Chen Jianyu wakes up starving, “Why didn’t you wake me up for lunch?” He didn’t have much for breakfast and his stomach is queasy from his hangover.

     “You looked too peaceful sleeping, you were even snoring.”

     “ I don’t snore!”

     He was definitely snoring but whatever, “I will walk up front for the stewardess it appears everyone else has eaten.” LiMei strolls to the front, “Miss, my boss was sleeping during lunch and his stomach is a little upset do you have any porridge?”

    The stewardess nods, “I think we do, what else would you like? “

     LiMei thinks about it, “Eggs, dumplings, tomato juice, and may we each have a cup of coffee?” He probably has a hangover and these will be good foods for him, her mother said tomato juice is also good.


     LiMei goes back to her seat, “I ordered you food it shouldn’t take too long.”

     Chen Jianyu leans his head back, his head is really throbbing.

     LiMei can see he is in pain, maybe if she manipulates a few acupoints with her hands it will give him some relief. “CEO Chen if you want I can massage a few acupoints to help you.”

   Chen Jianyu looks at her skeptically, “You know acupuncture?”

    “No.” She just realized he could get suspicious of her. “I only know some massage techniques.”

     He decides it could be worth a try he can’t think straight and he didn’t bring any headache remedies.

     LiMei massages his neck pressing her fingers in certain spots. Then she massages his shoulders, he can feel his body relaxing, he still has a headache though. “Now turn and face me, unbutton your top two buttons.

     Kang Jin glances over, the pervert makes her give him a massage in public! He clenches his fists ready to say something. Then he hears LiMei say, “My grandmother taught me this technique, I will press on two spots by your collarbone and above your heart, it will hurt but my grandmother said it is the best way to rid yourself of a headache.” Kang Jin recalls her grandmother was a doctor and practiced traditional medicine, she must have learned from her. 

     Pressing down with a great deal of strength on the points she mentioned Chen Jianyu feels a sharp pain moving through his body, she is doing this on purpose because he dragged her away from that two bit actor. He is about to remove her hands when suddenly his headache disappears, he has almost a euphoric feeling, like he is soaring through the clouds. He sighs leaning his head back as she finishes.

     ”You can button your shirt now.” 

     His mind is still enjoying the rush from all the pain disappearing he can barely hear her.

     LiMei gets up to use the restroom while she is gone the stewardess brings his lunch, he looks at what LiMei ordered it is all nutritious easy to digest food for someone who has a hangover. When did she become so thoughtful, she must have an ulterior motive. He begins to eat the porridge as he does he starts to feel much better. He decides he is going to be nicer to her when she gets back from the restroom.

     Chen Jianyu continues to eat he is almost finished when he realizes she hasn’t returned, is she ill? He gets up to go see if she is all right. When he reaches the back he can hear her beyond the divider she is talking and laughing, he strolls into the economy section. There she is sitting across from Wang Li laughing, even a fat man next to Wang Li is laughing at whatever she is saying.

     When did she become so personable in the office she barely smiles and now she is laughing uproariously, Wang Li is doubled over in laughter, the fat man is wiping away his tears. Chen Jianyu is halfway down the aisle when LiMei sees him. Shit he must want to go over the paperwork. 

    She quickly stands up and says goodbye to them. “CEO Chen are you looking for me? I wanted to let you digest your lunch in peace.”

     He immediately lies he is not going to let her know he was concerned about her,“No I thought you were in the restroom I came to check on Wang Li, I see he is fine I will go back.” He is fuming  having to lie to save face because he was worried about her.

     LiMei is surprised it seems out of character for the arrogant tyrant to be concerned about someone. They both walk to their seats. “How was your lunch?”


     LiMei sees the empty dishes, would it hurt for him to admit he enjoyed it, she smirks, as she is about to make a sarcastic comment  Kang Jin speaks to her across the aisle, “ Give me your phone I will add you to my WeChat.”

    She responds , “ Kang Jin thank you! Let me get it.” Her hands are shaking this is exciting she can ask him who they are going to cast as the gender bender MC, the character is hilarious as she chases Ming Yifan dressed up as a fellow host.

      As she is about to pass it to him Chen Jianyu grabs her hand preventing her from passing it over, “I don’t need you wasting your time messaging we have important business on the island.” His black eyes narrow as he sends a cold look to Kang Jin, what does this man want with Feng LiMei anyway?

