I Want To Do Fun Cat Stuff!

XIXi straightens up and looks back at Yun Tai who is almost at her side. That was so mean of him to shout that at me!

     All the feelings of being scared, pretending everything is normal when it definitely isn’t instantly comes to the surface when he blurts that sentence out.

     She always sings to calm herself, people at home seem to really enjoy my voiceNow this arrogant man screamed at me as though my voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

     In a moment of frustration and anger XiXi starts crying, her blue eyes welling up with tears as she throws the flowers at Yun Tai then runs into the hut slamming the door.

     She screams through the door, “Don’t come in! I want to go home, I hate this place!”

     Yun Tai, Siyu and Zhen are outside the door, Zhen is shaking his furry head looking at Yun Tai You idiot, why did you make the girl cry!

     Siyu thinks this mess keeps getting bigger, f**** Feng Tian, why did you leave this girl here, you should have taken her to the bamboo house!

     Yun Tai is scratching his head, I just asked her to stop singing…

     XiXi is sitting on the floor of the hut, sobbing with her arms around her knees.I hate this place!

    Men just say and do whatever they want!

    My father didn’t warn me about our family being Sorcerers, or the jobs he did for the Sorcerer Society.

     Feng Tian acted like my friend then just left me here with a beast to watch over me after my accident. Who deserts a friend like that!

      Hateful Yun Tai, he’s just a mean iceberg!

     As the tears flow down her face she notices her dress has purple drops on it, the grapes! I bet my face has grape stains and that horrible man was probably laughing at me too!

      Her temper flaring, she wants to toss things around to vent her anger. She gets up and walks over to the only chair in the hut then knocks it over, that feels good!

      When the chair falls down the dress she was wearing to the lake slips off falling to the floor, a wrinkled piece of paper is peeking out.

     What is that? She picks the paper up, the words and pictures are intact. How can this be, I was in the lake.

     She uses her sleeve to wipe her misty eyes and looks at the wrinkled paper carefully.

     This is the spell to transform into an animal.

     Sniffling she mutters,  ” That bastard Yun Tai.. I want to get away from all of them!

     Her anger surging up she impulsively decides to try the spell. But she doesn’t want to be detected right away.

     Hmmm..I will leave a note my father came for me, really weak , but I’m in a hurry.

     Yun Tai , Siyu and Zhen are still outside wondering what to do. Yun Tai decides he will give her time to calm down then knock .

     After her last debacle with the water she decides to study the pictures and words a few times.

     She studies the page thoroughly, according to this the spell only lasts twenty four hours, let them worry about me!

     XiXi pushes up her sleeves and concentrates her entire mind on the pictures of the hand movements and goes to the far corner of the room not realizing Yun Tai can hear her even if she is only whispering.

     He hears her cursing everyone, then decides to go to the stream and clean the wild pig. YunTai feels guilty listening to her cry and scream. Her song was just too beautiful and disturbed his soul. Angry at himself, he kicks a rock it flies through the trees into the far end of the lake.

     XiXi begins to swirl around chanting the words she memorized from the wrinkled torn paper. One corner of the yellowed paper is missing, but she assures herself it isn’t important, looks like some type of  clock.

     Chanting the words over and over three times she then holds her hands together. Using her minds eye she projects an image into her hand. A crystal sphere appears with animals floating through it.

     Beasts she saw in the beast herd, animals she had seen at zoos, even her pet fluffy white Shirazi cat. She extends her finger according to the instructions and points at the animal she wants to become.

     What looks like a small blue lightening bolt shoots off her finger, piercing the globe towards the white cat separating it from the rest of the animals inside.

     The globe then disintegrates in her hands, sparks flying around XiXi and an orange glow comes from her body.

     Suddenly XiXi feels herself getting smaller and she can feel the transformation happening , she isn’t frightened only excited at this point.

     What will it be like to be a cat?!

     A few moments later a white cat with startling blue eyes peeks its head out from a rumpled pink dress on the floor. She stretches and yawns, then licks her fur, looking around.

     “Meow” that was noisy! The Iceberg will surely come back here if he saw the orange glow and heard the noise from the globe exploding!

     XiXi looks at the paper one more time to make sure she remembers it and pushes the crumpled paper into the pink grape stained dress, sliding it across the floor with her paws…Sorry LingLing.

     Frantically she turns her little cat head this way and that looking for a place to hide them.

