Wang Li jie starts to laugh, “You are taking too long. We are the only ones left, we need to leave.”

     She splashes him with some water, “It’s your fault ..these baths are too relaxing  haha. I just need to wash my hair I will be ready.”

     “You haven’t washed your hair yet? Too slow..I will help you.”  She remembers when she was young, he would visit,  sometimes taking her to the lake to teach her to swim and they would play in the water. He didn’t seem like the Immortal Emperor of a Kingdom more like her big brother. He would throw her into the air and when she splashed down into the lake he would catch her before she sank.

     He takes her hair into his hands and begins to lather it up with special red lotus hair soap he had made especially for her. Her hair is so silky and long he loves the way it feels in his hands.

     “Li Jie remember when you taught me to swim in the lake by my house?” 

     “You want me to remember a crying little girl who clung onto me because she was afraid of monsters that the servants told her lived at the bottom of the lake. Haha… I had tiny little scratches all down my neck from you clawing not to be let down into the water.”

     Xiaolian starts laughing too, “I forgot about that, I just remembered you tossing me in the air..”

     “You had so much fun flying in the air, you forgot about the monsters.” He enjoyed the times he would escape the Capitol to visit the Butterfly Wing Residence. 

     Xiaolian touches his hand that is washing her hair and looks into his purple eyes, she loves to see his smile, his unique purple eyes  with a gleam of happiness shining in them. It is rare to see this playful side of him. “Li Jie I love to hear you laugh, even if it is at my expense!”

     He feels the tender touch of her hand wishing this moment could never end. She is the only one in the world that can make him smile, she is so innocent of the ways to the world. Soon she will be faced with the harsh realities of life and he won’t be able to stay with her to protect her.

     He rinses her hair, still wondering if he should tell her his true feelings. I could carry the moment in my heart even though I must erase the memory from her mind when she returns to being XiXi. What is wrong with being a bit selfish, I lost her for so long , I have lived in misery without her in my life. Maybe they could change history to be together, that is all he wishes for in this life. I will tell her before I returns her to the Mystical Garden to that brat Feng Tian.

     “Finished.. I will wait for you in the outer room, change… then I will fix your hair for you.”

     “Thank you Li Jie”, she enjoyed the feeling of his strong hands being so gentle while he was washing her hair. I think not many people get to see this warm and kind side of him, maybe no one but me. He has to be so cold dealing with all the matters of the Kingdom. He has such a formidable appearance. She thinks it is funny how at the mention of his name Lan An appeared afraid.

     She wraps the towel around herself then walks into the bedroom. I wonder what dress he has picked out for me? What is this? I need to wear this to meet Kang Longwei, there must be a mistake.

     “Wang Li Jie come here please.”

     He walks into the room to see her only covered only in her sheer undergarments, he quickly turns his head, this is not a good time to see her scantily dressed.

    “Xiaolian why aren’t you dressed!”

     “Someone brought the wrong dress in here for me.” She picks up the grey muslin dress,  “I will look like a nun in this dress!”

     He glances at the disgusted expression on her beautiful face, maybe I went overboard in choosing this drab dress, she looks like she wants to cry.

    “Yes, yes, it appears there was a mistake, but all your luggage has already been sent down the mountain. Nothing can be done”

     “Wang Li Jie I know you don’t like me using Sorcery indiscriminately but no one is around, would you mind if I changed this dress into something a little more suitable to meet Kang Longwei?”

     He doesn’t have the heart to say no, “Fine, but hurry we need to leave soon.”

     “Wait in the outer room I want to surprise you.” Wang Li Jie almost wants to laugh, she looked so serious when she asked his permission to use Sorcery to change the dress. He thinks about how brave and bold she was against Quan Zhen, using her power to destroy his demonic flames. 

     After he leaves she pictures in her mind the dress should would like to change it into, a light mint color that will highlight my green eyes, with some azure blue flowers, some layers of silver threaded silk. Yes, that will be perfect! I will add some butterflies too! Xiaolian saw a noble girl once wearing a similar design and envied how beautiful she looked wearing it.

