Yun Pei Shan, Part Two

Yun Tai looks over to see Yun Pei Shan furrowing his brow while pulling on his long white beard  and knows he is now taking what he told him seriously after the mention of Feng Che’s involvement.

     Yun Pei Shan heard Che went to get Feng Tian for a power marriage to strengthen his position but also to allow Feng Tian to avoid getting sucked in by the other officials using the guise of marriage. The family he had selected their daughter was beautiful and gentle, everything Che wanted for his brother. She was proficient in all the arts and had a sweet demeanor.

     He gathered all this gossip from a friend who he had placed in Che’s inner circle. Her father was one of his allies but also a man of principle and Che liked that about him. So he thought putting these two together in marriage would kill two birds with one stone.

     Tian must have somehow told him of his plans and Che is concerned not just for Tian but The Order. He loves his brother and doesn’t want him to change because of getting involved with the High Council,but he can’t allow him to disrupt it either.

     “Hey Tai what are you staring at so intently? Haven’t you ever seen an old man enjoying a midnight snack before? I’m glad you decided to have a few skewers”{while I was lost in thought he devoured my barbeque, he sees a stack of bamboo sticks on the ground and cries to himself}

     “So old man first the advice it’s free right?” Yun Tai is grateful Yun Pei Shan feels teaching is never done.

     “Let’s hear it”

     “I’m thinking if I go into seclusion for three days I should be fine{I would love my usual ten days so I feel great, but three will be adequate} I have no commitments right now so I think I should go with them.”

     “Good idea”

     “No advice?”

     “Not right now”

     “ Secondly, he has a girl with him that is very weak, not weak like weak can only throw a spear 500 yards, but so weak like faints at the sight of a knife”, Yun Tai is thinking she could probably be blown away by the wind when they cross The Mystical Plains.

   “That’s weak” Yun Pei Shan.

     “Exactly, so I would like to teach her some of your cultivation techniques just so she can have even the very slightest chance of survival if she wanders away. {She seems like she would wander away after witnessing her in the garden.}

     “Fine” Yun Pei Shan after seeing the constellation in the form of a lotus has some clue who this girl is.

     “????” that was too easy I am beginning to worry he is senile. He has guarded his Cultivation Manual with his life. No outsider has ever had a chance to take a peek.

     “I will need several items if I am going to be prepared for the journey.” Yun Tai looks at him with a pitiful, please Father, may I call you father look {I would like these idiots to survive this journey}.

     “There we might have a problem, show me what you brought” Yun Pei Shan must maintain his image but with what is at stake will give Yun Tai whatever he needs to successfully thwart these Beast Hunters and protect the Little Sorceress.

     Yun Tai pulls out petrified hearts from three Xianjie Devil Boars, six perfectly shaped Obsidian colored roots from the Fallen Angel Tree that only grows in the abyss by the entrance to the Underworld. It is guarded by Malix Mastiffs that absorb your dantain if they are able to scratch you with their claws{actually that was going to be a gift but I need bartering power}

       The Old Master’s eyes lit up when he saw the roots, he wasn’t going to have to slash his prices at all! He has wanted even a piece of a root for five hundred years and here are six perfect , perfect roots.

     Yun Tai saw the sparkle in his eyes and wished he could have just come here and presented them as a gift. He truly loved that old man. But, he needs to get some potions and elixers, maybe a weapon or three.

     “I’m not going to lie, I am very impressed with these items. I know you have heard me mention that root through the years and how I wanted to possess one. So I know you intentionally got these for me.

     “Thank you son’”

     Yun Tai feels  moved and his heart tightens, he usually calls me Tai or brat.

     Yun Pei Shan is feeling very sentimental right now which is very unlike him. He knows although this man has to be strong and has trouble with  expressing his emotions he has a good heart. He knows how much he loves him, Feng Tian and LingLing. But seldom expresses it verbally Tai will demonstrate his affection through the gifts he  brings back. Unusual wine for Feng Tian, precious herbs from distant lands for him and he would laugh at Ling Ling when he would let her pick whatever jewels she wanted from his cellar.I really wants him to find happiness in this life.

     “Take whatever you need from the house or storehouse and I have some new weapons by my room you can have.” Yun Pei Shan waves his sleeves in the air pointing here and there.

     Yun Tai is shocked at The Old Master, what came over him tonight?”

     “Thank you , I will only take what I need and will compensate you when I get back.”

     Yun Tai is getting very tired and hurries to collect the supplies he needs. Yun Pei Shan notices he issn’t taking any rare potions just what he might need. He didn’t grab the newly forged Spirit of the Wind sword. He might need that, It would be light enough for that girl to wield. I will put it with his things and stuff some rare elixers in there too. That boy is too honest.

     Yun Tai thinks he has gathered what he needs and is going to say good bye to the old man when the old man comes over and gives him a hug.

     “Take these too you stinky brat” , and he shoves the sword and elixers to Yun Tai.

     “This sword should be perfect for that girl and instructions about it are in that book I gave you last time you were here.”

     “The instructions and what each elixer I just gave you are also there, so don’t lose the book!”

     “What book?” teases Yun Tai.

     “You…. “ Yun Pei Shan

     “I will pay you back Old Man!”Yun Tai yells out as he flies into the night.

     Yun Pei Shan watches him leave and looks up at the star lotus in the sky and quietly says,

     “Just come back.”

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