     She decides to take her paws and lift the covers on the bed.

     Hurry XiXi .. meow meow…, she picks at the straw that makes up the mattress then shoves the dress deep into the straw. She takes her paws and ruffles the straw to cover it and with great trouble gets the cover over it.

     They will be coming I know it…ahh.., she is starting to have little beads of sweat on her fur. Yeesh, where do I hide, what do I do now? I didn’t think this through!

     Wait, I’m a cat I can leap through that crack in the door and run into the woods.

     She takes a running leap, glides through the door and keeps running into the woods.

     At the stream Yun Tai heard the noise from the hut and saw a faint orange glow dissipating in the air around it.

     He flies over there in the time it takes for a heart to beat once and kicks in the door.

     What he sees worries him, the room is empty! Where did that little girl go?

     She wouldn’t survive a night in the woods around the lake. There are snakes and hungry night creatures everywhere.

     XiXi had climbed the Bending Birch tree and is smirking watching him frantically kick the door..

   Worry! It serves you right for being mean to me! As she is meowing watching him, a snake with red eyes is looking at her while slithering up the tree.

     What kind of animal is that? It looks like a delicacy.

     He doesn’t have a chance to see how she tastes because XiXi leaps onto his back then springs off of him flying down the tree before he can stick his forked tongue out.

     This is fun… XiXi bounces down to the ground, I’m so fast..I’m like an acrobat the way I jumped from branch to branch!

     Her stomach grumbles, maybe I should have waited until after dinner to transform.. I wonder what I should eat, I’m so hungry.

     XiXi runs down to the stream, I could eat some fish. She looks into the stream and sees her reflection.

     I am so pretty..haha..is that my red lotus design in miniature behind my ear, if I didn’t feel it tingling I wouldn’t have noticed it.

     Entering the hut he sees the note, Yun Tai assumes that what he heard and saw was a  transporting spell. But why didn’t they come out to tell me they were leaving.

     Well, she was upset with me, I guess she didn’t feel the need to be polite.

     Siyu and Zhen are lounging by the stream when a small white beast walks up to the stream a short distance away. They glance over at it then continue waiting for Yun Tai to return with news of the girl.

     When he returns he tells Siyu the father came and got Zhang XiXi . Siyu sighs, Great! we can enjoy some peace and roast this wild pig when I transform.

     Yun Tai continues skinning the wild pig and sees the tiny white beast looking at its reflection in the stream.

     Yun Tai comes up behind XiXi as she is admiring her reflection in the stream.

     I have so many animals on my land I don’t recall noticing this one before. Maybe it migrated down here while I was away.

     While XiXi is looking for fish in the water wondering what a raw fish would taste like, a powerful large hand swoops her up.

     Meow..Meow..Meow.. what the hell? No, it can’t be oh my God!

     He looks at her fur it is so pure white and soft, its paws are so tiny, he fondles one of her tiny paws in his hand.

     XiXi starts wiggling trying to get out of his hold.

     Yun Tai starts laughing looking at the blue eyes that seem to be begging him to let it go.

     XiXi shakes her head mesmerized, he looks so different when he laughs. No..don’t look..

     Are you a baby Spirit Cat? I have never seen one so small and delicate.

    “ Where are your parents.”

     {Well, my mom is at home probably worried sick and my dad right now I don’t give a damn}.

     He holds onto XiXi and walks away, “Little cat, you better come with me these woods are dangerous at night. I will find your parents in the morning,” {What do you mean dangerous I just used a red eyed snake as a trampoline..}

    Yun Tai feels a tiny scratch on his hand , he looks down at the little cat, you certainly have tiny claws..

    His eyes light up while looking at the little white beast trying to look ferocious.

     XiXi meow..meow..meow{damn you Iceberg let me go!}I want to do some fun cat stuff!

     Yun Tai begins to walk back to the hut carrying the wild pig.

     He puts XiXi on Siyu’s back, she immediately jumps off and begins to run away.

     With precision he throws a tiny needle from under his sleeve hitting her acupoint stopping her in her tracks.

     Ouch! No, I can’t move..Iceberrrrrrg!

     He picks her up and gently removes the needle,” I will just carry you”, He rubs her pure white soft fur,” I told you it’s dangerous little kitten”

     Zhen and Siyu are looking at the manly God of War talking softly to a little Spirit Cat, while playing with its paws.


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