Astral Void Beast

  Feng Tian barely has a chance to react when Wang Li Jie appears. He swiftly hits Feng Tian’s acupoint rendering him unconscious, then using a palm strike violently sends him flying past the gazebo.

     He reachs out with his other arm and catches XiXi in his strong grasp clutching her limp body to his chest as she faints.

     Wang Li Jie quickly carries her to the bench, carefully laying her down as a giant pure black Astral Void Mythical Beast rises from the lowest depth of the pond. Red Lotuses scattered everywhere as its massive body sends them flying. The water separates as his black wings started to stiffly move, his half closed eyes adjusting to the light.  It appears as if it is raining when he shakes  his mighty wings, flexing his taut  muscles for the first time in five hundred years.

     His head turns in the direction where XiXi is lying. With his eyes blazing red and breathing heavily, he begins to move forward towards her. Finally, I am awakened, she has returned.

     Wang Li Jie draws his Black Ice Sword jumping in front of the Beast, commanding in a threatening voice, “Bow before me and I won’t strike you back into oblivion, don’t and you will live underneath the lotuses for another five hundred years. I sealed you once don’t think I can’t do it again.”

     The Beast twists its neck and bends its gnarled head until it is face to face with Wang Li Jie. His red eyes narrowing as  he recognizes the arrogant man in front of him. He reclines on the ground directly in front of Wang Li Jie as though he had nothing to fear from him.

     Within a half a moment Wang Li Jie raises his sword, black light shining from it, the freezing temperature it emits could freeze the Beast upon impact in an instant.

     “Xiaolian released me when she picked the Red Lotus from the pond, who are you to challenge me I only have one Mistress, Xiaolian”, The Beast demands in a low husky voice.

     “I am your original Master and have the ability to cast you back if I wish.” Wang Li Jie is losing patience with this Beast, “If Xiaolian didn’t treasure you, your body would have been a rotting corpse after that day. Instead, I sealed you in the depths of the Red Lotus Spirit Pond, hoping never to see your ugly face again!”

     “You have no claim on me, you gave me to the Sorceress, we cut ties seven hundred years ago, if it weren’t for your brother… she..she..” The Beast angrily continues, “I have only contempt for you! You should have killed your younger brother when he was in your mother’s womb. His father was a Demon who seduced your mother. The fortune tellers predicted Wang Chao Han would destroy the one you love..yet you..”

     “Impudent Beast!” Wang Li Jie becomes  agitated, losing control he swiftly flies above the Beast’s head.  As he is about to slash down with his sword, the beast quickly moves sideways dodging the black ice from the blade.

     “If you were going to kill me you would have, but you love her too much to destroy me. One day I will tell you why I was unable to save her, but that day is not today.

     We should set aside our differences and protect her now that she has returned.” He looks over at XiXi laying on the bench, she is just as he remembered her in his dreams, so fragile and beautiful.

“How did she return? Does your brother know?”

     Wang Li Jie realizes what the Beast says is true as much as he hates this black hearted Beast they both love Xiaolian.

     “I don’t know the details of her return, she is not the same, yet she is.” Wang Li Jie resigns himself to the situation he needs this loathsome Beast. “My brother is causing havoc in another world and hasn’t been home in over a hundred years, but rumors are circulating he is returning soon to Heavenly Lotus Star Kingdom.

     “How did Xiaolian know I was in the void below the pond? Did the boy who sits and stares longing for her at the pond tell her?”

     “Yun Tai that bastard wouldn’t dare! He doesn’t even realize she is Xiaolian, he must never know!

     Xiaolian doesn’t know of your exile, she is not herself, her memories have not yet surfaced. Feng Tian gave her the Red Lotus bracelet I had Sung Wu make to protect her from my brother after I heard he might return. I was watching from a cloud when I saw her walk to the pond, when all the Red Lotuses bloomed she bent to pick one.”

The Beast furrows his brow, looks at he sleeping XiXi, “Hmmm…”

     “Listen to me you ugly beast, I won’t have her fall into my brother’s hands again! It’s good she awakened you now that I give it some thought. As much as I hate you I know her best chance of survival until I annihilate my brother and his followers is to have you accompany her “

     The Astral Void Beast slowly treads over closer to XiXi, he reaches to stroke her hair with a sharp black talon but pulls it back. He stands there looming over her, gently gazing at her tender face, his red eyes filled with love as he looks at his mistress.

     Wang Li Jie considers his options and tells the Beast,”I am going to place this area under a Time Dilation Array until we return, we need to take her to my home on Mystical Cloud Mountain. this array will prevent anyone from looking for her and that useless Feng Tian. 

     Her body had a reaction to the Red Lotus, I need to expel the energy she absorbed from the petals in order for her to wake up. Her body is too weak and when she touched the flower its spirit energy flowed into her. She also needs the chains that are constricting her meridians broken by me so she can begin cultivating. ”

     “How do you rule Heavenly Lotus Star Kingdom if you couldn’t control the situation here?” looking at Wang Li Jie’s worried expression the beast taunts him in a cold tone.

     Wang Li Jie’s aura grows dark “ Bastard! Just because I can’t kill you now don’t become too arrogant, the day will come I no longer need you!

     Turn into smoke and go inside the bracelet we are leaving now.”

     The Beast suddenly becomes a stream of ink black smoke and enters the Red Lotus bracelet. He is willing to listen to this pompous fool to have a second chance to protect his love again.

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