Where’s Feng Tian ?

  Yun Tai looks around the room, there is only the girl and Siyu. Where is Feng Tian,why would he leave the girl here with Siyu. Wouldn’t she be afraid alone with this fearsome beast?

    Siyu gets up stretches his muscular legs then lazily walks over to Yun Tai and nods in greeting. Since he is still in beast form can’t explain anything to him only acknowledge his presence.  Siyu looks at the little beast staring at him with wide eyes. Isn’t that the little beast that was scratching at the door earlier, why is Yun Tai holding him?

    Yun Tai sets the little beast down giving him a warning glare. Zhen decides to curl up in a corner and watch the show. He is curious himself, Feng Tian seems to cherish the little beauty why would he leave her,{ he glances around the one room hut with a disgusted look} in this tiny hut in the woods.

     While they are all staring at each other full of questions XiXi begins to stir on the bed, kicking her covers off her feverish body. She awakened feeling as though the heat in the room is suffocating. Her legs are exposed showing her soft jadelike legs up to her thigh. All three are caught off guard by her sudden movement and look in her direction.

    Surprisingly, it is the little beast who runs over jumping onto the bed pulling the covers back over her delicate body with his little fangs. A girl shouldn’t show her legs with three men..well..one man and two beasts present.. although in reality I am human in beast skin.. handsome king at that.

    XiXi looks at the little beast through half closed eyes, where did he come from? He is so cute.

    She doesn’t even look up to see Yun Tai for a moment. The little beast resembels a Corgi dog in a way. She looks at his stumpy legs and grabs a paw, her eyes sparkling she exclaims, “What a cute little dog! Look at these chubby paws you have!”

   Zhen doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I’m not a dog!..but at least she thinks I am cute and from this angle her chest..shakes his head and looks away…Feng Tian would kill me.

   Siyu looks at XiXi why is she awake? The Old master said she would sleep all day! Well at least Yun Tai is here he can take care of the situation.

   Yun Tai gazes at this disheveled girl on the bed petting the little beast, he wants to ask her where Feng Tian is and tell her to pull up her dress it is slipping down way too far.

    XiXi shakes her head as if to awaken her mind, she feels so groggy. She opens her blue eyes all the way and startles Zhen he has never seen eyes so crystal clear and blue like the ocean. No wonder Feng Tian wants this girl, up close she is quite a rare beauty. No makeup and yet her flawless skin has a radiant glow

     This king wouldn’t mind having her in his harem, glancing once more at the two creamy white ..stop Zhen.. control yourself.. please girl don’t continue to stroke my back. Zhen quivers at the sensations running through his body. He comes to his senses to looks over at Yun Tai who has an unusually gentle look on his face staring at XiXi.

     Before Yun Tai can say a word, XiXi looks around and mutters in an inaudible voice, “What stinks in here?”

    XiXi looks straight at the source of the stench, Yun Tai, scrunching up her nose,she takes two fingers to hold it shut.

   “Where is this place, where is Feng Tian?, her voice sounds funny because she is still holding her nose. Zhen wants to laugh so hard at this scene but he knows if he did it would be instant death from a palm strike.

     Yun Tai realizes he had rushed down to the lake before he cleaned off the remaining transperant residue from cultivating, it must be assaulting her senses, it is quite pungent. He feels his ears burning and turning red.

     “Sorry, Miss Zhang, I rushed down here because I was concerned, no one was at the house, I just returned from cultivating. Give me a moment to assess the situation and I will take my leave.”

     She removes her fingers from holding her nose, pulls up her dress, and smooths her hair. She blinks her eyes a few times her long black eyelashes fluttering. they are watering from the unpleasant odor. I don’t want to insult him, he is our host at the bamboo house but, wow… he reeks!

     “Oh, you are Feng Tian’s friend, where is he?”

    “I don’t know I was hoping you could tell me”, He politely backs up a bit.

     She looks down at Siyu and thinks the last thing I remember… is holding onto that mane for dear life when I got sucked into the water wall.

     In a moment of impulse XiXi jumps off the bed and hugs tight onto Siyu’s neck, ruffling his bushy red mane and planting kisses on his head. “Thank you..Thank You..you saved me! I would have drowned without you!”

    Siyu is startled by the sudden hug, he was resting he had been up all night then watching her sleep. He opens his golden eyes wide staring at this girl crying, clutching his neck with her thin arms. If I move my body I could hurt the girl, she is so delicate and frail. But, this is inappropriate her sleeves are up and her white arms are encircling me. He over at Yun Tai with a pleading look in his golden eyes.

   Yun Tai steps over, gently takes her arm and says “Miss Zhang this beast is unpredictable you should step away.. Siyu gives Yun Tai a dissapproving look..ithat is all you could come up with..I’m unpredictable..

   XiXi blinks a few times being so close to Yun Tai. Forgetting she didn’t want to be rude,she waves her little white arms in front of Yun Tai “Could you go wash up, I will get my thoughts together while you are gone and tell you what I know, maybe Feng Tian will be back . She rubs her head,where did he go anyway?

