Jiang Bai

  Xiaolian holds onto Wang Li Jie’s arm to help him inside. Jiang Bai looks at the smug look on Wang Li Jie’s face and wants to give him a palm strike. I saved her where were you?

     “I can help him Xiaolian, why don’t you hurry inside you are beginning to shiver from the cold.”

     “I’m fine, the warmth you gave me hasn’t worn off and we aren’t far from the door.” She feels guilty he wouldn’t have been hurt if he hadn’t taken her to the Ice Flower Cave to cultivate.

     Wang Li Jie tightens his grip on her waist as she helps him walk. He can feel the killing intent from Jiang Bai, but he knows he can’t do anything so he is amused by the expression on his face.

     When they enter Huang Hua and Huang Howan rush over.Huang Hua motions to a servant nearby. “ Call the physician His Highness is injured!” 

     “It’s minor no need to be alarmed.” He worries about his old nanny, she is the only one who cared for him when he was young. She looks so ancient now when he looks at her with her concerned expression.

     Although he is enjoying leaning on Xiaolian’s body he doesn’t want Huang Hua to fret. He tells Xiaolian he is able to walk on his own. They walk slowly down the hallway to his chamber and he sits on the edge of his bed. The physician enters and tells everyone to leave so he can treat Wang Li Jie.

     “Your Highness if you need anything send a servant to find me”, Xiaolian doesn’t want to leave but Wang Li Jie doesn’t ask her to stay. It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to see his thigh, besides the fact it is a disturbing sight. The poison has blackened his skin around where the ice spike entered, the veins going down his legs are purple and bulging out. His hand under the makeshift bandage is also damaged from the fight with Quan Zhen. “I will be out when the physician finishes, you must be hungry, go eat, I will join you shortly. Jiang Bai you are no longer needed, return to the red lotus bracelet.”

     “…” Xiaolian and  Jiang Bai walk down the hallway, “Jiang Bai you don’t need to return to the bracelet yet, I don’t feel like being alone right now.” The memories of her family being killed are fresh in her mind. She hadn’t thought of her parents in a long time because it is so painful to recall.

     Jiang Bai looks at Xiaolian right now she appears extremely fragile as he towers over her petite body. He has the urge to comfort her but he doesn’t know how. He always has had a cold personality but since he was turned into the Astral Void Beast his emotions have become more stifled.

     “Xiaolian..” he can’t think of anything to say to her. He wants to hold her for some reason to try to take some of the pain that her face is expressing away, she is the only one that makes him feel any emotions. He knows he can’t touch her, she is the Astral Void Beast’s mistress, he is her servant.

     “Just walk with me we don’t need to talk” She feels comforted walking next to this sturdy silent man. He is so handsome and cold, she needs to get strong as a Sorceress to break the spell that was cast upon him. She wants to set him free.

     “I think I will bathe first before I eat”, she looks at her white dress that has been torn by the Astral Void Beast’s sharp talons.” I want to relax in an herbal bath to refresh myself. You can wait outside the door as you are then we can go to the kitchen.”

     Jiang Bai is getting hungry when he returns to The Astral Void Beast form there is no need for food because basically he is an illusionary Mythical Beast. Right now though he was looking forward to a meal.

     “ I will wait outside”

     “Can you send for a servant girl to help me prepare the bath?”

     “I can get the water for you if you want”, he doesn’t really want to look down the hallway for a servant they might wonder who he is and ask questions. One thing he hates is questions.

     “ I will wait then”

     Xiaolian sits on the bed thinking of the last day’s events. Why doesn’t she remember a chunk of time after they left the Ice Flower Garden. She will need to ask Wang Ji Lie about it. It was strange too that her memories of her parents and her life seem jumbled when she was trying to recall the method her mother used to attack the demonic flames.

     She had the face of two different people appear at first as her parents.  She rubs her throbbing temples,Has it been so long I have forgotten my own parents faces? They were wearing strange clothes also. It was momentary but it made her mind confused.

     Jiang Bai returns with the water and fills the bath for her, he waves his palm over the water and steam rises into the air. “I will go now”

     Xiaolian sprinkles some herbs and flowers and sinks into the tub. “Oh that feels so good” she whispers out loud as she leans back. She begins to sing a sad song about two lovers separation. Jaing Bai can hear her from outside and a smile curls up on his lips. He closes his eyes as he listens to her beautiful voice. Every time she sings it soothes his angry soul and he feels peaceful for awhile.

     His handsome face doesn’t look as cold as usual when he thinks of Xiaolian. She really loves simple pleasures. He leans up against the door thinking of when Wang Li Jie gave him to Xiaolian.

