Chen Brothers Sparring…

 Yun Tai returns to his room, well tomorrow Zhang XiXi will be Feng Tian’s problem again. He lays on the bed unwilling to close his eyes, what if I have that same dream again? It was disconcerting because this time the eyes of the woman laying next to him in the dream clearly were Zhang XiXi’s .

     Maybe it is because I was laying on the ground next to her while looking at the stars… those bewitching blue eyes were imprinted on my brain.

     Yes, that’s most likely the reason.

     He decides to practice his martial arts in the Dark Cloud Courtyard beyond the servant’s quarters, he needs to expend some of this extra energy he feels has built up inside him today. His body is still in turmoil and he has been unable to calm his mind. His mind is chaotic with strange thoughts of that girl.

     He removes his Sword of Flames from it’s sheath and heads to the furthest courtyard. The courtyard is subtly lit with a few Night Pearls and there is a cool night breeze. Yun Tai begins his practice routine swinging the sword from right to left while spinning around.

     His ink black hair is loose and hanging down as he spins around. His outstanding features are focused and his phoenix eyes are narrowed concentrating his inner energy. He truly looks like The God of War moving so stealthly and becomes almost invisible as he moves, his black robes blending with the darkness.

     A spectator would only see the blur of his sword with gold and red flames coming off it.

     The Chen brothers hear the wind being cut with force beyond their windows and know Yun Tai is practicing his Wind and Fire Technique. The wind is swirling in several different directions as his sword slashes through it.

     One of the windows in the servants quarters is heard shattering from the pressure. They have heard of his ability to cut down enemies from all sides with just the wind from his sword as he spins around and are curious if he would mind them joining him at this late hour.

     They are the more shameless of the Chen brothers, they decide at the very least he will ignore their presence. They grab their swords and go to the Dark Cloud Courtyard hoping to engage in some sparring.

     A certain little white cat can’t sleep either and decides to run around the courtyards for awhile hoping to get sleepy. She keeps wondering what it means, a star falling and the burning sensation behind her ear is there some connection?

     Yun Tai is taking a break a small amount of sweat beads are on his forehead. He is wiping his forehead when he hears the footsteps belonging to the Chen brothers approaching. He acknowledges them and they bow in greeting.

    Chen Yang the braver of the two asks, “We were wondering if we could spar with you, and learn as to better protect the Young Master.” 

    Yun Tai laughs. “If I spar with you, you will have no arms to hug a woman with again. This is a killing technique, once I begin I can’t hold back. But, if you like I can watch you spar between each other and give my opinions on how to improve, I am familiar with your qualifications. You are at the Ice Serpent Stage correct?”

     They both nod. “Thank you Yun Tai!”, they can barely contain their excitement.

     A little white cat hears the voices as she is moving through the servants courtyard XiXi is curious as to what is going on in this courtyard so late at night. She slips in and jumps up on a tall branch to watch.

     Her calculations she has awhile longer until she transforms back into herself. This is like a ninja movie, those Chen brothers could be twins, they look so handsome in their black robes.

     Yun Tai senses her in the tree but chooses to ignore her, he doesn’t want thoughts of her to invade his mind, he finally calmed down. What a little mischief maker! He will grab her when these brothers finish and make sure she stays put in her room.

     She settles in behind some leaves and watches as they begin attacking each other. They seem to move as mirror images of each other, jabbing and spinning. The one brother leaps into the air and surfaces behind the other, playfully slicing a piece of his brother’s flowing robe.

     This seems to antagonize the slightly taller of the two he retaliates by kicking the knees of his brother forcing him to kneel on the ground, Just as he is about to slice some of his brother’s hair, Chen Yang flips backwards and lands on his feet. Yun Tai can hear XiXi sighing in excitement up in the tree and it is making him feel itchy.

     Watching these two Chen brothers again drooling is she? He looks up to see her clenching her paws to her chest, her eyes wide in anticipation of their next move.

     Yun Tai suddenly flies in between them swirls around kicking them both to the ground in one fluid movement{it’s not their fault XiXi is drooling over the spectacle}.

     They both get up holding their chests trying to breathe. Yun Tai nonchalantly says, “You should always be aware of variables, such as a third or fourth person joining in the fight.”

     “…” They look at him like this is your advice?

     XiXi was watching as Yun Tai struck both of them down and thinks that was a bit much. She gives him a sneering look which he cathches out of the corner of his eye

     Yun Tai feels possibly that was too harsh of him after seeing her displeased look.They are shadow guards they should be prepared, but for some reason he was disturbed by her gaze as she looked at the Chens.

     He is watching them trying to catch their breath, “I will tell you some ways to defeat your enemy.”

     The Chen brothers are ashamed they were caught off guard by Yun Tai and are more than willing to listen to him

     They have rapt attention as he goes on to point out a few different counterattacks they are capable of using at their present stage. For instance, they could use their internal energy to suck their opponents energy out of him by concentrating a palm strike directly on the opponent’s Bahu point located slightly above their right clavicle. This would disperse the enemy’s energy into threads which could be absorbed by moving your palm facing them in a counterclockwise direction. You then use that same palm to strike them with their own energy which their body is unprepared to reject.

     The Chen brothers look at each other in amazement. Their Cultivation Manual never had this technique!

     Yun Tai thinks of course not, I developed this myself.

     He looks at them and says “I have finished my practice, you can continue if you want in your courtyard, I like to meditate after I complete my training.”Actually I am going to get that nuisance of a girl back to her room.

     They feel that was enough for tonight, they can’t even breathe yet.

     “Thank you Yun Tai for your instruction”, the Chen brothers cough and say in unison.They bow and cup their hands towards him. They both are thinking he is the most amazing warrior they have ever seen. No wonder they call him The Invincible Immortal! They didn’t hear or see him coming at them when he struck them both down, it was as though he was invisible.

     XiXi is unaware Yun Tai saw her up in the tree and watches the Chen brothers leave. She is about to jump down and go to her room when Yun Tai alights on the branch.

     “Did you see enough of the Chens?”

     XiXi thinks what does he mean by that. She lifts her fluffy head and gives him a quizzical look.

     He pulls her into his strong arms  before she can resist and flies to the courtyard. “I thought I told you to go to bed!”

     Meow..Meow..You aren’t the boss of me!

     “I will make sure you get into bed this time, I don’t need you transforming in front of anybody, to expose our ruse.” I definitely don’t want the Chen brothers to see you, weren’t you taking a chance coming here?

     XiXi turns her head away thinking I just wanted to have a bit more fun.

     Yun Tai grabs his sword and walks with her to the main house. XiXi is looking at his sword, that is a beautiful sword, I think I saw one in a museum once that looked like that.

     She tries to touch it with her paw and he yanks  the sword out of the reach of her paws. Does she know she could burn her paw touching my sword! This girl is walking trouble!

    meow..meow..Stingy…won’t even let me touch his precious sword.

    He gets to her room and this time enters it. “Even though it will be too big, cover yourself with this dress so when you wake up you are clothed! He tosses a light blue dress on the bed to her.”

     XiXi is starting to think this Iceberg is crazy..who is going to come in my room. She takes her paw and waves it in the direction of the door signaling him to leave.

     Yun Tai wonders if he should sit outside the door but that would look suspicious if Feng Tian or Zhang Yu came down the hallway.

     He decides to go to the hot spring.

     XiXi is very sleepy and looks at the dress Yun Tai tossed on the bed, what is his problem.

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