XiXi’s First Lesson in Sorcery

  LingLing’s knuckles are white as she curls her hands under her sleeves suppressing her internal power from striking XiXi.

     Smiling she looks at XiXi and says, ”I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I will take my leave first, I’m in need of a relaxing soak in the hot spring. It is one of my most pleasurable activities when I come to Yun Tai’s home”

     XiXi quickly jumps up almost falling into Feng Tian’s lap, “The hot spring! That is one of the most relaxing and beautiful spots, may I join you?” Eager to start sister bonding, she forgets about her father waiting for her to study.

     LingLing is seething with hatred, it was the wave of her hand from under her sleeve that prevented XiXi from completely tumbling onto Feng Tian. She sweetly replies, “I would love to go to the hot spring with you, but didn’t I hear you have lessons that have been delayed once all ready?”

  If I am alone with you I might not be able to restrain myself from strangling you slut. So you might not return if you joined me in the hot spring, that could raise questions. I can wait until the bustle of the streets of Myriad Cloud City to dispose of you.

      XiXi looks dejected and says “That’s right my father is waiting for me.”

     I should hurry over there,” She bows at Ling Ling ignoring Feng Tian, “I will make a special dinner to celebrate meeting you!”

     Feng Tian rises after she leaves, he has preparations to make to go to the Plum Blossom Cliffs when XiXi is finished with her father.

     I need Cloudberry wine, or maybe some Peach Blossom wine,see if the boat is usable, no one has been on that lake in a hundred years.

     What would she like to eat, ah, I should get some pastries when I go to get the gold and silver taels in Myriad Cloud City. There is the Royal Cloud Restaurant that is famous for its Osthamus cakes made with honey from the Celestial bees.

     The Little Beauty seems to get excited for sweets, briefly picturing her with the Spikey fruit at the gazebo.

     What else, I could stop by our kitchen and get some of our cooks specialties, no she is cooking dinner for LingLing. I love watching her flit around the kitchen.

     “Tian, what are you thinking about?” LingLing has always been the only woman allowed to call him by his name since the days in the mountain. She wasn’t very happy when he said for Zhang XiXi to call him ‘Tian’.

     “Just what I need to do when I go home today. I should go now it will take time and I want to be back by late afternoon.”

     “Wait and I will go with you, I haven’t seen your family in quite awhile.” LingLing wants to spend time with him it’s been too long.

     “I don’t plan on going to the see them this afternoon. I will be too busy and you know how once I am there they hang all over me. I don’t have time for that.”

     Feng Tian doesn’t want her to accompany him he has some secret plans to take care of while he is there.He plams on locating the little man Sung Wu who makes the bracelets out of stones from rare glimmering ore. He then carves tiny flowers on the beads that are very intricate. After seeing the red lotus behind XiXi’s ear, Feng Tian thought she might like that as a gift. I will have him use red and carve lotuses on the beads.

     That withered old man only accepts ultra grade fire spirit stones in payment, he never deals with money. I will have to locate Chen Jue to see if he can acquire some quickly.

     Chen Jue is one of the brothers that are part of Feng Che’s shadow guards. Those brothers always know where to find anything in Myriad Cloud City on short notice.

     Of course his brother would retain them as shadow guards and Feng Tian loves to bribe them to do jobs for him. He doesn’t know Feng Che told them to do whatever Feng Tian asks of them, within reason.

     “ LingLing, anyway I thought you were going to the hot spring. Don’t let me hold you up.”

     Feng Tian quickly bows and heads out through the courtyard leaving LingLing standing there wondering why he was in such a hurry to go to Myriad Cloud City.

     He had a strange look on his face. Well, I will go soak for awhile , maybe put some relaxing potion in the water. I will be rid of that knat soon enough.

     XiXi yawns while sitting in a chair listening to her father explain the Tenets of the Zhang Family. All of them are based on morality. The Zhang family has never used sorcery to change the course of the past, never used their sorcery for evil, always lived and practiced the way of the Dao.

     He explains the course the new Council of the Sorcerers Society is deviating from the core beliefs of the Zhang Family, and he is going to try a find a way to separate his family from the Society.

     Right now though the present day Zhangs are in debt to them because they have the cure for her grandfather’s rare sickness. He was forced to bend and come to this island.

     After learning quite a bit of her family’s situation XiXi understands why her father is here on this magical island.

     Unfortunately since her grandfather’s abilities had been partially sealed he needed to study, same for Zhang Yu and will be for XiXi.

     The unusual aspect of the Zhang Family is they aren’t only Sorcerers but they also know alchemy and practice a certain degree of cultivation.

     The original ancestors had fortune telling skills and forsaw the Zhang Family eventually would clash with the same society they had helped create.

     They wanted their descendants to be protected and formidable in several areas. wise enough to know at some point because of their high moral standards they would be at odds with the elders.

     Six major Sorcerer families had created the Sorcerer Society now the Huang Family has become the strongest, manipulating the course it is now taking.

     Looking at XiXi’s worried expression on her young face Zhang Yu doesn’t want to go into more detail yet this seems enough to absorb the first day.

    XiXi is bending over fixing her shoe and Zhang Yu looks at the Red Lotus design behind her ear. The Red Lotus design behind her ear has only been found on one other member of the Zhang family and that was hundreds of years ago. He isn’t clear about that part of the story and he doesn’t have any Ancestor journals with him to search for answers.

     He knows through some of the stories past down that his father told him. She was a very powerful Sorceress named Xiaolin and had numerous abilities.  A beauty with an enchanting voice, his father told him when she sang was able to charm animals and speak to them. Xiaolin was deeply in love which made her powers grow infinitely. He doesn’t know the circumstances, but she was killed by a Demon King, I know that much.  I always assumed that Red Lotus behind XiXi’s ear was to seal her powers, I hoped she would never know of her ancestry. Now I wonder...

     “Let’s begin” Zhang Yu pulled out a book from his space and opens to the first page. One of your abilities and I think this will be simple for you to learn, is to manipulate water.”

     He puts a basin of water on the table for the demonstration. Zhang Yu places his hands with the fingertips from each hand touching and spread apart. Then he raises his hands to chest level concentrating his internal energy to his hands.

     The water starts swirling around and rising like a geyser from the basin. XiXi’s eyes widen in amazement at the sight of her father manipulating the water.

     “Dad let me try! That looks so cool!”

     She has no trouble remembering the hand position, but the words rhymed and sounded alike so it takes XiXi several tries to remember them.  The order would get mixed up but the three seconds in between was easy enough to recall.

     Her first mishap sprayed water in Zhang Yu’s face and all over the wall, “Oops!” XiXi laughs her blue eyes sparkling as her dad wipes away the water. She walks over and fills the basin again.

     The second attempt barely moves the water it looks so sad. “Well, at least I don’t need to get more water” she laughs looking at her father frowning down at her feeble result.

     Maybe I should tell her how separating a wall of water saved my life in the Land of the Akanji Water Beasts, no I think I will just let her practice some more. I don’t want to frighten xiXi.

     But, by the third attempt she has replicated her father’s geyser.

     XiXi is very excited at this minor feat, Haha.. Dad thought I need to concentrate harder.

     Zhang Yu says, “XiXi I think you should read the first book later in your room. I don’t want you wandering around with it so you can get it from me then return it.”

     XiXi isn’t listening to her father she is having fun making geysers one after another.

     “Sure Dad, do you have a yellow highliter in your Space? I study better if I highlight important parts.

     “No, and don’t write in the book!

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