First Day Part 2

 LiMei enters the Personnel office, she asks an attractive older woman at the front desk where she gets her employee badge. The woman tells her to take a seat Sun Bingqing will be right out . A statuesque woman wearing a tight red skirt with a matching jacket walks over to her, “Feng LiMei?”


     “Come this way.’

     She leads her over to her desk on it is  a camera , she tells LiMei to sit in the chair, then  adjusts the camera, “Smile.”

     LiMei doesn’t want a smiling picture so she just looks at the camera, the woman snaps the picture when she brings it up on her computer screen LiMei has a strange half smile on her that looks ridiculous. The woman wants to laugh but she is a professional. “Miss Feng  that one is not very good how about smiling this time. Maybe remove your glasses.”

     “May I see?”

     “Of course.” She smiles and turns the screen towards where she is sitting, LiMei is quite satisfied with the picture she looks like a girl no one would pay attention to in the least.

     “I like it. Where do I go to report for work.”


     Never has Sun Bingqing seen someone like this girl in this company, not only is she dressed in rags but is simply hard to look at, the ID picture makes her wince looking at it.

    “Are you sure, it will only take a moment to redo it.”

     “Thank you but I should hurry how long does that take to be ready?”

     “Only a minute.” She walks over and prints the ID then laminates it in plastic with a silver clip on it. “Here put this on”, she looks there is nowhere on that bulky sweater and skirt to clip it.

     LiMei takes the ID clutching it in her hand, her first real employee badge she wants to jump up in joy.

   “Where is the Accounting Department”, it is 8:50 she doesn’t want to be late.

    “It is on the 19th floor. Ask for Mu Fan she is the Supervisor you will be working under as a trainee.”

    “Thank you Sun Bingqing.”

     LiMei leaves the office yawning, the double espresso barely woke me up, maybe they have a coffee machine by Accounting. She goes to the elevator as she is entering a tall man is rushing out of it. “Sun Bingqing get out here!”

     She takes the elevator down a floor and exits, there are many cubicles with people working in them already, doesn’t the work day start at nine?

     A woman pushes past her and enters the second cubicle, “Mimi, didn’t I tell you we need to have that contract finished!”

     “It is almost done, the contract that the CEO asked for this morning is complicated!”

     “That is why I had you come in early after I got his call.”

     Mimi wants to cry, why me! The CEO was furious when he called so Supervisor Mu had to call in three people early to coordinate the revisions he had made and sent over but she was the only one who got the message.

     Chen Jianyu is sitting in his conference room with the contracts in front of him, When he rushed into his room at the resort he forgot pages 22-24 he was revising with the figures for the relocation costs of the two textile factories in Gunshin, their equipment is obsolete, the two buildings are too costly to renovate. It has to be figured into the final offer. He rubs his eyes, “Wang Li get me some eye drops from my desk. Have Suzi come down with tea and take care of Old Man Zhao”

     “Yes Boss.” he leaves the conference room passing Old Man Zhao in the waiting room. The Old Man isn’t going to like the delay, those people in Accounting better get up here quickly or Chen Jianyu is going to take away their year end bonuses.

     Chen Jianyu calls down to Accounting, “Mu are those revisions I sent you this morning for page 22 -24 complete?”

     “We are finishing the revisions as you requested I will send them up.”

     He leans back in his seat, when he completes the meeting with Old Man Zhao he is going to the Penthouse to sleep, he can’t think straight with all that happened this weekend then Kang Mei slipping out of his grasp. At least she didn’t damage his car, he is surprised she knew how to drive it.

     “New girl!”

     “Me?” LiMei was waiting for them to finish she didn’t know the Supervisor had noticed her at all.

     “Mimi hand me the papers.”

     “What is your name? Where is your name badge?”

     “Oh I was still holding it.” She shows it to her.

     “Feng LiMei take this to Conference room three on the 35th floor. Don’t give it to anyone besides the CEO.”

     LiMei feigns ignorance she hasn’t been here two minutes and she has to go into the wolf’s den. “I don’t know who he is I shouldn’t be entrusted with this I’m just a trainee.”

     “Don’t talk back I’m your Supervisor. He will be the tall handsome man with the a cold and aloof appearance. He will be at the head of the table.{That is a good description of him}

     She can see by the intense stares these two women are giving her that  she is the sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter.

     She takes the papers from the Supervisor’s hand. Bowing she turns to leave, Supervisor Mu feels slightly guilty, “Feng LiMei don’t touch him for any reason or say anything unnecessary.” She doesn’t want to scare her but she needs to warn her anyway.

     {Why would I want to touch him?}


     These papers must be part of the deal someone was trying to sabotage. She looks at the papers as she is walking along, the numbers don’t seem right. She has always been able to add numbers in her head and she has an excellent memory. Kuang Bu used to praise her aptitude, she would learn quickly any task that involved math. She noticed once someone was trying to rip off the Black Sky by embezzling from one of their casinos they had invested in a couple years ago. She shudders at what happened to that man.

     According to what she is looking at someone mistakenly left out three zeros when they calculated the entire cost. She thinks it was Chen Jianyu because she heard the girl named Mimi saying he had done the revisions on that part she just needed to copy it, she doesn’t want to get her coworkers in trouble in the first half hour she is here. The elevator opens on the 35th floor.