     LiMei’s eyes throw daggers at him, he can’t control her life, “CEO Chen let go of my phone, it is really none of your business I won’t use it during working hours. {Actually I will answer any message I receive from my idol instantly!} She tries to smile at Kang Jin as she wrestles the phone back from Chen Jianyu.

     Kang Jin leans across the aisle then calmly says, “Miss Feng is only your employee you should refrain from interfering in her personal life.” His smile is dazzling, LiMei is momentarily stunned he would step in for her, technically Chen Jianyu is his boss also if he works for Hushang Entertainment.

     Looking at Kang Jin’s smug expression Chen Jianyu wants to wipe that look off his pretty boy face. He tries to control his anger with his teeth clenched he asks, “Kang Jin is it? I see you are holding a script with Hushang Entertainment on it. Do you know who I am?”

     “No, should I?” He has a devilish grin on his face as he taps the script in his lap. He isn’t worried Chen Huan himself approached him for this project telling him he was the only one who could play Ming Yifan.

     LiMei looks over at Kang Jin with a perplexed expression she just told him who her boss is…She can feel the temperature dropping to freezing next to her, she has to spend the next few days working closely with the tyrant, who knows how difficult he will make it for her.

     “Let me introduce you Mr. Kang this is CEO Chen of Hushang Group“ She has a polite tone trying to diffuse the situation.

     Chen Jianyu adds, “Which includes Hushang Entertainment.” He thinks this will quickly put an end to this lowly actor’s arrogance.

     “I see then Chen Huan must be your brother, tell him I’m reconsidering the offer he personally extended me to take part in his new drama series.” He tosses the script onto the empty seat next to him. He laughs inside at his acting ability, he is bluffing, the script is perfect for him.

     Chen Jianyu suddenly is quiet, is this the man who Huan is counting on to push Hushang Entertainment to the top of the Entertainment industry. He vaguely recalls Huan telling him this man is called Film Emperor Kang because of his tremendous following any show he takes part in soars in the ratings.

     The advertising revenue alone could skyrocket their quarterly profits, not to mention the marketing possibilities. He even suggested he would be a good spokesperson for the Shingu Resort if Chen Jianyu seals the deal. Fuck! If he screws this up for Huan he will never hear the end of it.

    He sets his anger aside, “Don’t be hasty I am overly protective of my assistant she isn’t very bright, she has an exceptionally low EQ. I didn’t realize you are part of the Hushang Group family”, he looks like a crafty fox, “LiMei pass over your phone to Mr. Kang.”

     LiMei’s face turns red, her fists are tightening in her lap.. his ability quickly try to salvage the situation is impressive using her as a shield after insulting Kang Jin. She shyly hands Kang Jin her phone, he puts in his information and passes it back to her. He ignores Chen Jianyu, “We can have dinner tomorrow night Miss Feng if you are free, I also am going to Shingu Island.”

     LiMei smiles and nods, then gives Chen Jianyu a sidelong glance, thinking how he quickly changed his attitude when he realized his brother needs Kang Jin for his new drama series. She wants to kick him for what he said about her, concerned about her..low EQ..what a load of crap!

     Kang Jin leans back in his seat closing his eyes, what an arrogant bastard throwing out his name as though I would be intimidated by him. He is looking forward to getting to know Feng LiMei, she is different from the shallow women who surround him these days. He likes to go to Shingu Island to hike and relax away from all the pressure of being a celebrity. He wonders what business  Chen Jianyu has on the island.

     Chen Jianyu notices the amused expression on Feng LiMei’s face, “Feng LiMei we have many reports to go over, stop staring at Kang Jin and get them out of my briefcase that is in the overhead compartment.”

     “…” She stands on her tiptoes she can’t reach the overhead compartment, as she struggles a tall man behind her reaches across easily opening it for her, “What do you need?” LiMei points to the black leather briefcase, he reaches into the compartment then hands it to her he glances disapprovingly at Chen Jianyu sitting next to her empty seat.

     LiMei bows slightly, “Thank you.” he continues to his seat next to a stunning beauty. LiMei can’t help but think what a beautiful couple they make. He must be 190cm tall with outstanding looks, the angle LiMei is from them the woman looks European, blonde hair with a small nose and full lips, she is wearing a red dress that reveals her ample breasts. LiMei looks down at herself why is it all the women she sees lately have such huge breasts. Could they all be naturally endowed or do they have implants, maybe she should think about that. No..maybe just a padded bra next time she goes shopping.

