Yun Tai’s Calming Tea…

Her song almost makes Yun Tai feel intoxicated and he remembers how at the hot spring her voice had lulled him to sleep. Sleep had eluded him since he left the lowlands almost a week ago. Sometimes he is plagued by nightmares of all the demons he has slain and is unable to rest. But, yesterday in the hot springs he was able to reach the tenth level of restorative slumber.

     Is she an enchantress, is that why FengTian is so smitten by her? If so I must expose her to him. Over the years I have dealt with many seductresses and never given into desire.

     If XiXi could read this man’s thoughts she would be in stitches. She wasn’t even a runner up in the local Miss Banxu County and two of her friends were judges!

     XiXi is feeling like she is floating on a cloud so relaxed. She wanders through the garden picking vegetables she recognizes. The berry incident is fresh in her mind so she is very careful even asking FengTian what a few of the plants are.

     The Gemini Twins are resting on her shoulder as she gathers the ingredients for dinner. When she thinks she has gathered enough she throws some hibiscus in the basket also and turned to Feng Tian.

     Her voice is unusually gentle as she calls him, “Feng Tian I’m going to make you something mouth watering delicious for dinner! Let’s go into the kitchen.”

     Feng Tian is just sitting at the stone table watching her flit around, her hair is starting to loosen and tumble down. She seems so carefree at the moment. She is being so sweet and adorable. Even asking me about the vegetables. Little did either one of them know it is because she had fixed a cup of Yun Tai’s treasure tea. It’s effects had not fully kicked in yet so at this point she is just very relaxed.

     Yun Tai decides he needs to know more of this situation, FengTian is my best friend after all. He sits on a rock with his long legs crossed deliberating how to approach the situation. He also wants his spirit pets back! He wasn’t done releasing his negativity. How dare she just carry them off!

      Feng Tian is in the kitchen with XiXi , she ask him if he wants another cup of that tea. She thinks it was so delicious, I think I will. He hadn’t drank the first one it was too sweet for him so he says no. But he was enjoying the way she was treating him so he is just hanging around XiXi in the kitchen.

     If he wasn’t so captivated with this version of XiXi he would have realized something was amiss.

     XiXi finds some noodles in the cupboard, it is rather well stocked. This was only because Yun Tai’s sister Yun LingLing knew he would be back this week.

     She begins stir frying the vegetables and wonders if she could find some chiil peppers in her dad’s dimensional space. How would I access it? She had heard him say a few words and it appeared, maybe she should try. This food definitely needed some spice.

     XiXi walks back to the room where her father is sleeping. She tells Feng Tian to roll him onto his side. Feng Tian is a bit hesitant but listens to her and follows her instructions.. She is feeling quite bold at this moment and chants the words. She reaches in and pulls out some spices carefully placing the Dimensional Space back. 

     They lazily stroll back to the kitchen and she liberally seasons the vegetables.

     “Feng Tian do you know if there is any meat?” The Little Beauty is getting quite used to ordering me around haha..

     “ I will go and check”

     He flies into the woods and sees a wild boar, no that would be too much, she would be suspicious. He sees two pheasants and immediately aims his palm at them and grabs them. Feng Tian in an instant comes into the kitchen with two pheasants ready to go.

     “Pheasant ? I’ve never made that, okay I will give it my best.”XiXi pulls on the top of her dress, “Feng Tian is it getting hot in here” XiXi is starting to feel very warm.

     “No, maybe its because you are so close to the fire”  I think it is rather a cool night.

     “That makes sense, give me the pheasants. I’m going to wrap them in these leaves with spices they should be done in a bit’

     The aromas in the kitchen are starting to drift out to where Yun Tai is sitting still contemplating his next course of action. Who is cooking in there FengTian doesn’t even need to eat.  Yun Tai’s curiosity is too much and he starts hurrying to the house. Also he is starving and that aroma smells delicious.

     Yun Tai comes in his house through the outer room and heads to the kitchen. What he sees makes him wonder what the hell is going on here. Feng Tian’s girl is holding a spoon for him to taste something and Feng Tian is smiling like a lovestruck idiot.. My spirit beasts are nestled in the girl’s hair.

