Zhang Yu Wakes Up

When Yun Tai returns he flies directly to the cave. He tosses everything he  received from the Old Master over to the side and sets up an array outside.

     Yun Tai can not be disturbed when he is cultivating it could be devastating. He is feeling shaky to his very core, all this confusion when he came back home  delayed his closed door cultivation too long.

      Before he assumes the lotus position on the jade mat he reflects for a minute on how odd Yun Pei Shan was acting when he visited him.

      He never was a sentimental man in all the years Yun Tai had been with him,but Yun Tai felt he was not as hard on him as he usually would be this evening.

     Most times when he went to visit he would make him jump through hoops to get any of his special elixers This time he literally was loading him up without looking for any payment. and some of those looked very rare. He glances over at the two swords and the daggers he insisted he take, they look priceless.

     Well, I will repay him for his kindness when I get back.

     When Yun Tai is closing his eyes in the bamboo house Zhang Yu was starting to wake up.

     He wonders how he got into this house and bed, and where is XiXi. He stretches his arms and feels very well rested, not sure why he feels so relaxed as if he had slept for days. 

     Well, first things first where is XiXi.

     Feng Tian is still  drunk and stumbling to his room when he passes Zhang Yu’s room.

    He is lost in his thoughts,earlier after Yun Tai had left he sat there dreaming in the courtyard with his head on the table. In his drunken stupor he pictured XiXi and him together on a cloud looking down laughing. She had flowers in her hair they had picked on the mountain when they went to tell The Old Master they were getting married. XiXi wrapped her arms around him and looked up at him with a huge smile , didn’t say anything just curled up next to his chest. The sensation of her in his arms was so warm and she smelled like red lotuses.

     Yes, I will marry XiXi. I will marry XiXi. I will marry XiXi… 

     Dammit! If that damn bird hadn’t started pecking at my head I would still be lost in that dream.

    Zhang Yu calls out to him. “Hey! Feng Tian! Where is XiXi” He doesn’t  care at this point how he got here or where this house is ,only where his daughter is.

     Oh, that’s right…Zhang XiXi’s  father, I almost forgot about him haha… I can’t believe he was asleep for two and a half days that is a record for me.

      When he hears Zhang Yu calling him suddenly realizes he needs to snap out of it. What the hell kind of wine was that Yun Tai a few glasses and I can’t see two steps in front of me!

     Feng Tian pull yourself together, you don’t want this old man to have a bad impression of you. He is your future father in law. Yes, my future father in law.

     “Zhang Yu how was your rest?” In his mind can’t stop laughing thinking how when he hit the old man’s acupoint he stopped talking mid sentence and fell like a sack of potatoes.

     “Fine, fine where is XiXi?” He is thinking I don’t really know this man I think he is honorable but we barely know him.I need to find my a XiXi and make sure she is safe. Why was I so sound asleep without even knowing where she is.

     I am going to kill those elders that sent me here. I can’t believe they sent me to this island and XiXi is caught up in this.{ Zhang Yu looks mild manner but he has quite a temper, that is where XiXi gets her hot headedness} He just has a suppression spell he uses on himself so he can deal with people on a daily basis.

     “She is fine she is asleep in that room over there”, He points to LingLing’s room. What are you doing up it’s after midnight.{ I really hope you think you just went to sleep earlier, I can’t make anything up right now}, FengTian goes to his room and immediately collapses on his bed.

     Zhang Yu hurries down the hall to the room and opens the door. XiXi thank God you are all right he thinks to himself. He breathes a sigh of relief seeing her sleeping peacefully. The effect of the tea had worn off awhile ago and she was deep in a natural sleep now.

     Feng Tian had changed her clothes that were drenched in sweat hours ago, he was getting quite adept at that. Hopefully XiXi doesn’t put two and two together though, he was thinking while he was changing them. Feng Tian did take pride in the fact he really didn’t take advantage, only looked when it was definitely necessary.

     He also recalled Yun Tai saying when a person woke up after the tea they didn’t remember anything.

     Zhang Yu decides to sit in her room for awhile and just watch her sleep. He sighs it is good she is all right for the moment and sleeping peacefully in this strange place.

     When she gets up in the morning I will bring out the magic and alchemy books and let her start preparing for their journey.

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