Feng Tian enters the room taking two long strides directly to XiXi’s bedside. He worriedly asks Yun Pei Shan how she is doing. He looks at her pale face but notices her breathing is more steady.

     Yun Pei stands up, stretches and replies, “The girl is resting comfortably, she hasn’t awakened but that is natural. The pill I gave her will allow her body to remain calm while she regenerates and her internal injuries heal. I’m returning to the mountain.”

     “Wait..Master could you come back here  in the morning? I need to travel with her father tomorrow to Myriad Cloud City to get supplies, we are leaving in five days. I want to ensure we have all the necessary supplies early. In case I need to order a few rare items and make another trip to Myriad City before we leave The basic supplies will be secured and ready to transport with us.”

     “She will remain asleep all day, you don’t need me to watch over her. I have business to attend to tomorrow. If there is a problem while you are gone, Siyu will lay by the bed, this beast is sensient,Siyu can fetch me quickly.

     In addition, I will leave some herbs for you to make a healing tea to give her during the night. His wrinkled hand presses a couple red pills into Feng Tian’s . Here are a couple pills, don’t give one to her unless she seems in distress with nightmares.”

     “I will take my leave.”

     He watches out the window as Yun Pei Shan glides into the night in a flash. As he is looking out the window he thinks he senses movement in the large Bending Birch tree outside. He swiftly appears there, only to see a branch swaying in the wind towards the top.

     Maybe it was a White Winged Bubo, he glances around the area, then goes back inside. Feng Tian stares at his hand with the red pills and herbs, then at the sleeping girl.

     Outside a blast of wind takes out several trees beyond the Bending Birch. Ling Ling is consumed with jealousy. Feng Tian wanted The Old Master to babysit her? That little fox won’t live past tomorrow, she swears in her heart.

     My only problem will be luring the beast away, She contemplates what poison to use that will be undetectable{She is not the number one poison expert in all the Seven Kingdoms for no reason}.

     Feng Tian picks up the cloth and dips it in the water bowl. He then gently pats XiXi’s forehead and then pushes up her sleeves to gently wipe her arms. Her arms are delicate and have no strength whatsoever.

     My little beauty, I thought that was going to be a little water trick or I would have remained at your side. One minute we were laughing, you were stomping your feet, it was so hilarious. Then unexpectedly disaster struck when I was sitting on that branch looking down.

     How did that happen he is pondering. Why did you get sucked into the wall of water you created? Even though the wall of water itself could have been a problem, I could have used my internal energy to shrink it. I couldn’t though with you being sucked into it, I might have killed you with the force.

     Is it because you had the wine and your mind was blurry unable to control the water’s action. I must make sure you don’t practice unless you are clear minded and focused.

     He squeezes her hand, I can never lose you now that you have come into my life.

     LingLing has returned to her room and is contemplating how to rid Feng Tian of XiXi. She has many colorless odorless potions meant to kill, but the key is undetectable.

     Most people would never be able to see a trace of her most low level poison, but Feng Tian and especially The Old Master would not be easy.

     The magnitude of anger and jealousy is manifesting itself in her eyes. The silver specks in her eyes began melding together until her eyes become completely silver.

     If anyone had walked into her room they would have thought she is a Demoness.

     She begins concocting a poison, her jade like fingers fondling a porcelain bottle which contains the smallest piece of Mortis Moss,precious and deadly. She got it by the swamp in The Stagnant Spirit Kingdom. LingLing shivers recalling her trip there for this deadly ingredient.

     She was only able to grab a pinch before she awakened a spirit that resides in the swamp. She barely got away with her life.

     The transparent spirit grabbed a piece of her azure hair and was acquiring an azure color. It was quickly beginning to absorb some of her essence, when LingLing threw a purple powder on the greedy spirit. LingLing then disappeared into the forest beyond the swamp clutching that tiny bit of Mortis Moss.

     She touches her hair where the strand of azure blue is missing and one white hair remains. She is extremely vexed she will need to use this ingredient for her poison, she has been saving it for seventy five years.

     Well, the loss  will be worth it if I never have to see that little clingy worm again. She pictures XiXi clutching Feng Tian’s sleeve and his pampering gaze on XiXi.

    She almost crushes the bottle, but quickly comes to her senses, what a waste that would have been!

     Meanwhile in the room where XiXi is lying in a dreamlike state, Feng Tian decides to climb in the bed  next to her for the night. He justifies it by the fact there is no other bed in the small hut.

     He keeps a slight space between their bodies but reaches his arm over her waist. The sensation from feeling the heat that is emanating from her body, heats up his own, but he doesn’t remove his hand. I almost lost you little beauty, I need to feel you next to me just tonight.

     Feng Tian stares at her perfect features, her black eyelashes are fluttering slightly. He tenderly slides his finger across her lips. XiXi begins to stir, Feng Tian takes his finger from her pink lips. He stares at the ceiling, his desire rising up in him. when he is this close to her he loses all sense of rationality. He breathes in her special fragrance of the red lotus, which is so unique to her, he wants to possess her… all of her.

      One day  we will blend into one another as one, I can wait, he suppresses his urges, then quiets his inner burning desire.

     He smooths her hair and whispers,” I need to keep you safe, you will be mine one day.”

    We will vanquish those who want to harm you and send Zhang Yu back to your world.

     His mind is in turmoil, you can’t go back to your own world, you need to stay by my side always. He traces his finger across her pale face then gently kisses her cheek.

     At the bambbo house…

     Sitting on the edge of her bed, LingLing shakes a blue bottle and a fine mist rises from the top.

    LingLing’s lips curl up in a sinister smile, her silver eyes glistening, satisfied with her creation.

     She adds the final essence of a dark purple Misery Breath Blossom and places the bottle in her secret drawer.

    I can’t let you die peacefully, I think I got a slight wrinkle above my left eyebrow from worrying about you little fox.

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