     “What are you doing sit down.” This girl is constantly gawking at people.

     LiMei sits in her seat handing Chen Jianyu the briefcase, her coffee is cold but she drinks it she is getting tired. Removing her glasses to rub her eyes she finds they are becoming more irritated. Chen Jianyu picks out a report to study turning to show her.

     He is momentarily struck by her profile, her long black eyelashes are fluttering as she blinks, although her hair is a mousy brown color her delicate facial features are perfect, a small nose, tender looking pink lips, creamy white complexion. After wiping the lenses of the glasses with a tissue she puts them on again unaware he has been  watching her intently.

     “Feng LiMei when we get back don’t forget you said you would get contacts.”

     LiMei is thinking where did that comment come from, he is too weird. “Actually I said I would consider it.”

    “Well I insist.”

     “Let’s not get into that argument again, what did you want me to look over I was hoping I could close my eyes for awhile before we land. My eyes are very irritated today.”

     He hands her the paperwork, “Look on page three calculate the two columns on the right then compare it to page four to see if it is an accurate estimate and a reasonable expenditure.”

     “Is this from the Meng Construction Company?” 

     “Yes they faxed it over yesterday to be reviewed.”

     “CEO Chen if you compare these figures to the inflated figures the Zangwa Corporation gave you , see right here the third row down on the left”, she points to the numbers with her finger. “Meng Construction actually is saving you money in the long run by suggesting using bamboo for the flooring, it is durable and eco friendly,because it is a renewable resource.

     Have you considered the idea because this island has an untamed beauty of preserving the island’s natural habitat by building an eco friendly resort? It would be a key selling point with the trend towards living in harmony with nature. You could emphasize not only the spa but nature hikes, things like that.” LiMei hates the idea of the beautiful island being over run by tourists and commercialized.

     Chen Jianyu has never thought of building a resort that deviates from the basic design of their other resorts. He looks at LiMei,”Stick to analyzing the costs for the meeting.”

     LiMei humphs..she was hoping she could subtly guide him in the direction of building an eco friendly resort.

     The man who had helped LiMei with the overhead compartment is listening to their conversation. His blonde companion is trying to snuggle into his arms pressing herself onto his chest he pushes her away, “Not now have some awareness.” She is insulted he can be such a cold bastard. She pouts pursing her bright red lips,“Bo, I’m cold.” He curtly responds,“Then ask for a blanket.”

     What the girl with Chen Jianyu is saying is very interesting, part of the reason the group that owns most of the island is refusing the sale of the land is they want to preserve the natural habitat. The Shingu people want an influx of cash to modernize their schools and hospital but don’t want a resort that will destroy the integrity of the island atmosphere. He never considered that approach, he grins, Chen Jianyu you should be more open minded that girl’s idea is golden!

     LiMei continues looking over the documents, “CEO Chen on the last page you mistakenly entered the cost on page 5 of the Spa instead of the cost of the Oceanfront Restaurant on page 7, the discrepancy is not significant but if the other negotiator is as astute as Han Nuying indicated he will notice it and use it to show you are not adequately prepared. It isn’t a complicated matter to transcribe the costs in an accurate manner.”

     Chen Jianyu grabs the report out of her hands comparing the numbers and the final calculations. Dammit! “Feng LiMei weren’t you supposed to go over these numbers with me?”

    “CEO Chen you ordered me to go with Suzi to go buy suitable clothes and said you would take care of it!”

     Shit! How did he miss that! It is because of this little nuisance next to him.. yes.. he couldn’t look at her in those hideous clothes any longer. “That is right if you had come to work properly dressed this never would have happened. It is good you discovered your mistake now.”

     LiMei knows there is no use arguing with this hard headed man, he makes no sense at all. Clearly it was his mistake! How can he twist everything around around to suit his own purposes! So annoying!

     “Well however this came to be we now can correct it so as to present a solid proposal.” She wants to be finished and take a nap. “Other than that I saw no other miscalculations, it appears Meng Construction is an honest contractor to work with the Hushang Group. May I look over the other documents when we arrive in Hirachi City?”

     Jing Bo wants to laugh out loud in a matter of fact tone the little girl basically told the great negotiator Chen Jianyu  he is an idiot. 

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