Feng Che and Feng Tian…

Feng Tian has finished at the palace barely escaping his father’s pressure for him to stay. Rong the palace maid accompanies him…wondering why he didn’t take Huiqing with him, she saw her sobbing behind a pillar.

     He is on his way to meet Zhang Yu and LingLing when Feng Che approaches him from the side.

     Feng Tian sighs, why is my brother so unable to detect when he sneaks up on me?

     “Che, what brings you back to the palace father said you had come back, then left again for the night.

     “I wanted to catch you before you went, I will have to meet you after you cross The Forest of Illusions, some business has come up I can’t ignore. When are you departing?”

     Feng Che is worried about Feng Tian but if he leaves now his plans to eliminate the roots of evil from the Council will unravel.

     “I’m coming back in two days to get the rest of the horses then leaving the next day. The Beast Hunters according to Zhang Yu should arrive with the female Dragon the end of the month.”

     Feng Che clutches Feng Tian’s arm, “Take Yun Tai with you and the panthera beast Siyu.” His expression reveals his concern, “I’m serious Feng Tian this isn’t a game, there is more going on than you realize with the arrival of those two!”

     Feng Che and Yun Tai never got along since they were young in the mountains with The Old Master but they both cherish Feng Tian. No one in Seven Kingdoms is more fierce than Yun Tai. He trusts Yun Tai to keep him and the Dragon safe.

     Several poison needles come flying towards them. Feng Tian’s back is turned, Feng Che pushes him down to the ground eliminating the needles in the air with his palm. He pulls Feng Tian up and disappears in the direction they were thrown.

     Feng Tian and Rong follow, to witness Feng Che fighting several men dressed in black with masks covering their faces.

     Although they are Immortals there are certain poisons that can incapacitate them for a period of time. The only method of killing an Immortal is beheading and it would take godly skill to be able to accomplish that.

     But, being struck by those needles would take several days to recover, long enough for Feng Che’s enemies to try to take hold of the High Council.

     The attackers were most likely fervent followers of the evil faction because as Feng Che defeated them with powerful strokes from his sword ,they swallowed a pill quickly died. Black blood oozing from their mouths and there eyes frozen open.

     Feng Tian followed after a couple that were fleeing jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Rong was not far behind but they couldn’t catch up, the attackers had too much of a head start.

     They returned to see Feng Che lifting up the sleeve of one of the black robed men, exposing the mark of The Scorpian River Valley Sect. They were mercenaries, why would they commit suicide. He assumed they were followers of a man who likened himself to the Thunder God.

     Ming Shui swore when he was banished he would return for vengeance, he would bring down The Righteous Order ,bringing Demons back into Heavenly Cloud Kingdom as his army.

     Another reason Feng Tian should be wary on this journey, Ming Shui hated the Feng Family and blamed them for his inability to rise in power a hundred years ago.

     Feng Che didn’t want to go into detail with Feng Tian in front of Rong. He pulled him aside and said “Feng Tian, I know father and I stressed to you not to use your abilities in Myriad Cloud City. This no longer is an order from father, if on your travels you meet Beast Hunters or those who wish to harm you…

     Meet them with all the force of the Feng family’s power you learned from The Old Master’s cultivation techniques.. Do not leave one standing! I am sending Chen Jue and his brother Chen Gao with you also.

     As soon as I secure my position here I will meet you brother”, he looks into Feng Tian’s eyes with a deep look of brotherly love. He then grabs him into a tight hug.

     “I need to get rid of these bodies before anyone is aware of this attacks he waves his arm and several of his guards fly down. They incinerate the bodies until only a wisp of smoke can be seen. Not a trace of a human being remained.

     “I need to alert father of the attack and make some plans to resolve this situation”

     Feng Tian grabs Feng Che and says with a look of determination, “Thank you brother for protecting me all these years it’s time for me to take some responsibility as a Feng. I will annihilate anyone who tries to bring down the peace of this land father, you and my brothers have worked so hard to achieve.”

     He motions to Rong to leave with him to meet Zhang Yu and LingLing. He stops by the horse trader, pays him extra to deliver the horses. He planned on returning but now he decided he should take that time to discuss strategy with Yun Tai.

     Feng Che looks up at the heavens and declares. “Mother, nothing will happen to Feng Tian he will be well protected. He is stronger than you gave him credit for when you were alive. The gods won’t make him pay for father and your sins.”

     He walks down the street with a fake smile for people he passed along the way. He is reassuring himself Feng Tian will survive, The Old Master taught him well. I know I promised you not to involve him in the affairs of The Righteous order but Fate has intervened to pull him into it. It is out of my hands for now…just for now...

     Feng Che clenches his fist together I will kill anyone and all their families if they lay one finger on Feng Tian.

     Feng Tian was surprised at Feng Che’s reaction to the assassins, it is not uncommon for him to be attacked. Why did he suddenly become so agitated,allowing Feng Tian to utilize all this abilities that the family has hidden for more than a hundred years.

     Zhang Yu and LingLing are walking down the stairs to meet Feng Tian..The sound of a woman playing a Qin can be heard drifting through to Feng Tian as he enters the restaurant.. She still plays as beautifully as I remembered, Feng Tian has a moment of nostalgia listening to the music

     “The horses are loaded with the supplies, I want to hurry and get back and see how XiXi is feeling”

     “ Zhang Yu I paid the man for the other five horses and gave him extra to deliver them, LingLing can you pick up the dresses tomorrow for XiXi? Why don’t you stay at the palace tonight then you can get them and come to the bamboo house.

     My father said he would like to talk to you about your future in the Sect.”

     Hearing this LingLing can’t refuse, Feng Tian’s father is one of her biggest supporters . “ Certainly, Feng Tian, did your father mention what it was about?” Feng Jia doesn’t usually summon her to the palace, it must be important.


     “I will take my leave first then”, She sweetly smiles and bows to Feng Tian.

     “Zhang Yu, two of my brother’s shadow guards will also accompany us, they are also my childhood friends, I hope you don’t mind.”

     “I’m happy to hear we will have more protection, I get the impression this is more complicated than it appears,” When they areon the boat he will tell Feng Tian the conversation he overheardheard from downstairs at the restaurant.

     This Heavenly Cloud Kingdom is not as peaceful as it appears on the surface.

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