Lost in Their Own Thoughts and Snake for Dinner!

 XiXi  begins walking back to where her father is waiting ignoring Feng Tian. As she kicks a stone she glances over at him, why did he have to decide to bring that monstrosity back to eat, and look at him smiling..so proud of himself..

     The dead snake he is carrying makes her skin crawl when she looks at it hanging over his shoulder.It’s eyes are like green glass staring at her as though it could still eat her alive.

     Feng Tian glances over at her and shakes the snake.

“How childish” she mutters under her breath.

     He couldn’t help but smirk when he heard her, how is this girl, who barely stands as tall as his chest, going to accompany her father on this deadly hunt?

     When he thought of this he suddenly felt an unusual concern for the little beauty. She seems strong willed but with that frail body of hers how is she going to make it through the Forest of Illusion not to even mention the Cloud’s Edge Wilderness.

     The Mythical Beasts there would have her for a snack picking the their teeth with her bones afterwards. He decides at that moment he will accompany them, He glances over at her stubborn expression, puffing up her cheeks and pursing her adorable pink lips, I can’t let anything happen to my little bunny.

      They arrive at the edge of the forest they see her father down below he has gathered the wood and had even produced a bowl and some items from his dimensional space. “Zhang Yu I see you had high expectations for dinner!” she laughs as she looks at his eager face. 

“I know my XiXi is capable!”

     Zhang Yu looks at the snake with enthusiasm in his voice said “I see the gentleman killed a Seven Skin Snake! that’s impressive! We will eat well tonight!” XiXi rolled her eyes when she heard this{please Dad don’t encourage this arrogant fellow}.

     Well, I will make vegetable soup let those two deal with that disgusting snake.

     Feng Tian walks over to a boulder and sits down throwing the gigantic snake to the ground. He deftly takes out his dagger and begins skinning the seven layers of skin. Although he has reached a level of Culitivation and he doesn’t need to eat he still enjoys the camaraderie of the dinner table,  he hasn’t had snake since his last trip here. 

     He is enjoying watching  these two, it has been at least a hundred years since he hads ventured down to the magical island to play.

     XiXi takes the ingredients she found and begins to make her soup. She asks her father as she stirs the soup,”Do you have any spices in there?” Zhang Yu replies,” A few I wasn’t quite packed for the journey yet.  I got out some spare clothes I had brought along you can change into after dinner.”

     She is happy to hear that, this cloak is ridiculously large and heavy. Her father isn’t a big man so the clothes should be manageable. That dimensional space certainly is handy. I wonder how much stuff he has in there. I’m going to ask him for one when we get home.

     These mundane thoughts are helping XiXi to get her mind off their current situation. She doesn’t want to admit it even to herself but she is very scared.

     Her mind is filled with worrisome thoughts. Dad isn’t even a brilliant prodigy or at the very least well prepared. Why did those jerks send him, a mere third grade Sorcerer, to do this task. 

     XiXi is brought back to reality when Feng Tian brings over a pile of snake meat and is eyeing her broth, mushrooms and onions are floating in it and the spices she added gave it a nice aroma. “How about you make snake soup for us? You will like it I promise!” Hmm… she can cook I see..good..very good.

     Well, cut up it just looked like chicken but the thought of that snake… Dad is excited to eat it.. so fine.

     She isn’t really hungry now after pondering the possible outcome of searching for this Mythological Beast. She looks up and says,”Okay” and is caught off guard by tFeng Tian’s brilliant smile. If it weren’t for the mask he would look like an idol… Look away XiXi.

       Feng Tian has skewered some of the snake meat and it is roasting  on the fire so XiXi walks over there to get away from his aura and sprinkle some chili spice on it.

     It looks like a skewer you would get at the stalls by the school. XiXi wishes she was back meeting her friends there, having a coke, laughing about the boys in her class.

     Zhang Yu looks over at his daughter and feels a pang of remorse in his heart as he watches her stir the soip over the primitive fire. He knows the only way she will survive is if he passes her the knowledge of the elders, She needs to read the three volumes of magic I always keep with me; I have always hoped to avoid this until she was older but she needs some protection.So he decides since time was not on their side after dinner he would talk with her.

     His father had told him once XiXi was special, she had the mark of the Ancients behind her right ear.

     A small red lotus which had been sealed when she was born. It is written in the ancient book her destiny is to become a powerful Sorceress, Zhang Yu looks over at XiXi and sighs.

     Zhang Yu had thought his father was being dramatic but now he wonders. Why was she tossed into this world with me this time?

     XiXi  stirs the soup and pokes the mea. XiXi nods her head in satisfaction, the snake looks thouroughly cooked, also the skewers are lightly charred. She had washs the berries and puts them in a bowl. She also had made a rustic salad using the greens she had found. Oh …note to self- have Feng Tian have a berry first!

     She calls out to the two men lost in their own thoughts, “Dinner is ready!”

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