Plum Blossom Cliff

Feng Tian enters the kitchen and hurriedly grabs some chopsticks, a couple dishes and puts them in the sack with the wine. He packs the Osthamus cake, some skewers of meat he had picked up by where he met Sung Wu, and some fruit separately.

     I don’t even miss my servants, this is rather fun getting everything ready myself. I’m much more capable then they give me credit !

     He sits in the courtyard by XiXi’s room waiting for her to arrive, leans back in the chair stretching out his long legs,looking up at the sky. He closes his eyes, If the gods would allow her to stay with me..he is interrupted by XiXi’s voice.

     “Feng Tian did you fall asleep waiting for me? I didn’t take that long!”XiXi is tapping him on his shoulder laughing. He opens his eyes to see her leaning into his face with a dazzling smile. Her hair is partially braided and pulled up in a jade hairpin with the rest of her long black hair falling down her back. XiXi’s body has a faint red lotus fragrance . It smells fresh and unique to her,  the breeze sent the fragrance right into Feng Tian’s soul.

     She is carrying an empty basket to use to gather the herbs. This way they can lay flat, their leaves wouldn’t get bruised from being thrown in a bag.

     “Come on get up!”

     She hooks the empty basket over her arm and grabs his sleeve to pull him up. He is so heavy!

     Looking at her smiling and being playful, he has a sudden urge to tease her. He starts to get up then resists a little and she falls into his chest, hitting him in the head with the basket on her way into his arms. Her face is right next to his I could bite her lips like a red apple right now.

     XiXi’ s cheeks are blushing and she struggles in his arms like a kitten trying to escape. His lips curl up in a smile ,the gold specks in his green eyes have a devilish glint lighting up at the sensation of her soft body in his grasp. When XiXi looks at him, so close she is almost dazzled by how handsome he is.

     She snaps out of her momentary daze, “Feng Tian we don’t have all night, stop fooling around!”

     He lets her go and she stands up a little flustered straightening her dress . His breath was hot and right on my cheek and his lips were so close to mine.

     Her mind was a blank as she looked into those eyes. “XiXi shake it off he must be a real player.” she mutters to herself.

     Feng Tian of course heard her..Player?

     Smoothing her dress picking up the basket that had fallen to the ground she flutters her long black eyelashes shyly saying,’ Let’s go!”

     Feng Tian says, “The walk there is beautiful, but we might not have time if I don’t use my qinggong to go to the lake.”

     XiXi replies, “Okay.”

     She is getting used to this way of traveling around in this world. When she is in Feng Tian’s arms she has a strange sense of security. 

     He picks her up, she is light as a feather, she would blow away in the winds on the Mystical Plains. Feng Tian uses his qinggong to soar through the billowy clouds. XiXi feels her heart is in her throat as the bits of fluff engulf them.

     XiXi looks down as they are approaching the Cliffs, it  awe inspiring. The dark pink Plum Blossoms full in bloom with various other flowers lavender, white,blue and pink toward the edge of the cliffs. The grass looked almost emerald green and there was one large willow tree swaying in the breeze set off by itself.

     “ Feng Tian! This island is like a paradise!”

     When they land he carefully sets XiXi down among a sea of flowers and explains to her, “That is because we are on Yun Tai’s land. The interior and other side of the island are very dangerous and wild. His land is protected by a barrier, only his chosen people can enter, the beasts that dwell in here are tamed and loyal to him. The tranquility you feel is due to the high level of positive spiritual energy. The grass is spiritual grass that is why it is so lush and green. There are spirit worms also that work through the soil, the spiritual energy in the soil feeds the flowers, plants and animals are nourished with it.

     I brought some snacks if you want to eat before we get the herbs. We can go over to that gazebo that’s by the Plum Blossom Grove…”

    XiXi interrupts him, “ Did you bring a cloth we can spread it on the ground at the edge of the cliff and look down at the lake”

     “On the ground?”

     “Yes, it will be like a picnic!”

     “What’s a picnic..

     “Just spread the cloth!”

     Feng Tian spreads it on the ground close to the cliff’s edge and looks down at the view. She is right maybe I should just move the gazebo over here.

     “I could move the gazebo over here”

     XiXi looks over at the gazebo, it looks like you would need a truck to move it! It is heavy wood with a jade roof, gold railings and trim. Is he delusional?

     “Good joke!”

     “Just sit down here it feels good to just sit on the ground and feel the earth beneath you, play with the grass. Lay down look up at the sky and enjoy nature.”

     Feng Tian thinks but you are a girl! I have never seen a girl sitting on the ground before. Yes, we men sit around a fire and sit on logs in the wilderness but at home we sit in chairs.

     XIX sits down on the cloth he laid out and says when her stomach growls, “I didn’t have lunch what did you bring?”

     He sits across from her try to make himself comfortable with his long legs. “Are you sure you don’t want me to bring the gazebo over?

     XiXi rolls her eyes and looks over at he dishes he laid out. ” Those skewers look really delicious what are they?” She picks one that looks like glazed pork, oh, this glaze is spicy, she tastes a bit with her finger.

     Feng Tian watches her nonchalantly lick her her finger. The unruly girl has absolutely no manners what so ever. When she licked her finger, she made a sound like mmmm,

    While he is watching XiXi he feels the lower half of his body reacting. The innocdent action of her licking her fingers with her lips glistening from the oil is so sensual and she has no idea.

