Kang Longwei after he dispensed with Sun Qiang used his qinggong to fly to where Sun Gu is picking medicinal herbs. Although he deduced he was the one to create the whirlpool in the hot spring he decided he would punish him at another time, right now he wants information about Sun Qiang.

     Sun Gu knew Kang Longwei would arrive at some point,but still he begins to sweat when he approaches. Luckily, he had organized his ideas on how he would handle the accusation. He cups his hands and bows, “Kang Longwei were you enjoying the hot spring? “

     “Who is Sun Qiang?”

     “Who?” This wasn’t the first question he anticipated from Kang Longwei.

     “Sun Qiang?”

     “Are you having a problem with your hearing?” Kang Longwei wants to kick this feminine looking man but restrains himself.

     “Crown Prince, I don’t know a Sun Qiang in our branch of the family.”


      Sun Gu clutches onto his basket of medicinal herbs, he can see the anger rising in Kang Longwei, his amber eyes are darkening. “Why don’t you find Sun Jing, he knows everyone in all the branches.”

     Kang Longwei kicks the basket of herbs, they scatter in the wind. All Sun Gu can do is watch as the expensive ingredients he had just gathered are ruined, he stands there with his mouth agape.

     “Don’t tell anyone you saw me, understand!” He lifts Sun Gu up by his collar, {this man is as flimsy as a piece of paper still. He should stop looking in the mirror and practice some martial arts}. He drops him to the ground.

     “I won’t breathe a word.”{he is still as crazy as ever!}

     “Meet me back here with ten million gold banknotes, throw in some spirit stones and some silver, in an hour.”

       “What? How am I going to get that much money in an hour!”{Money is bad enough but not my spirit stones!}

        “Well the alternative is you die for creating that whirlpool.”

     Sun Gu’s pretty face turns white as a sheet, that is all of his savings! If he goes to the family treasury he will be discovered at this time of day. How would he explain the sudden urgency. Damn that little wench! If she didn’t come to the hot spring he wouldn’t have come up with the idea to scare her. How did he know Kang Longwei was there.

     “You should hurry.”

    “I will take my leave then”, he bows shaking like a leaf.

   “One hour! You lose a finger for every minute you are late!”

     Sun Gu hears the last remark as he is leaving and shudders, why did this maniac come back!

    Kang Longwei wants to know about that bastard Sun Qiang but there isn’t anyone who he could readily ask except this moron Sun Gu. If he involves Sun Jing he won’t be able to sneak away, he will alert his father.

     Dammit, he planned on getting the information from that idiot Sun Gu. He will just go to the Sky Angel Inn to wait for Xiaolian, he can sort out that insolent man later. He laughs at the way Sun Qiang started trouble as soon as she was gone, it felt good to exercise his muscles again kicking his ass. Unfortunately, he had to hold back so as not to injure him too severely.

     Xiaolian meanwhile is thinking how she is going to bring up the topic of Kang Longwei. Sun Qiang can be explained but Kang Longwei?

     “Xiaolian there isn’t much time before we leave, I need you to explain the events on Soaring Cloud Continent. How can I leave you at the Butterfly Wing Residence with an unknown man?”

     “You could take me to the Capitol with you!”


     Wang Li Jie wants to kick something. His head is pounding, why couldn’t she have just gone into cultivation, passed through the Soaring Sky Stage, then returned by herself. This excess baggage is presenting a big problem. He has formed a plan for the servants she wants to take with her, but how is this man going to fit into it. Impossible! Yun Tai and Feng Tian are not that easy to fool. Also, I don’t like this man, he could be considered to be handsome and his arrogant personality! The thought of him being around Xiaolian is making his blood boil, how did she agree to help him. The litle girl is too naive and gullible!

     “What’s wrong Li Jie?” She notices his face is getting darker by the minute. How can she explain her curriousity caused all this came about, the monk never would have transformed the beast if she hadn’t interfered.

     “Before Sun Qiang returns I have one other matter to tell you about.” She is getting nervous, twisting her dress into a knot. He is going to get angry, I know it.

     “What?” He looks at her face scrunched up the way she looks when she has done something wrong. The expression is cute yet infuriating. She always twists her dress into a knot with her tiny hands. Ever since she was young she would take in stray animals and pathetic people. She is too kind hearted, always willing to help if someone tells her a sad story. I can’t count the times she has been taken advantage of when I wasn’t around. I thought she had grown up!

     “Well, I also met someone else I said could accompany us.”

     He stands up forcefully kicks over the stone table smashing it into dust. His eyes are so dark they look like deep purple amethyst spirit stones. He growls, “NO!”

     Xiaolian seldom sees this side of him and is frightened. Her crystal blue eyes open wide and she gasps, this is bad..very bad..!

     Wang Li Jie doesn’t like her to see him explode, he quickly tries to calm down, she looks terrified of me, like a bunny caught in a hunter’s trap.

     He wants to reach over and hug her to him but he refrains. “I’m sorry if I frightened you, but this is all very sudden and the arrangements have been made.”

