Yun Tai At The Lake…

The little beast looks at the crystal blue shimmering water, this must be Night Pearl Lake or something like that. I heard that Yun Tai’s land had some very beautiful scenery but this is extraordinarily breath taking.. How did that bastard obtain this vast area on this island I wonder.

     Even as a King I don’t have such a mystical vacation spot. Oh, I miss being the King, I’m really getting tired of people pushing me around because I am a stumpy little beast. He smooths his ruffled fur with his paw, I think the crazy bitch pulled out some of my fur when she threw me here.

     Zhen wanders down to the lakeside. I’m really hungry I wonder if I can catch a fish, but how would I cook it, dammit! I will go look in those woods and see if I can find some berries or fruit.

     After walking a short ways he notices the hut, Hmm,maybe if there is food in there, I see a crack in the door maybe I could squeeze through. He peeks through the crack to see XiXi on the bed and a Panthera lying by the bed.

     What is that girl of Feng Tian’s doing in this cheap little hut., she looks unconscious, Feng Tian what did you do to the girl?

     Siyu hears the little beast scratching at the door and walks over to check it out. They are almost eye to eye through the crack in the door.

     Zhen immediately turns and scurries away. I don’t want to be that monstrous beast’s lunch, I will go look for some berries, maybe there is a grapevine{wishful thinking}.

     As Zhen kicks some pebbles along the way, he wonders why do the Panthera’s golden eyes look like someone eyes I used to know ? I haven’t seen golden eyes in over one hundred years, since The Lord of The Falcon Knights disappeared with the pretty little concubine of the Fourth Crown Prince.

    The little beast draws in a deep breath, reminiscing.What a mess that was! If I would have known the Fourth Crown Prince’s power was going to grow after the Lord disappeared…what could I have done differently..the Lord was my friend so I helped them leave together. 

     How could I know my complicity would eventually come to light as my power over the Kingdom was slowly deteriorating. The corruption of the officials, my army without the Lord leading them  became fractured allowing his faction to eventually undermine me.

     Ultimately,that the Crown Prince would exact his revenge in such a devious way, he glances at his stumpy legs and chubby paws.

     Well, when Lou Wan figures out how to undo this spell this King will rise to power again and crush those bastards.

     Are those grapes there!  The little beast rushes over with his stumpy legsto vine growing by the Bending Birch tree.

     Yun Tai exits the Cave of Seclusion feeling like a new man. Although he didn’t spend the amount of time planned, surprisingly he had a huge breakthrough to the next level, The Heavenly Cloud Dragon Stage.

     The qi flowed through his Eight Extraordinary Meridians during this closed door cultivation at maximum levels continuously ignoring his Meridian Clock. The qi flow was balanced and harmonious allowing his energy to replenish tenfold.

     In the last day as he broke through, he was able to implement a style of cultivation in which the qi circulation paths resembled a dragon. During this portion of his cultivation the energy depleted from The Demon War was restored by one hundred and ten per cent.

     His body also received other health benefits of regeneration, all of his scars disappeared only the one on his face and chest remained. His facial scar he decided he would keep as a reminder of his family’s death, and the chest scar to remind him to be vigilant at all times.

     His skin had been covered with a black substance, it flowed off of him as he finished his cultivation revealing his skin with a healthy radiance making his handsome features once more unworldly.

     Yun Tai is feeling energized, only two more stages and I will reach Immortality. If I didn’t have to continuously fight for The Righteous Order I would have increased my cultivation, and already achieved Immortality along with Feng Tian. Unfortunately, he thought without any envy, I had my duties unlike Feng Tian. .

     As the sunlight hits his face walking away from the cave,Yun Tai remembers the situation at the bamboo house and uses his qinggong to fly there immediately.

     The bamboo house is deserted but the evidence proves they are all still residing there but now are gone. It appears LingLing was also staying there. He misses his sister and would have liked to come home to find her sitting in the courtyard waiting for him.

     His two spirit animals, the Gemini Twins come and leap into his arms excited for his return. They rub their furry bodies in his hands as he pets them. It feels good not to have negative energy he needs to pour into their little bodies. He sometimes wonders how they are able to digest all of his negativity when he returns from fighting.

     They begin squeaking ..Squeak,,Squeak.. as though they want to tell him something. Yun Tai wants to have a cup of tea and relax. His body right now is feeling so light he wants to savor the feeling, it’s been too long since he didn’t feel weight on his shoulders.

     They roll off him and start rolling towards a basket of herbs that has been thrown to the side in the courtyard. As he follows them he walks by his favorite peonies, he notices a whole section is missing.Feng Tian!

     He says aloud, “Aren’t these herbs from the woods by the lake?” The spirit pets are bouncing up and down on the herbs. What are they trying to tell me..they roll to the gate of the courtyard. Is something going on down by the lake.

     Squeak..Squeak..Squeak..If we had heads we would be nodding! We have been helpless, heard the whole story, we want to know how that girl is. They jump into his pocket. Let’s go see!

     Yun Tai leaves his tea on the table and decides to investigate. Those strangers, Feng Tian, LingLing who knows what’s going on here.

     He uses his qinggong to go to the lake and doesn’t see any trace of anyone. I’m probably overreacting, my array formation none of my enemies can enter my land. Siyu wanders around and he appears formidable, he shakes his head.

     He is about to head back to the bamboo house when he sees a little unfamiliar beast eating a grape sunning himself by the lake. Where did that beast come from? Could it be LingLing’s. No, he is too ugly the last spirit pet she had almost blinded me with its ethereal beauty.

     The little beast has it’s eyes closed soaking up the sun’s rays in his mind envying Yun Tai. Suddenly he is picked up by the scruff of his neck, startled awake, staring into some stormy looking black eyes.

    “Whose little beast are you” Yun Tai asks in a deep stern voice.

     Zhen takes his paw and wipes his grape stained face. Holy **** that’s the God of the Demon Wars Yun Tai!

     “Can you speak?” It must have some talent, no one would keep this little beast for his looks.

     Zhen nods his head No.

    “But you understand language?”

     Zhen furiously nods his head YES!

     Yun Tai sets it down and says threateningly “Don’t run, I’m not going to hurt you. If you do run you are dead before a paw hits the ground”

     Zhen thinks I bet he could kill with just a look from those fierce murderous eyes.

     Yun Tai is looking at he frightened look on the little beasts face and is laughing to himself. He seems to have human expressions. Don’t worry little beast, I am in an excellent mood right now. I don’t feel like killing even a fly.

     “Have you seen any people around this area lately? Are any still here?

     Zhen nods Yes. He thinks I could write the entire details I know about this ***** up place, especially that beautiful witch, with some serious anger issues, that sent me flying to those cliffs. If her aim had been a little to the left, he shivers thinking of it. But I’m far too lazy. Let’s leave it- I can just nod .

     The little beast points his chubby paw in the direction of the woods. Yun Tai picks him up.

     This King  being carried princess style in the arms of the great Yun Tai, like a little pet! No one would believe this!well, of course when I am human again I will never speak of my life as a little beast.

    Yun Tai walks into the woods and thinks about the hut where Siyu stays. In a couple moments he arrives and opens the door. It’s daytime Siyu should be in the form of the Panthera, no reason to knock.

     What he sees almost makes him drop the little beast. Siyu is laying by the bed and in the bed, is that Feng Tian’s girl?

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