The Panthera -Siyu

The middle of the night Feng Tian raises her up and attempts to give her the bowl of healing tea.

     She won’t open her lips wide enough to pour it down her throat. Feng Tian decides the only way is to put it in his mouth, then pass it to her while pressing his lips to hers.

     He takes a mouthful then presses his lips, prying hers open with his tongue, the liquid then goes into her mouth and she swallows, coughing slightly. He proceeds to do this several times until the bowl s finished and lays her down .

      I could get used to giving her medicine this way, he chuckles to himself. If she knew she would definitely slap me.

     Feng Tian was still enjoying the pleasure of her lips and his tongue touching XiXi’s small moist tongue when he realizes she wouldn’t appreciate him being in her bed if she woke up.

     He decides to take a walk and see Siyu. The Old Master had confidence in this beast’s ability to watch over XiXi, he must be special. What he saw when he turned he corner surprised him, the beast wasn’t there but sitting on a log whittling was a tall man in peasant clothes.

     He didn’t sense any hostility so he approached him, the man stopped his whittling and turned to Feng Tian , he stared at him with golden eyes that seemed familiar.

     “Who are you and why are you on Yun Tai’s property.” 

    Siyu mockingly says. “You should be glad I’m here you were too slow {for an Immortal he is thinking} to save your girl last night.” 

     “How do you know about last night”, Feng Tian is peeved  being reminded the beast actually saved XiXi.

     Siyu continues whittling, replies “Because I saw the whole thing, and was quicker than you”

     Feng Tian is starting to feel some anger towards this man’s mocking words. “What do you mean by that? Yun Tai’s beast saved XiXi, I never saw you anywhere around the lake, where you hiding in a bush like a pervert?” deliberately antagonizing the man.

     The man stands up and is a good 10 cm taller than Feng Tian and built like Mt. Tai.He tosses the figure down he was whittling and angrily stares down at Feng Tian with his golden eyes blazing as he blurts out, “ I am the Panthera, Siyu. I do not belong to Yun Tai or any man!”

     Feng Tian is taken aback by his words and the aura surrounding him. Feng Tian is not frightened merely shocked at his revelation.

     That explains his ability to understand and go get Yun Pei Shan.

     “Why didn’t you reveal yourself as a shapeshifter at the time of the accident?”

     “I do not know you! Why would I spill my guts to a stupid Immortal who wasn’t even quick enough to stop the water wall from forming.”

     “…”  Thanks for reminding me.I admit my reaction was too slow because of the Peach Blossom wine and my infatuation. I have been kicking myself that XiXi got hurt.

     “Why are you allowing me to see you now then? You could have transformed and been laying here as the Panthera”

     “I decided I would warn you, I owe that Old Master Yun Pei Shan my life. He obviously cares about you a great deal. I don’t know why, you don’t seem very bright like Yun Tai”

     Feng Tian’s aura is beginning to darken, I am every bit as bright as Yun Tai, I just need to hide my abilities because of my mother’s last wishes according to Feng Che.

     Siyu ignores Feng Tian’s mood and continues, “I saw a woman sitting on a branch watching in the window, when you came out she used powerful qinggong to fly off. I didn’t get a good look at her though. I just saw her back and black hair with streaks of azure blue in the night sky as she passed through the moonlight.

     Feng Tian is thinking that sounds like LingLing ,why would she come here and not come inside?

     “Also, I can’t transform at will.”He squeezes the knife in his hand. “A powerful Sorcerer cast a spell on me with orders from the Fourth Crown Prince of the  Demon Monarch’s Kingdom”, Siyu sits down and continues to whittle the figure of a woman.

     Feng Tian looks at the man relaying this calmly, this is interesting and if I go back in the hut right now, I might not control myself with XiXi.

     Feng Tian sits on a log opposite him and says, “Do you have anything to drink here?”

     Siyu pulls out a leather flask and hands it to Feng Tian.

     Feng Tian takes a big gulp, swallows with it burning all the way down his throat. Let’s out a gasp and says”What the hell is that, his eyes watering”

     Siyu takes back the flask and says, “The old man’s concoction, it is good isn’t it!”

     Feng Tian waves his hand as Siyu passes it back to him, “I’m good, I need to go early in morning to Myriad Cloud City. So why did the Prince have this spell cast on you and what is it exactly?” Feng Tian goes to the nearby creek and cups his hands in the water.My gods old man what is that drink, my insides are on fire.drinking the water until he felt the wine was diluted in his stomach.

     “It’s a long story, and why should I tell you? Let’s just say it involved a woman who didn’t want to be his concubine. She turned to her only friend, me, for help”.

     “Fair enough, but why are you a man now and a Panthera.” 

     “I am a man from midnight until dawn, other than that I am the Panthera. Enough questions. Leave me be to enjoy my night. You have my word as the Lord of the Falcon Knights, I will protect that girl until you return tomorrow night.”

     “You are from the Falcon Knights Clan?”

     “ I said go..”

     Feng Tian walks away in disbelief, the Falcon Knights Clan alongside the Mystical Warrior Sect are the most fearsome fighters in all of the Kingdoms.

     He had heard when he was young, the most dangerous and feared was the Lord of the Falcon Knights. The story went he fell in love with a concubine then disappeared.

     Everyone assumed they went past The Great Divide to escape the vengeance of the notoriously devious Fourth Crown Prince. Now that he thinks about it that didn’t make sense. The Lord of the Falcon Knights with his power he could have taken down the whole Demon Monarch Kingdom. There must be more to that story..he glances back at Siyu…also,what’s with the story of the Panthera at the lake at night because of his mate dying a hundred years ago.. Maybe I will ask Yun Tai he must know something if The Old Master brought Siyu here.

     Feng Tian goes back into the hut, and throws some covers on the floor to sleep.

     When the sun comes up he sees Siyu his powerful body gracefully walking to the door, his golden eyes shining in the sunlight  No wonder he is such a handsome beast, that man last night had outstanding features and a domineering aura to him.   “Now, I have more confidence in you watching over her. I’m going now, if she needs Yun Pei Shan get him immediately.”

     Feng Tian glances at the beast, did he scoff at me, no, it was my imagination. He goes out the door, taking one last look at XiXi on the bed.

     Siyu lays by the bed looking at XiXi. She is a Sorceress who must have great powers if that was her first spell from what I gather. She looks so frail and weak can it be true?

     I also felt her warm and compassionate gaze as she looked at me from the boat .

     After all these years could she be the one who can give me my life back, then I can seek my revenge for Genji.

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