor and replies, “It is a sacred hot spring, it will increase your internal energy.”

     “Is it on the Sacred Cloud I was on earlier? No I don’t want to go, those old men will use that as an excuse to throw me off the cloud!”

      He has the urge to pat her head then in a doting tone tells her,“You are with me no one will dare touch a hair on your head.”

     “Well, I will trust you then, I know I am too weak to face beasts right now, let’s go”

     I will have some fun teasing this girl. Oh freedom feels amazing, I will enjoy her company for now and plot my revenge later.

     He picks her up into his arms, she is light as a feather, too thin he thinks, and flies into the sky. Xiaolian wonders why these arrogant men never give her a warning when they are going to use their qinggong. She sighs, at least he is helping me, I was worried about being eaten by beasts or being thrown off a cloud. If I can make it through this ordeal without summoning Wang Li Jie I will be so happy!

     They arrive at the hot spring and he sets her down. Her long black silky hair has been blown by the wind and is partially flowing down her back. He hopes she doesn’t put it back up in her hairpin, he likes her unruly look.

     The hot spring has a smoky blue haze covering it and she can feel the heat coming off the steam rising. If nothing else a soak in a hot spring sounds invigorating. The surrounding area is lush and green with a weeping willow tree next to it. It reminds me of the Weeping Willow Courtyard, only the lushness and brilliantly colored flowers here are in sharp contrast to the icy white landscape where Wang Li Jie’s palace is located.

     “The water in the hot spring is infused with the purest of spiritual energy you will find in any Kingdom.I will give you privacy and soak beyond that rock, he points to the far right side of the hot spring. I am going to enjoy the healing benefits.”

     “Thank you Kang Longwei” She waits until he disappears beyond the rock and takes her dress off leaving only some light undergarments to sit in the hot spring. This water feels like silk being draped over me she thinks as she sinks down. She feels the spiritual energy seeping into her as she plays in the water swimming around, her body is absorbing it at a very fast rate. She is beginning to feel a little lightheaded.

    She is floating feeling very relaxed thinking about Kang Longwei. I’m glad he was able to return from being the Beast, he has a light that shines from within him I can feel it. I wonder what happened for him to be thrust into that terrible situation. I heard people from the Radiant Skyfall Kingdom are Earth Immortal Scholars who don’t come into contact with the outside world. Who would be so cruel as to send him to that fate.

     Midsplash Xiaolian feels a whirlpool forming around her dragging her down. She begins coughing and swallowing water, what is happening. From behind a tree Sun Gu is waving his palms circulating the water into a whirlpool faster and faster. He has a satisfied look as he sees the little wench’s head bobbing up and down trying to breathe. What a stroke of luck he happened to be by here gathering some medicinal herbs.

     Kang Longwei has disguised his presence with a cloak of invisibility because he didn’t want any meddlesome people looking for him. He could tell his father wanted to speak with him about things and he wasn’t in the mood to discuss his situation with him. I owe this girl a debt and I want to fulfill her wish to reach the Soaring Sky Stage. She seems in a hurry to do so.

     Sun Gu has no idea Kang Longwei is beyond the rocks soaking in the hot spring also. Sun Gu is snickering enjoying watching the little fox struggling in the water. I won’t kill her I would get into trouble but who would know I am playing with her at the hot spring.

     Xiaolian is just about to get sucked further down when a strong arm pulls her up into the air above the hot spring.

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