     The  pretty girl was surrounded by friends at the fountain, they must have been going to lunch. She never was able to make friends while isolated at the Butterfly Wing Residence, shunned by her relatives after her parents died. She was in town with Jiang Bai shopping, they whispered about her as she walked by with ugly looks on their faces. She shakes her head, no reason to dwell on unpleasant memories! The good part is I can recreate her dress with a few flourishes of my own!

     Xiaolian picks up the grey dress in her hand and rolls it into a ball. She concentrates all her mental power as she pictures the pretty mint colored dress in her mind, colorful butterflies adorning the skirt, She raises her arms, stares intensely at the grey ball of material in her hand then throws it into the air. She calls for the sky to color it, clouds to lighten the fabric, butterflies to make it beautiful and silver moonlight to make it shimmer.

     As it floats through the air the window flies open and the blue sky seems to attach itself to the dress, it becomes covered in white clouds, a small stream of butterflies fly through the window flitting about the dress, finally a sliver of moonlight sprinkles itself on the dress as it swirls around.

     She closes her eyes and counts to ten, when she opens them lying on the bed is the most beautiful dress she has ever seen. Exactly as  envisioned the dress, the lightest of green , azure flowers with a butterflies that seem to fly around the flowers. The silver threaded layers of white are subtle giving the dress a light airy look.

     Excited to see Wang Li Jie’s reaction  she quickly puts on the dress. She spins around watching the butterflies on the dress, they almost look alive, then clips her hair up with a simple white jade hairpin. She pats her cheeks, grabs a brush and rushes through the door.

     “Wang Li Jie!”

     She flies through the door to the outer room, he is sitting in a chair looking out the window, he thought he saw butterflies, it is too cold for them to live on this mountain. He turns around to see Xiaolian rushing towards him with a brilliant smile and her eyes bent in a crescent shape.

     She twirls around , smiling at him then winks, “What do you think, am I a talented little Sorceress?”

     He can’t take his eyes off her body, she is too beautiful, the light green mint color of the dress makes her eyes sparkle and the design is unique. He has never seen a woman wearing such a simple yet eye catching dress. The flowers and the butterflies look real, the material is so light, appearing as though it is made from the sky itself.

      His Adam’s apple rolls, You look beautiful.”

    “Thank you! Could you brush my hair for me now, I like the design you used last time. I want to look pretty when we meet Kang Longwei.”

     Wang Li Jie backs her up against the wall, “What did you just say?” His deep voice is tinged with anger, jealousy is about to turn him mad. He stares into her eyes, his purple eyes turning dark with jealous rage.

      He is acting so strange right now, she pushes his chest,“Wang Li Jie what are you doing?”

     “Why do you want Kang Longwei to think you are pretty.”

    She can feel his hot breath on her cheek. “Well, I want him to think I am pretty and worthy of being friends with you. You are the Immortal Emperor of Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom after all, I am not even a noble girl. He said he admired you when I was on the Mystical Cloud Continent. I want you to be proud of me.” She innocently says, “Why else?”

     Wang Li Jie looks at the petite girl trapped between him and the wall. She is too naiveI almost lost control when she said those careless words. I want to strip that dress from her alluring body and.. He backs away and regains his composure, “There is no time to fix your hair, he waves his palm to dry it then takes the brush from her hand. He quickly puts it up in the hairpin pulling it tight into a plain bun then sticks the jade hairpin into it.

     “Ow..Li Jie that is too tight! my face feels stretched.”

     “Let’s go!” He possessively  grabs her hand, his movement is so sudden she trips over her skirt. A Snow Fox fur coat from the chair by the door is hastily put on her, he buttons it to the top, placing the hood firmly on her head.

     “Are you angry about something?” Xiaolian doesn’t know why he is acting so strangely, she pushes off the hood, tries to loosen the hairpin as they walk down the hallway.

     “You are walking too slow, we will be late.”

     “Oh, sorry, yes we shouldn’t keep Kang Longwei waiting.” She tries to keep up with his long strides.

    “Don’t talk.” If she says one more careless word I will kill him the moment I see him!

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