     She decides she will get her game face on and pretend this is an assignment from Kuang Bo. Don’t be nervous LiMei he won’t recognize you, she steps out and walks towards Conference Room Three. She passes by the waiting room the old man in the wheelchair is sitting in there, she nods as she walks past.

     Wang Li is at the door at the same time LiMei arrives, he sees the papers in her hand. “I will give them to the Boss.” This muscular man is like a mountain in front of her but she looks up at him and in her disguised voice she says, “I’m sorry Sir but Supervisor Mu said only to give them to CEO Chen.”

     “Let me see your ID badge.” he noticed she isn’t wearing one, she doesn’t look like a woman that would work here.

     “Oh I still haven’t figured where to put it on.” She giggles and shows it to him.

    The expression on his face is priceless LiMei thinks, she can tell he wants to laugh at her picture but is being polite. “Fine come in with me.”

     “Boss she has the papers you need.” Chen Jianyu was looking out the window lost in his thoughts he turns around. Isn’t that the pitiful looking girl from earlier. She works here? Sun Yichen hired her?

     Seeing her up close she looks like she is in High School, for some reason the first thing he says is “How old are you?”

     LiMei is caught off guard, “Huh?” She is stunned by how handsome he is with the light filtering through the window his face is flawless and his body in that tight fitting suit is ..well..perfect.

     He can see the admiring look she is giving him, “Never mind, give me the papers.”

     LiMei feels she should tell him there is a mistake it wouldn’t be right to stay silent, she is a member of Hushang Group now. She clutches her ID badge in her hand.”Um, CEO Chen?” She is reluctant to hand them over she knows he will dismiss her with a wave of his hand when she gives them to him.

     “I don’t have time give them to me.” She looks in a daze. He walks over from the window and reaches his hand out. LiMei backs up.

     “I think you should listen to me.” She keeps backing up.

     What is she doing, he is getting really pissed off, he is tired and can’t kept Old Man Zhao waiting.

     “I said give them to me, do you want to work here young lady.” His eyes narrow with a dangerous look. His aura is suffocating, but he smells nice, is it ambergris?

     She closes her eyes as he inches closer she is almost up against the wall and blurts out, “ I noticed in the elevator, you made a huge mistake on page 23! Not enough zeroes!”

     LiMei shoves the papers into his large hands and runs out the door.

     Chen Jianyu stands there frozen in the spot, did that little snip of a girl tell him he made a mistake? Impossible!

     “Wang Li bring Old Man Zhao into the conference room, apologize for the short wait.” It is only 9:05 if he wants to throw a fit about it at this point he doesn’t give a damn.

     He goes to sit at the head of the table he looks over page 23 to prove her wrong. He gets out a calculator adding the numbers as Old Man Zhang is being wheeled into the room.

     Fuck! He must have been so tired he added incorrectly. It would be the difference of  a billion dollars .Dammit!, he needs to quickly have this fixed, before the contract is signed.

     “Wang Li give this page to the girl who brought it tell her to quickly fix the problem in my office then bring the paper back, tell her to wait there for me.”

     Wang Li looks at Chen Jianyu with a questioning gaze, was the girl right ?  Boss never makes a mistake.

     He picks up the phone, “Mu send the girl back up who brought the papers.”

     He stands up as Suzi wheels in Old Man Zhao

     “Zhao Da”

    “Chen Jianyu let’s get on with it.”

    “Suzi bring Zhao Da in some tea.”

     Supervisor Mu looks at LiMei why does the CEO want her to return to the conference room?”

    “Feng LiMei go back to the conference room.”

     LiMei wants to ask why but what does it matter, if the arrogant man summoned her she must go.

     She hurries into the elevator when she reaches the 35th floor she exits walking past the waiting room the old man isn’t in there he must be in with Chen Jianyu. She lightly knocks on the conference room Wang Li opens the door and steps out, “Come with me.” he hands her the paper “The Boss said for you to fix it and I will take it back.”

     LiMei is glad he didn’t just blow off what she said, she doesn’t want the Accounting Department in trouble the minute she arrives. She follows Wang Li to Chen Jianyu’s office. He opens the heavy black Ebony Wood doors revealing a spectacular office, decorated in black and gray, the windows are floor to ceiling and have a view of the river. LiMei can’t help but gasp, he certainly should congratulate his decorator this room captures his cold and aloof personality perfectly.


    “You can call me Feng LiMei.”

  “Here is the computer his secretary uses when she works in this office, please correct this as quickly as possible.’

     LiMei quickly types the content of the page fixing the totals to the correct amount, and presses print. She walks over to the printer and hands it to Wang Li. 

     “Don’t leave.”

     LiMei sits in Chen Jianyu’s chair and swivels around playing. Then she walks to the window and looks at the view it is breathtaking. She walks out to the main desk on the outside of the office his secretary uses, she noticed a small breakroom with a coffeemaker on her way into his office. She just saved him a bunch of money she deserves a cup of ah..Blue Mountain Coffee, Yes!

    She makes herself a cup and walks back to his office, it certainly is taking him awhile. She plops on the couch and drinks the coffee, it doesn’t seem to wake her up. Hmm.. this couch is comfortable, she lays down,  I will just rest my eyes for a minute until the arrogant man returns, within minutes she drifts off to sleep.

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