     He had heard she was a great Sorceress and was excited if he could get close to her maybe she could transform him back into a man. When he first saw her he let out an angry sigh, the rumors must be just a puff of smoke. She was picking wildflowers in a field by the palace. She looked very delicate and young, her long black hair blowing in the breeze because it wasn’t properly tied.

     He was held by a thick gold mystical chain around his neck. His imposing black body and fiery red eyes frightened everyone who came in contact with him.. He assumed when she looked up and saw how monstrous he was she would shriek and refuse. But when she heard them approaching she ran over to Wang Li Jie and stared with crystal blue eyes laughing while looking at him. He remembers as though it was yesterday.

     “Wang Li Jie, you said he would be a formidable protector but you forgot to tell me how magnificent he is! “

     “Magnificent” Jiang Bai mutters under his breath. Not a term ever used to describe me.

     Even Wang Li Jie is surprised at this comment. He had told her the beast was ugly but had many good qualities as a protector, he could easily be hidden in her Red Lotus bracelet. She could soar through the clouds on him and once they formed a bond he would respond to any order without hesitation.

     She rushed over to the Astral Void Beast and petted his feathers like he was her adored pet. She had no fear and her aura was full of pure light  surrounding her delicate body.

     “What is his name?”

     “He doesn’t have one, call him Beast”

     “I can’t call him that, I will think of a good name. You said he understands human language?”


     “That’s so impressive”

     “Not really, many mythological beasts do, you know that!” Wang Li Jie wonders what is going through her head.

       Xiaolian rolls her eyes at Wang Li Jie, I’m trying to flatter him you idiot!

     “Do you mind bending down so I can look into your eyes?”

     “Just command him, Xiaolian!”



     Jiang Bai is laughing inside did she just tell the Tyrant King to be quiet? Haha… I haven’t laughed in a hundred years, this girl is amusing!

     He lays down then bends his massive head looking into her beautiful blue eyes. She is more brave than I would have thought when I first saw her frail body bending picking flowers.

     She stares deep into his scarlet red eyes, he has narrowed his eyes making himself appear even more ferocious, staring back at this wisp of a girl waiting for a look of horror to cross her face. She is examining him with such an endearing serious look on her face without any disgust at his appearance. Xiaolian is scrunching up her nose and arching her eyebrows, she taps her head as though deep in thought.

     “Wang Li Jie what happened to this man?”

     He was astounded she could sense his soul that is deep inside the beast’s body.

     “I don’t know, he won’t say. I found him at the base of Lightening Bridge Mountain eight hundred years ago. He was wounded, his one wing was almost severed. I had a divine healer from the Crescent Moon Medicine Sect save him, I then bonded him to me with a blood contract.

   Xiaolian patted him on his head with her tiny white hand then scratched him behind his ear, whispered, “I will find a way for you to get your heroic life back.” He hadn’t felt a human touch in so long he forgot what it felt like to not be despised.

     She ran over to Wang Li Jie bowed and said “Thank you Your Highness, I will cherish this gift!”

     Jiang Bai didn’t realize as he is thinking of Xiaolian he has a look of peacefulness about him. He looks extraordinarily handsome as he leans his tall muscular body up against the wall.

     A servant girl passing by drops the tray of tea she is bringing to Xiaolian as she looks up at him. He is so handsome… like a god descended from heaven, even more handsome than His Highness.

     Jiang Bai looks at the small girl, her hands trembling as she is picking up the shards off the floor. He bends over to help her and smiles, she felt her soul was leaving her body.

     “I’m so sorry, don’t .. I will get it..” she mumbles staring at him with wide eyes.

     As he pickis up the shattered tea cup he  notices the distinct  smell of an aphrodisiac from the spilled tea, it is barely discernible but his cultivation level is incredibly high.

      He glares at the girl, she feels a frightening black aura surrounding him. It is strange how he changed in an instant and now appears like a demon.

     He grabs her  thin arm , “Who sent this tea!”


     “Tell me or die now!”

     She is shaking all the way to her bones looking at the frightening man holding her arm.”It..it was..” The servant girl suddenly slumps over in his arms.. dead.

     He flies down the hallway but no one is there.  Hmmm…I sensed movement but can’t see anyone.

     Huang Howan  hatched a plan to ruin Xiaolian using the aphrodisiac and her guard. His Highness was injured and with the physician because of that slut. Who knew that stupid Gu Ning would drop the tea! Luckily I  followed and witnessed the guard interrogating her.

    I need to be more aware that guard has high skills to detect me when I had taken the invisibility pill. She stomps her feet in anger, this failed and I wasted one of my only two invisibility pills I stole the last time they were at The Crescent Moon Sect.

     Now I killed the stupid maid and someone is going to need to take the fall for it, maybe that guard?

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