Yun Tai Needs Answers…

 Looking at the unconscious girl across sprawled on the table, instinctively Yun Tai gets  up to carry XiXi to a room. He knows the effects of the calming  tea she won’t be waking up anytime soon. As he is about to grab her up by her waist he feels a palm strike from Feng Tian.

     The force of the strike barely moves him but it brings him back to reality.

     “What are you doing Yun Tai? Don’t touch her!” 

     Coming back to his senses he steps back away from the wooden table. He stares at Feng Tian glaring at him and realizes his improper behavior.  She is Feng Tian’s why am I concerned for the girl?

     “Feng Tian I am still weary from just getting back I wasn’t thinking. I just know the after effects of that tea and wanted to get her into a bed.”  Wait that doesn’t sound good … He can feel Feng Tian ‘s aura getting black.

        What am I thinking? Even at the hot spring yesterday she was right in what she just said a few minutes ago.I had felt an urge to take her and possess her alluring body right there. I felt a sexual energy consuming me it isn’t like me not to lose control.

      He had watched her while she was reclining in the hot spring fiddling with her hair and blowing bubbles, then she was laughing as though they tickled her nose and she scrunched up her face. The sound of her  voice when she was singing had mesmerized me, it was like the sweet and soothing sound was floating through the air to where I was sitting immersed in the hot spring.. The melody was eerie yet comforting,  allowing me to fall into a deep sleep, my mind let go of my family’s death, The Demon War,  all the misery of the last hundred years fighting to maintain the Orders of The High Council. Then when he was deep into the dreamscape she was able to catch him off guard.

     When he pressed his body to hers he was half into his dreams and on the brink of reality. He smelled red lotuses that seemed to fuel his desire as he came close to her neck with the dagger.Momentarily he felt crazy with lust until he realized who he was holding, she is Tian’s girl for fucks’ sake! When she fainted and I carried her to the chaise..It’s good Tian appeared quickly…Yun Tai shakes his head and sees Feng Tian with black lines on his forehead. “You should get her in bed under the covers in LingLing’s room quickly soon she will be racked with chills,” Yun Tai averted his gaze as Feng Tian picked her up. “Be sure and put a new brazier in there and there are more covers behind the embroidered screen on the left.” 

     Feng Tian gazes at his friend since when does Yun Tai care about a strange girl’s comfort. What has gotten into the unfeeling God of War… he has been acting strangely since he returned.

     After Feng Tian leaves, Yun Tai sits at the table with his head in his hands. I need to go into seclusion tomorrow my mind is splintering and I am unable to think clearly. Who is that girl really? I felt a jealous reaction when I was in the kitchen doorway and saw her with a spoon in her hand feeding Feng Tian. I also felt a connection to her when I looked deep into her eyes, it was if  she held part of my soul in there.

      Who is she ? What sect is she from?

     What was the meaning behind that dream she blurted out under the influence of the drug?

     When Feng Tian comes back, I have some questions for him that need answered before I enter the cave to cultivate.

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