     She pouts looking up at him with her big blue eyes pleading,  “Li Jie, I promised.” She knows persisting is only going to anger him more, but she owes a debt that must be paid.

     “How can you make promises without consulting me first? I will explain the situation.”

     “Let me tell you about him.”

     “I’m sorry Xiaolian you know I always try to agree to whatever you want but this time I can not. It is for your own safety.”

     Xiaolian thinks at least he has calmed down and is speaking in a normal tone. “He is the reason I was able to obtain the ancient medicinal book, he is my benefactor. Can I give the book back?”

     Wang Li Jie is shaking his head, he rubs his temples,what happened on the Soaring Sky Continent anyway.

     “Once it is given it cannot be returned.”

     Xiaolian puts her hands propping her chin, she is deep in thought thinking how to convince him. What she is thinking is written all over her cute face. He looks at her and his heart starts melting, he loves her sweet personality. But she needs to return to being XiXi, all these promises she is making as Xiaolian how am I  going to merge it all.

     “He will be waiting at the Sky Angel Inn for us, what am I going to do?”

     She looks distraught, he hates her being unhappy. “Tell me about him.”

     Xiaolian brightens up, at least he will hear me out. “His name is Kang Longwei.” she says with a bright smile.

     Wang Li Jie reaches over, grabs her arms gently, looks into her eyes, “How can that be? Someone is deceiving you!”

    “No, it is him I’m sure of it.” I helped him leave the abyss, and everyone welcomed him as the Crown Prince Kang Longwei, but should I leave that part out.

     “It can’t be him.” Wang Li Jie remembers the incident clearly, his bastard brother took revenge on Kang Longwei and that bastard Sorcerer of his made him disappear. He has probably been dead for a thousand years.

     “It is him.” Should I say I heard it from the monk? If I tell him about the Black Abyss Beast he will get mad at me…Yeesh.. I can’t get a break. I will just gloss over the facts.

     “ He just returned to the Soaring Cloud Continent, he had been away, I helped him solve a problem and we became friends.” That is a simple explanation but true, I can’t lie to him. “As a reward he had the monk give me the ancient medicinal book. Which reminds me we need to stop by Sky Mist City so I can get a furnace and supplies from Sun Bingwen.”

      “Xiaolian you take things too lightly, why would you helping him he would give such a reward? Do you know how many people covet that book! Only the elders of The Ancient Mystical Medicine Sect possess that knowledge.” Wang Li Jie is shocked, why did the monk give it to her. Did he owe Kang Longwei? Then the only favor the monk asked was to give Sun Qiang a place to stay? None of this makes sense! She isn’t lying I can always tell when she tries. She seems distracted pulling something out of her pocket.

     “I almost forgot,the monk also gave me this amulet to enter their medicine halls, or to receive help from his people if I ever need it.” She pulls out the carved jade to show him.

     This is unfathomable, she comes back from cultivating having passed three stages without even exhibiting any fatigue or distress. The monk passes on priceless revered knowledge, and gives her a jade amulet only five people he is aware of possess. That sect is the most powerful in all the Seven Kingdoms, that old monk appears benign but is fearsome. Why? Maybe the only way he will find out is by meeting this Kang Longwei. What is his interest in Xiaolian?

     “I will meet him and make my decision then.”

     Xiaolian jumps up and wraps her tender snaow white arms around his waist. “Thank you Li Jie!” She drops the amulet out of her hand, unperturbed she leaves it on the ground as she hugs him.

     Wang Li Jie picks it up off the ground and studies the mysterious carvings on it. He places it in her hand and folds her fingers around it.“Put this jade amulet away and don’t let anyone see you have it.”{ Too many people would kill for this jade. He doesn’t want to alarm her}.

    “H uh?”

     “It is more fragile than it looks, you just dropped it carelessly, it isbest you put it away until you need it. You should show respect for  the amulet since the old monk gave it to you.

        She looks at the jade amulet and puts in back in her pocket, he’s right, I will put it in a safe place… I know!… in my Red Lotus bracelet

       “So when will we go to the village?”

     “They are packing the carriages now, two hours. Go bathe and get ready. Tell Jiang Bai to return to the bracelet, Sun Qiang doesn’t need to be aware you have a Mythological Beast protecting you, before you do tell Jiang Bai about Sun Qiang.”

     “I will.” Xiaolian respects Wang Li Jie and knows he has her safety in mind, so why doesn’t he just take me to the Capitol.

     Wang Li Jie’s purple eyes narrow as he watches her small figure fade from view. She is so innocent she has no idea what men are thinking. Sun Qiang in the short time I saw him had an arrogant and dismissive attitude towards her, yet the silly girl was concerned about his injuries. They weren’t sustained being transported here it was obvious he was in a fight. Xiaolian is so clueless.

     Now what about this Kang Longwei, is it really the Crown Prince?

       Knitting his eyebrows he walks through the snow looking into the distance. How am I going to return Xiaolian to the Mystical Garden as XiXi  with all these extra people. I don’t have much time to figure it all out. Dammit!

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