She Charms His Spirit Pets…

After Feng Che leaves, Feng Tian was wondering why that Ice Block would want to come along with them on this journey.

     He was never interested in women so it probably wasn’t XiXi. Feng Che only cared about power and maintaining the balances between the different realms. He is a stiff man who seldom deviates from what the elders want.

     While Feng Tian is thinking about what just transpired a tiny fist is pounding on his back. She was able to tear my barrier, that’s strange. He waves his palm three times in her direction and she falls into his back.

     When she bumps her nose she lets out a wail, “Feng Tian why did you put some sort of barrier around me? Tell me are you a sorcerer like my father?” Frankly, she felt he was more than he appeared and that brother of his, besides his outstanding looks, let off a chill that almost froze her to the bones.

    “What did I miss? Are you able to escort my father and me?” Her curiosity outweighs her anger at this point.” And where is my father I want to go see him immediately.”

     Feng Tian replies, “I’m coming with you. I told you I could persuade my brother” Now might not be the best time to tell her my brother is coming also.

     “Your father has been sleeping we can go to his room and see if he has awakened.” he casually tells XiXi as they walked towards the house.

     When they arrive at the room Zhang Yu is still sound asleep. XiXi feels something  isn’t right but his breathing is normal.

     “He was probably exhausted from being thrown into this realm since he is just a third grade Sorcerer It takes quite a bit of energy to cross over space and time” I am getting so good at lying thinks Feng Tian I am even believing this myself.

     “Why am I all right?” questions XiXi.

     “He probably protected you from the harsh conditions using his own body as a shield. I estimate he should awaken in the morning”my acupuncture I used on him is effective for two days if you want the truth. No she would just throw something at me.

    “Okay, I won’t worry then for now. Where is that tea you said is calming I will brew some for us. I’m feeling really stressed out about now”

     What is she saying, their language is very unusual Feng Tian gets the teapot down for her.

     “I’m getting rather hungry too, do you think this place has any food or a garden with vegetables?” XiXi asks. She is too mentally tired to ask all the questions that are filling her mind. Maybe if I eat and relax I could find some sort of peace for the moment.

     Feng Tian isn’t that bad he is willing to help … I should try to be nicer to him. He just always seems to make me feel agitated. We have some time to prepare and this house is actually rather beautiful in it’s simplicity.

     She is sipping the tea she made and is feeling a little refreshed. What is this flavor I have never encountered it before at the tea shop. Although she and her friends usually drank milk tea this was making her feel so warm inside.

     I should just try to make the most of this until we need to leave for the journey she decides. Feng Tian has wandered off somewhere and his tea is  getting cold so she decides to see where he went.

     She finds Feng Tian out by the garden holding something white in his hand. When she approaches him it jumps into her arms startling her,but she isn’t scared for some reason.

     It is so fuzzy like one of those key chains I have on my purse at home. It is so soft and fuzzy she can’t help but giggle. Is this what they call a spirit animal? It has two tiny eyes that seem to be sizing her up.

     “You are so cute! Feng Tian does it have a name?” XiXi asks.

        Squeak, squeak squeak…

      “I think it is trying to tell me haha”

     Feng Tian looks at the smiling girl in front of him playing with Yun Tai’s pet and is surprised it let her hold it. Besides Yun Tai and him it doesn’t like anyone. Even Yun Tai’s sister LingLing can’t get it to like her and she tries to spoil it every time she comes over to the bamboo house.

     “There are two of them so I don’t know where the other one is probably chasing some insects for a snack. They are called Gemini White and Gemini Whitest don’t ask me why, the man who named them is very strange.”

     They are both just plain white Yun Tai!{yes you are strange,you are merciless defender of the realm but have two  small white furry spirit pets}

     This playful side of XiXi comes as a surprise to Feng Tian. She seems very relaxed like she doesn’t have a care in the world. It is as though she was born in this house and playing with a spirit pet is just a normal activity.

     Her cheeks are a bit flushed and she is  talking slower than usual, but he likes this side of XiXi. She looks like a fairy holding the white furry spirit animals to her chest and walking through the garden.

     Behind the peonies from across the garden a man is watching this scene. He was too restless to start cultivating immediately so he had come to the garden where it is peaceful to play with his spirit pets. He needs to release the built up negative energy from the War before he can begin to cultivate.

     No one knows this about his spirit pets but they are able to absorb his negative energy and let him release the darkness within him. They happily condense it into nothingness and never are affected by the negative energy. They had been a gift from a Sorcerer 550 years ago when he had saved him and his family from a Demon attack.

     Gemini White had jumped down a few moments ago and rushed to this side of the garden so he had come to retrieve it. What he saw was a fairy looking girl almost floating through the garden holding Gemini White. That is strange my spirit pet doesn’t like anyone why is it looking so happy in her arms.

     Yun Tai stands frozen in place while he attempts to sort out what he is seeing.Is that Feng Tian’s girl she looks different from the hot spring. I hadn’t really looked at her before tossing her onto the chaise and leaving. She really is quite a beauty which explains Feng Tian’s pampering behavior I suppose. I wonder in what realm Feng Tian found her. Tian really wasn’t one to look at women, he always wanted to go on adventures and experience the wonders of different realms. So many women tried to catch his attention I wonder why she is so special for him to bring her here.

     As Yun Tai stares at XiXi she begins to sing a song to the spirit beast in her embrace while petting it, her voice is gentle and the melody floats through the air to him. The melodious sound is mesmerizing.

     Suddenly Gemini Whitest struggles out of his hands and flies across the garden into her arms.

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