Take Your Bunny and Go…

 XiXi is happily soaking when she realizes she hasn’t yet seen her father in this place. How did I forget to ask Feng Tian about him. She jumps out of the hot spring and runs over to put the clothes on Feng Tian had given her. I’m not sure how to tie this dress, no matter, I need to see what is going on with Dad.

     While she is combing her hair she hears what sounds like snoring coming from the other side of the hot spring. The fog is so thick from the steam she hadn’t even noticed the hot spring extendes beyond the rock formation. Could someone be over there she thinks as she clutches the sleeve of her dress.

     Wouldn’t it be dangerous to fall asleep in a hot spring? Maybe I should go see, just peek around the rocks. She clips her hair up with the pins she had found in that jade room and quietly walks around to the rocks. Her mind is racing, it’s rather secluded here. But, isn’t this part of the bamboo forest that belongs with this house, so whoever it is must have some connection to the owner.

     As she comes around the rocks and is bending over to look at who it might be suddenly she feels a knife by her throat and water dripping down her back. A husky man’s voice whispers threateningly “Who are you?”.

     XiXi is scared out of her mind, the knife isn’t too close, but she has never seen a black dagger and his voice sounds so scary. She thinks even that Feng Tian’s aura wasn’t this strong.

     “Ah..Ah..Ahh” XiXi weakly tries to form words but nothing comes out. She feel a man’s  wet muscular body pressing hard on her from behind and faints.

     Yun Tai  is used to dealing with Demoness’ who can disguise themselves easily. He had sensed movement towards him while he was deep in a restorative sleep and responded without thinking.

     Damnit! She obviously is Feng Tian’s girl who was singing in the hot spring earlier. He carries XiXi over to a chaise that is under a plum blossom tree then walks to the changing room to put fresh robes on.

     I’m going to beat the heavenly daylight out of that idiot! I just wanted to come home and relax in the hot spring and go into cultivation for a few days. This Demon War exhausted me more than the last two combined.

     Which reminds him of the healing potion, he picks up the porcelain bottle  and  shakes it to see how much she had used. Well, at least she only used a couple drops. His body is covered in scars from countless battles yet he only dared use it that once. He shakes his head thinking and that brat Feng Tian shamelessly gave it to his girl because she got a scratch.

     While Yun Tai is cursing Feng Tian, that Immortal is pacing around the courtyard on the opposite side of the house.

     Feng Tian wonders why XiXi hasn’t come out to the courtyard. He nervously paces around , it is taking a long time to change into some clothes He takes a sidelong glance over at Feng Che who is tapping his fingers on the stone table. Che is starting to get impatient.

     “Brother, I am going to go escort her to the courtyard, she is a bit shy and probably is hesitant to come greet someone of your standing {flattery usually works on him}

     His robes flying he rushes over to the hot spring. Feng Tian doesn’t see XiXi anywhere, seriously, where did the little girl go?

     He is about to leave when he hears a familiar voice coming from behind the rock formation.”Wait right there brat!”

     Feng Tian knows what comes next won’t be good.

     “Are you looking for the little bunny you brought here? I did tell you I would be returning this week so why did you come to play now?”

     The killing intent is too strong for Feng Tian to bear coming from his best friend. “It was an emergency, honestly I had no choice!”{I can’t explain one more thing today I have a headache the size of Mt. Tai}

     Yun Tai continues to dry his long ink black hair while looking at his friend. He really didn’t want to have this conversation right now.

     “Take her and go back to the bamboo house. I will deal with you later”

     “…” Feng Tian

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