     XiXi then bites a piece of meat off the skewer. Feng Tian reaches over with a napkin,“You have sauce on your cheek.” He wants to wipe her cheek himself, but she grabs the napkin from him. She starts waving her hands motioning to the cup of wine.

     Her mouth is on fire from the spicy pork, it is hotter than that fired shrimp she had made for her friends. Her eyes start watering as he hands her a cup of wine,

     He was starting to say it’s strong when she had already gulped down the whole cup. Still thirsty she weakly says “water, water”. He quickly pours some water into her cup.

     She looks so funny waving her hand in front of her cute little mouth blowing out air. After she drinks the water she breathes a big sigh out, “I will leave those to you Feng Tian they are too spicy for me. I will try this one, what kind of meat is this?”

     He is admiring her ability to still be able to eat. ‘That one has a savory sauce ,it is wild pheasant like you made the other night, but I don’t think it will be as tasty as yours.”

   Did the arrogant man just compliment me?  She gazes at him languidly lounging across from her. “Aren’t you eating any?”

     “I ate earlier.” Actually I only want to eat your cooking, these street stall foods don’t appeal to me at all.

     XiXi finishes the skewers and looks at the cake. “Feng Tian let’s save the cake for LingLing, you ate and I am full from the skewers. What kind of cake is it?”

     “ It’s called Osthamus cake and is sweetened with honey from Celestial bees”

     “Celestial bees? I will try one bite and we can save the rest”, XiXi looks at the cakes and wonders how good they must be if one of the ingredients is Celestial honey.

     She eats a piece sighs,it is divine, she could taste the celestialness of it.

     “Feng Tian that is the best cake I have ever had! Can you pass me a cup of wine to go with it, although I drank the last cup too quickly, I didn’t get a chance to savor the flavor, I think it will compliment the cake.”

     Quickly? You drank it in two gulps, he admires XiXi’s carefree attitude as he refills her cup.

     After she has the cake and wine she lays on the ground with a contented look on her face gazing up at the clouds.

     This place is so magical I feel like I am in a dream, will I just wake up and none of this will be real.

     She turns on her side towards Feng Tian and glances at him.

     He is staring at her with a quizzical look on his face. What is in that girl’s head? She is laying next to me on this cloth at such an angle, it looks like she is on a bed. The top of her breasts and cleavage is slightly revealed and her hair is falling over her shoulder. She is in a very seductive position laying there looking up at me with those deep blue eyes.

     Feng Tian jumps up of the ground and looks out at the lake to calm himself.

     “ XiXi do you want to walk down by the lake and collect the herbs before it gets dark?”

     She walks over to where he is standing and looks down at the lake. The water is crystal blue and looks like it is shimmering. “The lake is an unusual color of blue, it is so clear.

     I can see the fish in the water swimming around, so many different types of fish!”

     “After we get the herbs we can go out on a boat if you want to”, Feng Tian wants her to see how at night the Phoenix fireflies light up the night. The way she loved the Wind Whisps is still fresh in his mind.

     “There is a boat down there to use? I haven’t been on a boat ride since Qing Jun took me on one at the Cherry Blossom Festival by the river.”

     Feng Tian’s eyes turn a dark green and narrow as he looks at XiXi staring down at the boat.  Qing Jun again. I should go to her world, challenge him, then kill him.

     XiXi folds up the cloth and closes the cake box, hands them to Feng Tian, then pours herself a cup of wine. Feng Tian says,” I will have a cup too.”

     He takes the cup and is clenching it in his hands, he drinks in one gulp then crushes the cup. XiXi was still packing up and didn’t notice his aggitated state or the black aura around Feng Tian.


     He decides it would be quicker if he just picked them himself the herbs are spread throughout the woods.

     “XiXi wait for me in the gazebo. I know which herbs to pick and I can swiftly get what you need then we can go on that boat ride.”

      XiXi didn’t have her nap and is tired so she readily agrees. She walks over to the gazebo picking a few flowers on the way.

     She was feeling the effects of the wine a little and thought she would make a flower wreath for her hair. The flowers are so vibrant and beautiful.

     Feng Tian uses his qinggong and flies down to the woods. In a blink he has gathered twenty various herbs and some ginger roots also. He knows he was too quick, so he sits on a log thinking.

     What am I going to do? I feel I am going crazy, my willpower is being tested to the maximum level I am using my internal energy to suppress my desire for the little beauty. While she was laying  seductively across the cloth on the ground I wanted to get on top of her, kiss that little pouty mouth of hers and caress her body under mine.

     While Feng Tian is calming himself down, XiXi is weaving the flowers to put on her head and admiring the craftsmanship of the gazebo.

     Yun Tai must be a very rich man, jade used everywhere and those look like gold fixtures and railings on a gazebo!

     Just as she is putting the flowers on her hair Feng Tian returns with the basket of herbs.

     “Thank you Feng Tian I don’t recognize all those herbs so you will need to explain to me what each is when we are on the boat.”

     She spins around and her skirt sways in the breeze, “How do you like my crown haha, I’m a fairy princess!”

     He almost drops the basket of herbs, she does look like a fairy princess with the colorful wildflowers in her hair.

     Feng Tian laughs and says” Well, I know a few fairy princesses and you are much more beautiful.”

     XiXi looks at him and her cheeks turn red, What a good pick up line he has there.

     XiXi takes off the wreath and tosses it in the air and catches it, “Feng Tian save the flattery for your harem!”

     He watches her laughing and twirling around, he says in a serious tone “I don’t have a harem, in my family we only take one wife.”

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