Yun Pei Shan and XiXi…

  XiXi lays on the bed tossing and turning, muttering something, he is too shocked to hear her words. Why would she call out for Yun Tai? What was she dreaming? I can’t have another man’s image in her mind, even in a dream.

     Jealousy envelops him like a dark fog, he feels possessed. He sees XiXi squirming on the bed the covers being tossed aside, exposing half of her creamy white body. Feng Tian envisions her with Yun Tai, his mind is starting to turn dark.

     At that moment when his rage was about to explode and destroy the contents of the house, a small hand squeezes his slender fingers that are clenching into a fist.  XiXi’s eyes partially open, soft blue eyes look up at him, she gently says “Feng Tian…Feng Tian you are here.”, and squeezes his hand tightly.

     Then with a faint voice, “I’m scared Feng Tian,.. hold me”

     The anger he was just feeling dissipates  into the air as she murmurs those words to him. He reaches down, carefully holds her to his chest. Feng Tian’s heart is pounding as he restrains the urge to press so hard he molds her body into his chest.

     He wraps his arms around her, she is shaking, and her body seems to be on fire. Her delicate arms are curled into his chest like a little kitten snuggled close to his heart. His worry intensifies as he feels her heated body next to his , hurry old man!

     All he can do is wave his palm with some cool air to help soothe the heat in her body.

     He lets her stay in his arms not placing her back on the bed. After a few moments, she falls back to sleep .Why does this little beauty have such a hold on my heart he thinks as he looks at her adoringly.

     Feng Tian leans down and places a feathery kiss on her head and stares intensely at the door.

     He has been so caught up in his worry he has no idea how long the beast has been gone. If I lay her back down I could go get cool water to wipe her body down with but I don’t want to leave her even for an instant.

     Right as he is deciding his course of action, the door bangs open and Yun Pei Shan comes bursting into the room. His white hair windblown and his robes in disarray. He looks at Feng Tian with a sigh of relief, when that beast came to fetch him he thought it was Feng Tian who was hurt.

     He rushes over to Feng Tian, sighs in in relief, then sees the girl who is barely visible wrapped in Feng Tian’s arms.

     “What happened to the girl?”

     As Feng Tian gently lays her down to allow  Yun Pei Shan can examine her, he relates the events of earlier.

     When Feng Tian finishes Yun Pei Shan’s only remark is, “She is a Sorceress and doesn’t know how to control her brainpower?”

     Feng Tian nods looking at the unconscious XiXi on the bed.

     Yun Pei Shan lifts up his sleeves to reveal gnarled fingers underneath., he begins to use his palms to wave over XiXi’s body. “After what you told me I expected her to have multiple internal injuries but I am not detecting any.” Does the girl have the ability to heal herself?”

     Feng Tian replies. “I have no idea, according to her father until they arrived here she had no idea of her ancestry. She just started studying  sorcery today.

     Yun Pei Shan is carefully considering Feng Tian’s words with a concerned look on his face. “She is the person Yun Tai wants to help teach cultivation?” He is remembering Yun Tai telling him of Feng Tian’s infatuation with a girl, this must be her the way Feng Tian is holding her tightly in his arms like a treasure.

     At the mention of Yun Tai’s name so soon after hearing it on XiXi’x lips, Feng Tian bristles,“Yes”

     “ Is he aware her meridians are sealed?”


     “Give me a moment” and he pulls out a blue pill and opens XiXi’s mouth. Using his palm to move it through her throat. “This pill will take away her fever to make her more comfortable, but I believe the heat is the internal energy her body is using to heal itself.

    Feng Tian responds, “Her meridians are sealed but she can heal herself, that doesn’t make any sense.” 

     “ Some sorcerer’s {very powerful, he leaves that adjective out}  have the power to heal both themselves and others”, Yun Pei Shan is intently looking at the frail girl on the bed. Who is she, her essence feels familiar.

     “The seal that is placed on her is very formidable, I would need to consider how to remove it without destroying her dantain in the process.”

     They both look over at the petite girl who seems to have entered a deep calm sleep..

     “I don’t think you should move her right now, those were some powerful blows she must have taken in the water you described. It could take a couple days for her body to recover.

     “XiXi’s father is in the bamboo house and will get worried if we don’t return soon” Feng Tian tells Yun Pei Shan. “Do you think you could wait here and watch her until I go tell him the situation then come back.I don’t think she was supposed to test her magic so I’m going to leave that part out. I will think of something to say on the way back.

     “Her father?’ he feigns ignorance. He wants to hear how Feng Tian will describe the situation.

    “Yes, that’s how she came to arrive on this island, didn’t Yun Tai explain to you their situation here?”

     Yun Pei Shan is again remembering the night Yun Tai came to ask him for his permission to pass on his knowledge to a girl. “Yes, but he didn’t go into great detail.”mainly that you are blinded by this little beauty and he worries for you.

     “Go..go..I will sit with her.  You can tell me the details later..” He sees the sense of urgency written on Feng Tian’s face, that he wants to swiftly return to XiXi’s side.

     Knowing the little beauty is probably safer if she has any complications with the old man than even him, Feng Tian rushes out the door, He almost trips over the Panthera who seems to be keeping a vigilant watch on the door.

     He bends over and ruffles its bushy red mane and gratefully says “Thank you!” Then uses his qinggong to fly into the night.

     Siyu watches him leave then continues staring at the two people inside through a large crack Feng Tian had made when he busted in  earlier …

     It took me several days to make that door, you brat, Siyu mutters to himself. Only Yun Pei Shan and Yun Tai know of his abilities as a shapeshifter.

     He sees the old man stroking his long white beard, sitting by the bed staring intensely at the sleeping beauty..

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