Wang Li Jie Arrives…

   A  tall  handsome man with peerless features wearing a white brocade robe stands a short distance away from the stream. A pair of unworldy purple eyes are fixed on XiXi as she is putting on her dress. His volatile heart pounds in his chest with desire, wanting to rush over and pull her into his chest.

     I have waited too long to feel your heart beating next to mine once again..But, my beautiful Xiaolian might not remember me right away, I need to have patience.

    While he was watching her dance he was in a trance, seeing her up close again. Her supple naked body, dancing while she was singing that strange song. Her voice is as enchanting as I remember in my dreams. He takes a deep breath inhaling the unique red lotus fragrance that is hers alone.

    Wang Li Jie gazes at XiXi, his memories flooding his mind, you are finally back… I will never let my brother harm you again. When Feng Tian puts that red lotus bracelet on you will have some protection.

     His purple phoenix eyes narrow at the thought of another man witnessing her dance by the stream.  The sight of her bare body is burned into his mind as she danced, it was a bewitching sight.

      Xiaolian,  you are too naive and careless, not sensing danger around you!

    I will send two of my best stealthy shadow guards to watch over you along with Yun Tai and Feng Tian. He scoffs, thinking about Yun Tai’s array, I wonder why they call him God of War, if this is the best he can do.

     I will overlay it with an undetectable god array formation that is impenetrable, allowing Yun Tai and his selected people to enter only, so he doesn’t become suspicious.

     If I could whisk you away right now I would, but my preparations are not finished.

     Wang Li Jie looks at the pink dress with the mountain lilies embroidered on it and waves his hand, only lotuses suit you my love and the white lilies change into white lotuses.

     XiXi is smoothing out the dress when she looks at the embroidery and shakes her head, I must still be muddled from the water wall hitting my head. I could have sworn this dress was embroidered with lilies. She picks the remaining blossoms out of her hair and flings them into the air.

     She chuckles to herself, that was fun dancing unrestrained like that. I think when I landed I pulled a muscle though in my leg, lifts her dress and stretches out her leg.

    Wang Li Jie decides he will carry her back to the ramshackle hut.I would like to kill you right now Feng Tian for leaving her in such conditions, but I need you.

    He waves his hand , XiXi faints as he arrives at her side with his arms catching her delicate bare body. He pulls her body into his chest and walks over to the hut, Wang Li Jie looks down at the face he has imagined a thousand times since he lost her.

     He places her on the bed and sits on it next to her, he takes his palms gently massaging the muscles in her lower leg. Just touching her leg he is overwhelmed, finally I can caress your soft skin again. He brushes her hair off her face and his deep purple eyes seem to be swallowing her whole.

    Wang Li Jie takes a strand of her hair in his hand, softly says “Xiaolian, you have been my only love throughout all this time, I never gave up hope you would return to me.” His eyes turn dark whispering in a melancholic tone,”I prevented that evil bastard from dispersing your soul, but I couldn’t stop his overflowing rage. Xiaolian, I have grown stronger, I will destroy him now that you have returned. It just isn’t the time yet. I have waited almost a millennium to see your smile again, I can be patient awhile longer for you to sit beside me as my only Empress.”

     Wang Li Jie takes one more look at the sleeping girl and leaves waving his palm to awaken her as he departs. He flies over Siyu and Zhen {those two useless beasts}, pulling them out from the deep sleep he induced when he came down through the clouds.

     XiXi sits up and has the feeling she recognizes a fragrance lingering by the bed, the scent of ambergris. It smells so familiar but it’s not what Feng Tian smells like and the last time Yun Tai was here, he just plain smelled bad. Huh.. well ..

    I should think about the state of my mind right now, I don’t remember coming back from the stream and laying down, am I having some sort of memory loss. Where are those two beasts that followed me there?

    XiXi is feeling disoriented and stands up to walk outside to look around for the beasts. My leg was strained too and now I feel fine walking on it.   This place is too strange. I can’t wait to finish all this nonsense and go back home. I miss Mom.. Qing friends…

    Siyu and Zhen wake up and stare at each other, each rubbing their head. How long did I sleep they are both thinking, I don’t hear the girl in the stream!

     They both rush out from behind the bush to look, XiXi is nowhere around. As they are frantically running up to the hut they see XiXi outside of it. They both breathe a sigh of relief.

    “There you two are, did you see anyone else around here? Oh…” she laughs, they are beasts they can’t talk.. haha.

     They both stare at each other, they were sound asleep, they have no clue..

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