Wang Li Jie concludes the best solution would be to inform Kang Longwei that his brother Chao Han is looking for Xiaolian. Since Kang Longwei knows how evil that demon bastard is he should readily accept the situation.

    Reluctantly Kang Longwei sits at a table across from Wang Li Jie, his hand still resting on his sword. He decides if he doesn’t like what he says he will find the girl himself.

     “Miss, could we have a pot of your finest tea, do you have Jenzhuan?” Wang Li Jie wants to wrap this up quickly and be on his way.

     “Miss, I would prefer some local tea.” Kang Longwei smiles at the girl who is glancing back and forth between them. “I will bring both, our Inn’s specialty is a locally grown Hibiscus tea, very popular among our guests.” She bows towards Kang Longwei she is very attracted to the golden haired man, the other man seems too overbearing.

     She considers the possibilities , if she flirts with him..she knows she  is very popular among the men who frequent this Inn because of her large breasts and curvaceous body. She has perfected the art of seduction to make extra money, but never met a man who was worthy of her full attention. If I could entice him to take me with him Yes, I need to seduce him.

    While she is gone Wang Li Jie begins, “To put it simply my brother Wang Chao Han is looking for her.”

    Before he can continue there are flames coming from Kang Longwei’s deep amber eyes. He hits the table with his palm splintering it into pieces. The girl bringing the tea stops when she witnesses this scene, shaking, the tea spills to the ground. He seemed so gentle a moment ago, he looks beast like now, with his eyes changing color and his face contorted in anger.

  “That bastard! I will kill him!” his voice echoes through the empty restaurant. The Innkeeper comes from the kitchen wondering if his business will survive the meeting these two are having .But from their appearance he can’t ask them to leave. Well, if they destroy it he will merely ask for compensation they can afford to buy the whole town with the looks of their clothing.

    Wang Li Jie grabs his arm with a great amount of strength, “Shut Up!” He lowers his voice, “He has spies everywhere, calm yourself and listen.”

     Kang Longwei shakes off his arm, sits back down at another table collecting his emotions.

    That last statement brought Kang Longwei back to his senses, if the girl is in trouble with Wang Chao Han . “I warn you if I am not satisfied with your words I will bring all the power I have behind me to protect her.”

      Wang Li Jie has an idea. “It just occurred to me you and I have a common enemy in my brother. Why don’t you come with me to the Capitol as my guest,we can figure out how to destroy him together. Xiaolian won’t be safe until that demon scum is destroyed once and for all. I have a plan in motion but I could use a strong person such as yourself on my side. We would have to disguise you though, your looks are too outstanding. The moment we got close to the Mystical Lotus Star Kingdom he would be aware you have returned. In addition, I assure you the people surrounding Xiaolian where she is going are not to be trifled with easily.”

       He sips his tea and continues, “Do you know of Yun Tai? He is revered as the God of War, he is from the Rajin Mystical Warrior Sect, he has annihilated the demons who encroached on the Seven Kingdoms. No one in all the kingdoms is more fierce than he is.”

   “I have.”

    “He will be protecting her along with the entire Feng Family, Feng Tian will be with her,Feng Che sent his most accomplished guards, I also have several shadow guards in place. As long as her location is not leaked to Wang Chao Han she can remain safe until we rid this world of that demon filth.”

    The more he listens to Wang Li Jie the plan makes sense. He considers the long term solution for her safety, if she is in danger better to kill it at the roots. He will need to hear more of how she became entangled with these Wang brothers.

     “I agree.”

    “I knew you were a man who could see the bigger picture.”

    “But, I want to see her.” He twirls the ring on his finger recalling her soft hand in his as she cried over him. He must see her.

    “I thought we just settled this matter”

     “You are coming to this village to distribute food and other items, I will stay at the Inn here for now, you can bring Xiaolian here for me to see. I will then create a face changing mask for myself to disguise my looks. I will be a scholar, you are my patron as my backstory. I simply want to see for my own peace of mind she is well, that I am not being deceived by you.”

