XiXi and Yun Tai in The Hot Spring…

 Feng Tian rushes to the back of the house just as XiXi is coming out the bedroom door looking for a bathroom. She is praying they have indoor plumbing she had a bad experience on the field trip at an outhouse.

       She is only wearing Feng Tian’s long shirt and her appearance is disheveled. Her black hair from sweating duringnthe night is knotted and tangled, she has a large scratch on her cheek from the disastrous episode yesterday.

     Xixi smacks her dry lips she has cotton mouth from whatever god awful concoction she remembers drinking during the night.  As XiXi is rubbing her eyes when she runs into something hard in front of her.” Ow!” she shrieks then looks up into Feng Tian’s eyes while touching her sore nose. Why does this man have deep green eyes prettier than any girl I know! “Sorry about running into your chest”my god he’s like a rock... “I’m looking for the bathroom.” she blurts out. Hey, why am I in a house? Her mind is going click…click..click..trying to think how she got here.

      Feng Tian looks at her appearance and thinks of his brother in the courtyard. “There’s no time for that right now” ,He says in a commanding tone as he gguides her down the hallway. She would need to walk right past Che to get to that place. No other man can see her legs, not to mention she looks like something a Spirit Cat dragged in from the mountains.

      What do you mean no time? I need to find one asap she is thinking. Also I feel like I think this on a daily basis, but where are we?

      Feng Tian can see the confusion on her face and quickly tries to come up with an answer to her unspoken question.

     “ Listen, I found this place yesterday and it seems the owners are away. I don’t have time to think of a bunch of explanations right now mortal, my brother is trying to get a look at you two. “The woman seems to be about your size so put this dress.” 

      He throws her some clothes and a comb. That hair! You would need three maidservants to style it.”Try to fix yourself up, go to the hot spring through that door down out past the cherry blossom trees.  Then apply this healing lotion to your face” He hurriedly gives  XiXi some instructionsinstructions.

      “…” XiXi

      In a blink of an eye he disappears leaving XiXi standing there in a daze holding a dress  It looks like an ancient prom gown. Well, she thinks a soak in a hot spring sounds awesome and these clothes are clean anyway. But what’s with the healing lotion? She feels her face and realizes she must have gotten scratched while trying not to die yesterday.

      XiXi walks through the Cherry Blossom trees enthralled at their beauty. She had been to a Cherry Blossom Festival with her friends before but this was even more spectacular. The wind blows the petals and they seem to magically float in the air. She begins twirling around trying to catch them and trips on a rock.  XiXi is laughing at herself and how clumsy that was of her, not very graceful at all.

      Snap out of it XiXi you need to find some sort of bathroom quickly!

      A building right by the hot spring seem to be what she needs so she enters. This is the fanciest bathroom I have ever seen although the actual necessary element seems primitive. Is that jade flooring?               

     XiXi is fascinated by the intricate appearance of the room, these ancient people really know how to decorate. A few pieces of that jade and Dad would never have to worry about working again. XiXi no you can’t chip it away, you have no tools. She shakes her head laughing I would consider it.

      Oh my… that felt good I thought I was going to burst. Okay, now let’s check out that hot spring. This is like an expensive resort! Lost in her thoughts she totally forgets the upcoming trials of finding that Beast Core. It’s one quality her friends admire about her she likes to be in the moment.

      She sees the steam coming up from the hot spring and slips out of her shirt and sinks into its warmth. This feels so good my body is aching from being tossed about in that water yesterday. That’s right how did I mange to get out of there without plummeting down that waterfall? No matter I’m here now luxuriating in this water.

      The healing potion sitting on the edge almost gets knocked in as she stretches her arms. XiXi grabs it right before it lands in the water.How would I explain that to the arrogant man… well it probably won’t hurt to apply it. I don’t want to go home with some scar across my face, and have to go to a plastic surgeon.  She pours some into her palm,this seems easy enough to apply it smells good too, what is that scent… jasmine?

     XiXi is splashing in the water, putting bubbles on her face laughing at the tingling sensation the healing lotion has on her face. She sighs,”I could stay here all day.” XiXi begins to hum a tune from her favorite  band and leans her head back.

      Dad, what are we going to do she suddenly seriously thinks. You are a third grade Sorcerer, I am just a High School Senior who doesn’t even get good grades in Science.

     The other side of the hot spring a handsome, exhausted  Warrior is listening to this girl talk to herself. His cultivation level allowed him to listen since she entered his Cherry Blossom Forest. Who is this girl, I don’t sense any cultivation in her at all and she appears very weak.What was she babbling about anyway, what is a plastic surgeon? {she dared use my precious healing lotion on a mere scratch}

     Yun Tai is thinking, I had to give that old Master ten pelts of Shingon Golden Wolves to have him make that, not to mention it took me half a year to accumulate them. The only time I used it was when I was attacked by a Cyan Demon Snake and its fangs  ripped my chest open. I bet that useless Feng Tian brought her here, I will get him to pay tenfold for this!

      XiXi continues humming her tune and Yun Tai leans back listening to the soothing sound of her voice. Well, at least she can sing… it’s been awhile since I have heard a beautiful voice. I’m so tired from the Demon War as he drifts off to sleep his head resting on the edge.

      A courtyard across the bamboo forest is getting tense when Feng Che says “So where is she?”

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