     He coughs and both of them turn in his direction. Feng Tian never expected Yun Tai to be here, shouldn’t he be in the cave cultivating.

   “ Yun Tai!” Ah… what brings you here?

     Yun Tai is thinking because it is my house! But he decides to play along, he would like some of that dinner.

     XiXi gazes at Yun Tai he looks a little blurry to her,“Do you know him Feng Tian”

    “He is a friend of my brother’s you met earlier”

     A friend of your brother’s I can’t stand that guy! Why didn’t you say I’m your oldest and best friend? Yun Tai really needs to get to the bottom of this.

    “Oh you should stay for dinner then.”

     Feng Tian is thinking who are you XiXi, this gentle you is beginning to scare me.

     XiXi is thinking why does that man’s voice seem familiar?

     Yun Tai sits down at the table and XiXi asks him if he would like some tea. He looks over and notices her teacup. That’s my tea I use to interrogate people! Feng Tian you just drugged your girl within an hour she will tell you every secret she has!

     While XiXi is over getting ready to drop the noodles in the boiling water Yun Tai grabs Feng Tian’s collar and yanks him out the door. The aura coming from his body is so intense even Feng Tian is affected. “Feng Tian what are you up to?” He growls in a threatening tone.

     “What do you mean? If you give me a chance to explain, we just need to use your house for ten days. I thought you would be in seclusion!”

     “No, well I need to know more about that later. I mean you just gave her my tea that I use to get information from people. I got tired of torturing people and I had my Master make this tea for me. It cost me 25 crystallized Seven Layer Snake eyes he needed for an elixir!

     You should really stay out of other people’s things!

     “First the person gets very relaxed and calm, almost as though the world is perfect around them.Then they start feeling very warm then their eyes glaze over and all they can say is the truth. It lasts for about two hours then they can’t remember anything.”

     “It said calming tea! How would I know!” Feng Tian now knows why XiXi has been acting so strange.

      XiXi peeks her head out the door and sweetly says “Come on in dinner is ready”

        Feng Tian and Yun Tai come and sit at the table while XiXi brings over the noodles with the vegetables and the pheasant.

     Yun Tai kicks Feng Tian under the table and says only loud enough for him to hear,” Just don’t talk while we are eating.”

    XiXi sits down across from Yun Tai and taps her chopsticks. I really feel I have met him somewhere but that is impossible.

    Yun Tai is savoring every mouthful, this is the most delicious meal he has had in fifty years. The pheasant is moist melts in your mouth and has a refreshing lemon herb flavor to it. The vegetables are spicy and compliment the noodles that are tender. How did she learn to cook these delicious dishes, what country is she from he wonders.

     He looks up from his bowl to see two of the bluest eyes he has ever seen staring at him. He felt like for a moment he was lost in them.

     “Were you at the hot spring yesterday” XiXi blurts out.

      Yun Tai doesn’t want to get into that so he says “No, I just arrived this afternoon, Why?” Oh no he asked her a question.

     “Well your voice sounds like a man who held a knife to me yesterday and pressed his body on me. I felt a very strong sexual presence coming from him when he leaned into my neck. But, it couldn’t have been you I don’t sense that desire right now.

     “…” Feng Tian

      Yun Tai chokes on a noodle. “This meal is very delicious I don’t think I have ever had anything with this spice.”

     Right then the two spirit animals look at Yun Tai both of them shaking their heads. Master what did you do to this girl.

     XiXi is picking at her food with her chopsticks when she gets a sudden urge to start talking. She almost feels in a trancelike state.

    “Right now looking at you both I feel I have met you before in a dream I had a few days ago. It was the night before father I got thrown into this world. I forgot about it until I looked across the table at you two. ” Her eyes are looking like the deepest blue ocean and both Yun Tai and Feng Tian felt as though they were being sucked into them.

     “You were both standing on a cliff wielding shining silver swords and I was standing in a circle of fire chanting a spell. The heavens were full of lightening and Mythological Beasts were attacking from all sides. I had chains on my body that felt like they were constricting my very soul. Red seemed to be everywhere. I was wearing a red robe and my arms had red lotus designs appearing up them. Right before I woke up I looked up to see your brother Feng Che riding a red Dragon through the clouds.”

     At that moment XiXi falls over onto the table sound asleep.

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