    Wang Li Jie only takes a second to concede, “Fine. We should be here shortly before midday.” He quickly rises from his chair, at least he eliminated one problem and Kang Longwei might be useful in his attempt to get rid of his demon bastard of a brother. When he leaves he is followed by the black clothed man who had been watching them.

    After Wang Li Jie’s departure Kang Longwei surveys the Inn, he sees the red haired girl peeking out from the kitchen. He waves his arm motioning for her to come over. She looks around to see who he is pointing at, it must be her, only she and the Innkeeper remain and he is hiding under the counter.

    Putting on a smile she walks over to his table and bows, “Yes, may I get you something? I can remake the tea for you if you would like.”

    He admires her ability to maintain her composure, “That would be good, I want the local tea you told me about, also get the Innkeeper to give me a price for the damages.”

     She sees her uncle the Innkeeper ducking around the corner ,” Wan Yi” she whispers to the grey haired man, “He wants to pay for the damages how much?”

     “I don’t want to overcharge him, it’s only a table and a cracked beam, I think two hundred taels?”

     “I am bringing him tea I will tell him.”

     Returning to his table with the tea she has an idea, if she can win his favor maybe he will take her with him as a servant girl. She has lived in this little village her whole life, always wanting to see the world beyond it. “Here is your tea” , she pours it bending over so he can see her ample cleavage.

     Kang Longwei’s lip curls up at her boldness, “Did you get an amount from the Innkeeper for me?”

     “Wan Yi estimates the damages to be six hundred taels.”

     Kang Longwei’s martial arts skill allowed him to hear the Innkeeper clearly say two hundred taels.”What’s your name?”

     “Wan Cuifen” she is blushing as she tells him, maybe he likes her, she would be willing to do many things for a rich handsome man such as him.

“When the Innkeeper said two hundred taels for the damages why did you say six hundred taels?”

     How did this man hear their conversation? Her cheeks turn red and she twists her apron, she is beginning to worry, what will he do? She might as well tell the truth, she bravely stands straight with a calm voice explains her calculations.“He is my uncle and is too kind. You not only destroyed the table and cracked the foundation but additionally scared off our customers before they paid. No other customers dare to enter and it is our busiest time of the day. I broke a tea set and spilled the tea that the other man ordered the Jenzhuan tea which is fifty taels a cup. I was frightened so I added a hundred taels for my compensation. It’s only fair to ask for the correct compensation isn’t it?”

     Kang Longwei begins to laugh at her expression of indignation on her face, as though she was wronged in some way.

     “Here”he tosses the girl a gold ingot worth a hundred times that amount.

     “Your local tea is quite good”

     Wan Cuifen stares at the gold ingot in her hand, is this man crazy? This is more money than her uncle would see in a lifetime running this Inn.

     “We have no way to make change for this!”

“ A hundred taels is for you the rest is for the Innkeeper. You really should value yourself higher. I would also like a room to rest in until my visitors arrive and I depart.

     She looks to see her uncle eyeing the gold ingot, there is no way she can keep it now. A hundred taels for me..errr.. she is livid at how arrogantly the man spit that out.

     The Innkeeper runs over to the table sweating profusely he bows, “Thank you..thank you”

     Wan Cuifen has no choice but to hand over the gold. She really wishes she could kick this man right now, making a fool out of her like that.

     “ Innkeeper I appreciate the fact just because you saw I could afford a large compensation you still did not overestimate the cost of the damages. I apologize for disrupting your morning business, also I would like to take some of this tea with me if you have some to spare.”

     “Of course, of course, Wan Cuifen go ready a room for him, I will package the tea.”

     “Now I need to ready a room for him too”, she mutters under her breath. That was humiliating thinking he was attracted to her then having to explain herself. 

     Kang Longwei hears her and thinks she looks quite defeated right now, her chest heaving up and down in exasperation. If she didn’t think herself so clever she would have received a gold ingot herself. He forgot how fun it is to play with girls like her, similar to the girls in the palace always looking for a powerful thigh to cling onto to raise them up in the world.

     He liked that about Xiaolian, she didn’t have any ulterior motives in helping him.

     A very unusual girl, look forward to seeing you soon.

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