   Irritated the more she thinks about him abandoning her when she was hurt she says softly, “ Where is that damn Feng Tian”, not knowing all three present have high martial skills and can hear her muttering.

    “…” Yun Tai, Siyu and Zhen.

     “I will go to the bamboo house and change, Siyu will watch over you, this little beast can lay in the corner and wait for me to return, he sends a threatening look to the little beast. I will be back shortly.”

     XiXi would like to relax but she is unnerved by what happened and her present situation, “Could you bring some of your calming tea, just enough for a cup? Feng Tian told me you were saving the remaining tea until the next time the merchant comes to the island, but I am feeling a bit anxious.”

     Yun Tai is cursing Feng Tian in his mind. It is not Calming tea! It’s Interrogation tea! Now she is going to think I am stingy when I say no.

     “Miss Zhang I apologize but I had the last cup when I returned”I HATE TO LIE ****FENG TIAN! Unlike you to whom it is second nature. “ I have some Chrysanthemum tea that is equally as relaxing, I will bring you.”

     “Thank You, you can call me XiXi, now hurry” She waves her arms towards the door. “I want to figure out where they all have gone when you return”

     Siyu and the little beast stare at each other, did that flimsy girl just wave her tiny arms and order The God of War around like a servant? haha… {if Yun Tai could hear their thoughts they wouldn’t survive the time it took to light an incense stick}.

     As soon as he leaves XiXi runs over opening the two windows and the door then walks outside for some fresh air. Whew!

    Meanwhile in Myriad Cloud City Feng Tian and Zhang Yu are hurrying around looking for all the supplies they need. They split up planning to meet at the Heavenly Cloud Restaurant at three o’clock. Feng Tian explained which streets Zhang Yu should visit and the shops that would carry some of the supplies. He gave him some gold and silver banknotes that they had agreed upon earlier on the boat.

     Feng Tian decides after they part he has two things he must do by himself, one get the bracelet from Sung Wu. Secondly get a servant girl from the palace for XiXi that is well versed in martial arts. She will need someone by her side while she sleeps and who can take care of her needs on the journey. He has one particular girl in mind. He grew up with her in the palace, her name is Huiqing. The only problem he can’t just take her, he will need to ask his father.

     Sung Wu is sitting in his lunch spot at the end of the street with the food stalls He is savoring his pork bun when Feng Tian arrives, he looks up, “Brat, couldn’t you have waited until I finish my lunch?”

     He wipes the grease from his chin with his sleeve. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a carved wooden box made of Celestial Cedar.{no extra charge but be sure and tell Feng Che }

     “I don’t have much time today, if you want regular appointments, open a shop on Merchant Row.”

Feng Tian sees the box carved with lifelike lotuses, this sloppy old man has ungodly talent with a carving knife he thinks admiring his skill. “Let me see it!”

     “Shouldn’t you compliment me first on the workmanship of the Celestial Cedar Box first”.

    He laughs as he asks, “Will it cost me extra?”

     “…” Sung Wu

     “It is quite beautiful and the aroma of the Celestial Cedar box is really a nice touch, thank you Sung Wu, I appreciate your extra effort.”It’s because I’m a member of the Feng family, right

     “May I see the bracelet now?”, he is very excited to see Sung Wu’s creation, if the box it is in is an indication of the old man’s craftsmanship. The old man looks around to see if anyone is watching and indicates for Feng Tian to step behind the wall behind them.

     Sung Wu opens the box and as he does a faint red glow comes from inside and the aroma of red lotuses floats in the air coming from the bracelet. Feng Tian looks at the bracelet with a look of bewilderment on his face. The red lotuses carved on the bracelet are so lifelike he can’t believe his eyes. The bracelet itself is not red but the color of moonlight, absolutely breathtaking with the red lotuses covering it as though he carved it from the red moon. Is that the glimmering red ore’s appearance.

     Feng Tian looks at Sung Wu and is about to say something when Sung Wu grabs his sleeve and warns, “Shhh!” He quickly closes the box and sticks it in Feng Tian’s pocket.

     “Go boy, I hope the little Sorceress wears it for a thousand years…”

     Feng Tian is still standing with his eyes fixed on Sung Wu. I never said who it was for..

     “Leave now or I will take it back, GO!: Sung Wu pushes Feng Tian with his greasy fingers then looks furtively around the area.

     Feng Tian uses his qinggong to fly away He touches the wooden box in his pocket and looks back at the old man pulling out his greasy meat bun…strange old man.

     When Sung Wu sits back down under the tree leaning back lost in his memories, a man with black hair woven with silver, and a long black braided beard, languidly strolls up to the tree. He is wearing a white brocade robe with an intricately carved jade pendant hanging from the belt. His handsome features look carved by the gods, his purple eyes have a strange glint in them.

    “Is it done? No one saw you hand it to him?”

     Sung Wu opens one eye and squints from the man’s bright aura., “ We were alone, I gave him the bracelet as you ordered”.

     The man has a faraway look in his eyes and tosses seven dragon beads in a purple velvet pouch to Sung Wu.

     “Good…Very Good.., and his figure disappears.

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